Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs are a great way to display your images in an.


Custom Acrylic Sign Printing

Using acrylic office signs is a great way to add artistic flair to your office space. Add artwork or motivational motifs to relax and inspire your workers. Acrylic office signs turn any space into a unique setting that will make anyone say, Wow!


What Are Acrylic Signs Used For? 

Add professionalism to your product display by using acrylic signage to advertise your business products. Perfect for flagship stores, head office locations, or if you’re looking to display your product line in a public area such as a trade show or convention. Use custom acrylic signs for any situation where you need to add a bit of gloss!

Acrylic signage uses a technique called reverse printing. This process prints your photo on the inside side of the signage, elegantly displaying your image while protecting from any damage. Acrylic prints are great for high traffic areas. If you want to wow your crowd then using acrylic printed signs with standoffs is a fantastic way to maximize the effect.

You can also use backlit acrylic signs, for that extra glow to your image. Designed to impress your clientele, backlit acrylic signs are a real head turner!
Customize your plexiglass signage easily and adapt to your desired requirements.


Is Acrylic Signage Hard To Install?

Acrylic signage is very simple to install with only need a few essential items, you'll need is a drill, a tape measure, a level and finally some painters tape. In fact, now you can be creative without the hassle of long and drawn out installation. To sum up, install three custom plexiglass signs with standoffs under 15mins.

For business or personal use, these are a great option. Design your custom office signage quickly and easily at Just upload your print-ready file, and we’ll do the rest for you! We’re your source for custom acrylic signage.

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