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Acrylic Signs are a great way to display your images in an elegant way. Acrylic Signs are for any situation where you need to add a bit of gloss! Read More

  • 1/4"
  • 1/8"
  • Flood White - Install from Inside $0.00
  • Spot White - Install from Inside $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • Circle $0.11
  • Oval $0.11
  • Special $7.60
  • None $0.00
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • None $0.00
  • Top & Bottom Center $2.00
  • Top Corners $2.00
  • All Corners $2.50
  • None $0.00
  • Stainless Steel Standoffs $18.95


Custom Acrylic Signs Printing Service

Create stylish, sleek, and contemporary business signage with Printmoz acrylic signs!

Acrylic signage helps inform viewers and draw in potential customers. Printmoz offers affordable acrylic signs with a wide range of options. These are the perfect signs for office spaces, home decor, and more.

When you buy yours from Printmoz, you gain high-quality plexiglass sign boards printed to your specifications. We build your custom acrylic signs to last. Additionally, you get to use our free web-based design tool that makes it easy to personalize your transparent acrylic signs for an impressive display.

What are Acrylic Signs?

Custom clear acrylic signs are made from a transparent cast polymer that is colorless and highly durable. Acrylic is the common abbreviation for the polymethyl methacrylate polymer. Plexiglas® is the best-known brand name for the substrate. Acrylic and plexiglass are terms that mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. Read more about the difference between plexiglass and acrylic signs here.
acrylic prints side by side standard display option and with standoffs

Versatile Budget-Friendly Elegance

Acrylic signs are an ideal alternative to glass, offering the same visual qualities as glass without the fragility or the expense! The material makes for sophisticated signage prized in lobby signs, facility maps, and architectural signs. Custom-made acrylic signs have a clean elegance, making acrylic wedding signs welcoming guests to the venue a popular choice. Whether you are creating signage for business or personal use or are interested in making your own wall art, acrylic sign printing by Printmoz may be your best bet for making a big impression on a budget.
Versatile Budget-Friendly Elegance

Print Process

Our acrylic signs are 100% customizable to communicate your business or professional message. We print our custom acrylic signs using UV inks printed directly onto the plexiglass. However, some choose to use a colorless acrylic block as the foundation for a sign made of colorful decal letters. We are happy to help you, whichever path you choose!
Print Process

Acrylic Signage Benefits

Custom acrylic sign printing offers a wide range of benefits that make them attractive for corporate and personal use. The acrylic imparts an expensive, high-class look far exceeding the sign's actual price. Can you think of anyone who might appreciate highly-customizable, durable, and cost-effective signage that looks like you spent a fortune on it? Before you answer, consider the other benefits of acrylic signs:

  • Great custom graphics

  • It can be cut into any custom shape

  • Attractive finishing options

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Eye-catching display

  • Great appearance for your indoor or outdoor stand

Acrylic Signage Benefits
  • Highly weather-resistant

  • Won't fade, rust, or corrode

  • Looks very expensive

  • Affordable and cost-effective

  • Lighter weight than glass

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Shatter-resistant

Our custom-printed acrylic signs make an impression and are suitable for use indoors or out. Far more durable than glass, the plexiglass the signs are made of are both scratch- and shatter-resistant. However, acrylic signs are not indestructible and will scratch or break if enough force is used against them. Consider this when planning where to hang your signs, mainly if you are in a climate with heavy weather. Custom acrylic wedding signs and those for special events or other temporary applications won't face these concerns.

Custom Shape, Sizes & Options for Acrylic Signs

Acrylic business signs, wedding signs, and wall art starts as classic rectangles. But you can customize the shape as you choose. You might want rounded corners or even a round sign. Ovals, squares, star shapes, and heart shapes are all possible. Printmoz can cut your custom-printed acrylic signs into any shape you can imagine. We can cut the plexiglass sign to follow the outline of your design and even cut away an interior portion if that best suits your vision.
Custom Shape, Sizes & Options

Acrylic Signs Finish Options

Currently, we offer two different finish options for our acrylic signs. Both are designed to make your images pop! We offer Spot white and Flood white finish. Which to use depends upon the type of image your final design forms. If you want parts of your finished sign to remain clear and transparent, choose Spot White. If you wish to have the entire sign printed with no sections remaining transparent, then choose Flood White.
Finish Options
Spot White Finish

Spot White Finish Acrylic Signs

Choosing a spot white finish allows customers to include transparency in their designs. The transparency indicates the white ink layer's location for your acrylic sign. The ink is then "spot printed" in the areas within the file's designated process colors. The white layer of ink allows your printed design to remain opaque even on the clear material. This process lets the finish show the raw, transparent material in the finished product.

Flood White Finish

Flood White Finish Acrylic Signs

A Flood White finish would be used on a family photo or any image with no transparency in the file. Anywhere in the file with color would be fully covered with a white layer behind the photo to make the image pop on the plexiglass.

Plexiglass Signage - a vibrant & durable option

Acrylic signage helps inform viewers and draw in potential customers. Printmoz offers affordable acrylic signs with a wide range of options. These are the perfect signs for office spaces, home decor, and more.

When you buy yours from Printmoz, you gain high-quality plexiglass sign boards printed to your specifications. We build your custom acrylic signs to last. Additionally, you get to use our free web-based design tool that makes it easy to personalize your transparent acrylic signs for an impressive display.

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You can mount them indoors or outdoors with ease using standoffs. These metal fittings (rather than cheap plastic ones) keep your plexiglass sign away from the wall, making it seem to "float" for modern appeal. Order standoffs for your acrylic signs to put them up in short order.


Long-Lasting Appeal

Unlike other cheap plastic signage options, each custom design and shape acrylic sign is long-lasting and offers a premium appearance. These plexiglass signs create a luxe impression for special events (wedding acrylic signs) and long-term business operations (office acrylic signs), n. If your business changes locations, you can take the acrylic business signs with you to display the existing or add new information about your business. These signs will last as long as you need them. They are easy to clean and store, and you won't see the images or colors fade over time. We are proud to print such excellent custom acrylic office signs for you with free customization on our website.

Long-Lasting Appeal

Customizing Acrylic Signs

Once you're satisfied with the size, corners, shape, and standoffs, you buy the acrylic sign board. Our web-based platform makes printing custom acrylic signs near you straightforward. You can choose all the available options and see the price of the signboards adjust to reflect your custom options before you buy them. Then you gain access to our intuitive, easy-to-use design tools. We provide an experience accessible from your phone or laptop.

Simply gather your custom office signage graphics. Then, upload these to our site, and arrange them however you like. Next, add colors, clip art, and text to create the design for your custom acrylic sign. Our high-tech facility uses digital printing to maximize the appeal of your acrylic signage. Whether you're printing on backlit acrylic signs or a standard plexiglass sign with standoffs, we ensure it will print correctly. We print at 1000 DPI, eliminating blurriness and delivering crisp, clear images and text. Additionally, we print edge to edge, so your acrylic signs make the most of your graphics and text.

Customizing Acrylic

Beyond Acrylic Office Signs

At Printmoz, we consider ourselves printing experts who partner with our customers as the experts on their needs. We never tell you how to create your advertising or designs nor force you to use limited templates. Instead, our focus is on making your acrylic sign printing experience as comfortable as possible. While many consider these stylish plexiglass signs ideal for business, don't overlook the beauty that custom acrylic signs add as upscale wall art for your home and the many other applications possible.

You can upload your favorite family photos or artwork and enhance the appeal of any wall with acrylic signs with standoffs. Similarly, artists can fill up their galleries with backlit acrylic signs. Their built-in illumination adds depth and color to your artwork. Also, these plexiglass signs are cost-effective compared to other mediums. All in all, they are an excellent option for many situations.

Acrylic with easel backing

Custom acrylic photo prints make a premium impression with a contemporary vibe in your home. Additional options for creating stunning interior décor include canvas wrap prints and custom foam board printing. While acrylic signs and prints produce a high-end contemporary style, canvas wrap prints are traditional. The super lightweight foam board signs can be cut into any shape, just like the plexiglass signs, but they are far less expensive and are best used indoors.

Any time you have questions about which Printmoz products best suit your needs, ask! Give us a call, or hop on a chat! We love helping our customers bring their vision to life!

Custom Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic prints turn your favorite photos into stunning wall art, and Printmoz's affordable printing services make it easy.

Custom acrylic prints are one of the most striking ways to show off your photos and images. Whether you use them to decorate your home, give them as a gift, or spruce up your workspace, acrylic photo prints display images in vibrant color and HD detail. You gain high-quality acrylic artwork that showcases how your photos ought to look.

Printing photos on acrylic brings out details that other products don't. Acrylic glass photo prints enhance your images while protecting them, too. Additionally, the material is durable and light, which makes it easy to hang acrylic photo prints on the wall or move them from place to place. Finally, we offer an online platform where your shopping experience is straightforward and quick. At Printmoz, we focus on delivering excellent acrylic prints, so all you have to do is provide the images.

Custom Acrylic Photo Prints

Custom Acrylic Prints Benefits

Acrylic prints bring out the best in your photos and turn them into magic! With acrylic photo printing, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • HD Printing at 1000 DPI

  • Photo Prints on Acrylic are Long-Lasting

  • Image is Enhanced with Greater Depth

  • Completely Customizable by You

  • Perfect Decor for Office and Home

  • Resistant to Damage from UV Rays or Moisture

  • Sleek, Modern Appeal

Acrylic Prints Benefits

Turning Photos into Custom Décor

Converting your favorite memories into artwork is growing in popularity. We offer several ways to do so. Custom acrylic prints are a great way to turn your photos into wall art. In addition to acrylic prints, we offer canvas poster printing, foam board photo printing, and cool metal photo prints.

Live your best life and turn the photographic record of it into exquisite acrylic wall art!

Decorate your Home or Business with Acrylic Wall Art

Printing photos on acrylic enhances the details of your favorite images. For example, a picture from a memorable vacation can become perfect acrylic photo prints to be enjoyed by your family. You can also display landscapes, professional family portraits, and anything else that inspires you.

Decorate your Home or Business

Elegantly transform your favorite photos

Acrylic print photos have a glass-like finish that catches the light and spreads it over the whole picture. This effect gives a premium feel to the acrylic photo print, transforming your living room or office into a gallery. In addition to using personal photos, consider how pictures of your company's new product line, production facility, or service flow chart would look as custom acrylic photo prints on the walls of your store or office.

Printing photos on acrylic is also an excellent option for professional photographers. Custom acrylic photo prints make it easy to create a beautiful gallery of photos that show your talent and skills to their fullest extent.

Elegantly transform your favorite photos

The Order Process

To create your custom acrylic prints, you have some options. You can choose from easy-to-edit design templates and customize each detail with stock photos and custom messaging. Click as a template and begin to customize your suit your needs. If you have an image in mind, upload your photographs or custom artwork to our online store. Using our FREE online design tool, add text or make any embellishments you might want. Then we take care of the rest. Finally, we will ship your acrylic wall art to you. Our high-tech printing technology reproduces your pictures at 1000 DPI and with a full bleed. You don't lose image resolution, nor its full size when you customize acrylic prints with Printmoz.

Upload My Photos
View Templates
The Order Process

Increased durability

acrylic prints are very durable. The material won't shatter when dropped and they resist scratching. Besides being easy to transport, they clean off easily. You can wipe them off with a wet cloth and dry them with paper towels to maintain their vibrancy. Although you can't change the images like normal pictures with frames, you will enjoy the acrylic photo print for years to come.

Increased durability

Unique, eye-catching mounting

Additionally, acrylic photo prints allow you to use metal "stand out" mounts in each corner. These help your images stand out from the wall, further elevating their classy look. We provide these metal mounts and other hardware you need for acrylic prints.

Unique, eye-catching mounting

Order Your Custom Acrylic Signs From Printmoz

For acrylic signs, choose Printmoz. We're a modern printing option that gives you complete control over your custom acrylic signs. We ensure every sign prints in the shape you need, giving you the highest-quality plexiglass signage possible. We deliver exceptional results if you need custom office signage or something for the home.

How to order from Printmoz

Let Printmoz provide your creative edge

Our custom design services can revolutionize the way you do business. Whether you're looking for a new logo, increasing graphics quality, setting up cutlines, to making something entirely new. Team up with a designer, and share some ideas about your project. From product concept to design to ordering acrylic signage online, we're happy to assist you at any stage in the printing process.

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Let Printmoz provide your creative edge

Quality Acrylic Prints - Buy Them Today!

Photos printed on acrylic offer custom, high-quality images that last. You'll leave a lasting impression on family, friends, customers, and co-workers with printed acrylic photos. Use them at home, in the office, or wherever you want to elevate the décor. Affordable acrylic photos allow you to style your space without breaking the bank.

Buying acrylic photo prints is easy when you order from Printmoz. Select the dimensions of your image and other options, buy the print, then upload your custom artwork. If you want help ordering your custom acrylic photo, call us at (877) 287-0059. We are happy to help!

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Acrylic stacked in layers with side view of the material

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Customer service was very helpful and the product looks beautiful!

Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between Plexiglass and Acrylic?

Plexiglass and Acrylic are essentially referring to the same thing. Plexiglass is just a popular brand of Acrylic, also known as polyacrylate. Acrylic is the most common name for “Polyacrylate”, which is the scientific name of the material.

Does your acrylic only come in one size? Or can I choose the thickness?

Our Acrylic signs are available in two sizes. You have the option of selecting 1/4” and 1/8”. The 1/4 inch thickness is the most common, if you need the 1/8 inch then you will need to select it in the drop down menu titled “Select your thickness of material”.

What does “Install from Inside” mean?

“Install from Inside” means that we print on the backside of the material facing in so that you see the print looking through the transparent material.

I need my sign to be clear in some parts. What option do I select?

In order to obtain transparency, you must select the “Spot White” option. This will put a white layer of ink only behind the elements of your design that are showing. You also need to make sure that the areas in which you want to be clear are showing transparent in your file. If there is any kind of background in your file then it is going to print with the background. The “Flood White” option is if you have a solid photo or design, in which case it will be backed with a flood of white ink.

Can you offer a discount on shipping? The price seams very high.

All of our shipping quotes are generated directly from UPS. We are not able to adjust these rates. The rates are determined by size and weight of packaging as well as location in which the package is being shipped to.

How do I tell you where to put my drill holes?

Our standard drill option is available in one size and cannot be adjusted. The size of the holes is .25” and they are placed .75” from the corners to the center of the hole. If you need a certain size drill hole or need your drill holes in a specific location, then you will need to set them up as cutline in your file and order a “special cut” option.

Can I install drill holes on my end to save money?

What you do with your sign once you have received it is completely up to you. However keep in mind that if you damage your sign at all while drilling your own holes then we are not responsible for fixing or replacing the sign.

What is the largest size I can order before it gets split into panels?

Our Acrylic comes in 96x48 sheets so anything that does not fit these dimensions will be split into multiple panels.

How long do these signs last?

With the combination of our UV cured ink and our premium materials, you will get the maximum life span out of our products. Acrylic signs will last anywhere from 5-10 years depending on specific usage and conditions.

Does the price fluctuate based on what the amount of print in my design?

You are charged based on the amount of material used.

Do I only have the option to print on one side?

Yes, our acrylic signs can only be printed on one side. If you need an acrylic sign that appears double sided, you can order two single sided prints and mount them together.

Can I order a custom shape with the acrylic signs?

Yes, we do offer the option to cut your acrylic sign. You can order a Circle, Oval, or a special cut. If you need something other than circle or oval, the special cut option will handle all other forms of cutting.

Do you offer gloss coating for your acrylic signs?

No we do not, however, printing on acrylic is unique because the material itself acts as a very thick glossy layer covering the print.

Do you place anything on the sign to protect it until it is installed?

Yes, the non printed side of the acrylic will have a thin sheet of film protecting it from scratches. The rest will be wrapped up and packaged with the intent of protecting during the shipping or will call pickup process.

Is your acrylic clear?

Yes, all of our acrylic comes in clear/transparent sheets.

Does the acrylic come with standoffs automatically, or do I need to order those as well?

No, If you want your Acrylic sign to come with standoffs , then you will need to select “Stainless Steel Standoffs” under The “Hardware” options menu.

What are the most common uses for Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are most commonly used for Family photos or Office decor. Acrylic is also a great option for displaying logos and business signs. During Covid-19 acrylic has become very popular for seperating seating areas and merchants from consumers.

Are Acrylic Signs meant for indoor or outdoor use?

Acrylic signs work great for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor use definitely adds some level of possible damage but Acrylic signs are more than capable of outdoor usage.

Can my acrylic sign get scratched or damaged?

Yes, Acrylic signs are susceptible to damage. It is important to handle with care when installing to avoid any sort of unwanted harm to the sign.

Do acrylic signs take damage if it is bent?

The 1/4” material is a little more rigid and is not likely to bend as easily. The 1/8” thickness is definitely more likely to bend. Acrylic Signs should not take damage with slight bending, but remember it can crack if bent beyond its breaking point.

What are the most common techniques for installing acrylic signs?

Stainless Steel Standoffs are most frequently used to install Acrylic Signs. These are used because they allow the sign to hang an inch off the wall creating a floating effect. With the transparency of the Acrylic, this makes for a cool three dimensional look that can not be pulled off with any other material. Other techniques include drill holes/screw, and 3m double sided tape or Command Strips.

How should I go about storing my acrylic sign when it is not being used?

Storing an Acrylic Sign is fairly simple. Any cool dry room will be a great place to store your sign. If you are storing it with other items, make sure to cover the sign with a cloth like covering to avoid any scratches or other damage.

What if I already have standoffs and I just want to order the holes?

In order to get the holes drilled on a new sign that you already have Stainless Steel Standoffs for, you need to select the “Special Cut” option. You will then set up the holes in your file as a cutline where you want them. If the standoffs you have were purchased through us, the size of the holes should be .41”. If you do not have the ability to set up your own cut file, contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you.  click here for help on How to Set Up a Cutline.


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