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17ft Colossal Banner Stand

117 g/m2

Package Includes:

- Retractable Pole
- 100% Polyester Printed Graphic
- Pole Bag
- 9 grommet connectors
- Water Base

- Banner - POP Signage - Outdoor Signs - Indoor Signs - Trade Shows - Parking Lot Signs - Advertising

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When it comes to our Flag type Banner Stands, Colossal is as big as they get! Our 17' Colossal Banner stand is right in the middle of the three sizes we offer.


If you want to make an impact and get your message across to the masses, place it above the competition. Which message do you think will grab the most attention; one of dozens that all look a like, or the only one standing at 17' tall?! Create your message so it's the one that stands out!

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