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Custom Outdoor Decals for Street and Sidewalk

Outdoor decals are long-lasting and have vibrant colors. Vinyl outdoor floor graphics will stick to almost any solid, flat surface. They are custom decals designed to be tough enough to stand up to foot traffic, even skateboards, bicycles, or cars, and continue to look great. Floor decals for concrete ensure your business message will be easily seen.

Concrete stickers for your business are the most natural solution to lead pedestrians right to your business door. It doesn't matter if you have a brick-and-mortar store, a pop-up shop, or a temporary booth at an outdoor event.

Concrete Wall and Asphalt Stickers

These heavy-duty flexible concrete stickers attach directly to walls and floors made of concrete, asphalt, pavers, flat stones, metal, stucco, tile, and even bricks. Do not use outdoor decals on a painted or sealed surface for best results.

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Concrete Decals Show Prospects The Way To Your Products

Lead the way directly to the products you need your clients to find. Use concrete floor decals innovatively indoors or outdoors, or in any other way, you can dream up. Printmoz outdoor decals can even be used directly under a waterfall!

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Vinyl Sidewalk Decals Keep Pedestrians Safe

Combine your business messaging with pedestrian safety on slippery sidewalks with weather-resistant sidewalk stickers that are scuff resistant and made with the highest quality vinyl.

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Show Off Your Logo, Lettering, and Other Graphics with Outdoor Decals

Concrete decals are the perfect option for indoors or outdoors. Concrete floor decals can adhere to a sidewalk, but you can also attach them to walls, pillars, or any other kind of wall surface.

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Sidewalk Decals are Best on Flat Surfaces

To help your outdoor decals and asphalt stickers adhere to a slightly bumpy surface, you can apply them using a heat gun to get a better grip. Concrete stickers are great for just about any floor surface.

You can use outdoor floor graphics to lead customers or potential customers to a specific area of your store or warehouse. You can also promote sales and new products or even use them as arrows directing foot traffic to the closest cash registers.

If you have a home business, you can use concrete stickers outside as driveway decals to show off what you've got to offer.

10th aunual street fair asphalt decal installed on sidewalk

Outdoor Concrete Decals Installation Instructions

Outdoor decal installation is not difficult. But several steps can make your decal far more successful and long-lasting. While foot traffic is the biggest influence on the lifespan of your concrete sticker, skipping some of these steps can also diminish the decal's effective life from several years to mere months. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible with your concrete floor decals.

installing a restroom directional concrete decal

Step #1: Choose Your Location

Outdoor decals are wonderfully versatile and can be applied to a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including wood, asphalt, stucco, tile, brick, vinyl, laminate, cinderblock, and concrete. But some surfaces are better than others for the decals' durability, and you should take care with the location where you plan to install the ground stickers.

Watch for these issues when choosing your site:

  • Asphalt and concrete are typically laid with temperature-fluctuation relief channels. These seams allow the concrete to expand and contract as needed when the temperature changes. Don't apply your concrete decal over one of these channels, or it will likely crack or tear as the surface heats and cools.

  • Safety first should be your consideration when installing sidewalk stickers. Be sure to choose a skid-resistant laminate to ensure that pedestrian traffic doesn't slip and fall when walking on your ground sticker.

  • Avoid puddles or places where condensation collects. Before deciding on the concrete decal's location, spray water on the spot and the surrounding area. If a site is slower to dry than the surrounding flooring, either fill in the low spots or cracks with cement, so the area no longer holds water or choose another location for the decal installation.

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Step #2: Prepare your Surface

How you apply outdoor decals, and concrete stickers greatly impacts the decal's durability. It takes some time to prepare the surface, making it more resistant to lifting and damage.

  • Sweep the area where you will apply the concrete sticker. Remove all loose debris and particulates.

  • Make a solution of roughly one tablespoon of liquid dish soap — NOT detergent! Spray the soapy solution on the floor where the decal will go.

  • Scrub the flooring well, covering a larger area than the concrete decal will cover.

  • Dry the surface with lint-free towels or paper towels, and let it fully dry.

  • Remove any grease, oils, or other residues with rubbing alcohol. Wipe up the alcohol, don't just leave it to air dry.

  • Do a paint test - make sure you're not pulling up the paint.

  • Dry the surface thoroughly before applying the outdoor floor graphic decal.

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Step #3: Apply Outdoor Decal

Now that you know the chosen location and surface preparation are ideal, it's time to apply your outdoor decals for concrete. This application process is similar to how to apply carpet decals indoors.

  • Choose your time to apply the concrete decal when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Dry fit your outdoor decal to the prepared surface. Be sure the entire site is ready for the decal.

  • Apply a strip of masking tape to one edge of the sidewalk decal, with the tape overlapping both the decal and the ground.

  • Using the masking tape like a hinge, remove the outdoor decal's backing in stages, smoothing it into place in sections. If your decal or sticker is large or complex, you must apply it in several sections.

  • Smooth the decal into place, working from the center of the decal out toward the edges. Smooth and apply firm pressure to every square inch of the decal to ensure it has fully adhered. Use your hand, a rag, a hand roller, or a squeegee to smooth the decal and remove air bubbles.

  • Make a relief cut along the temperature fluctuation relief seam if you had to install the concrete sticker across a seam. Using a box cutter, slice along the seam. Then, smooth the cut edges down into the seam.

  • Allow adhesive to cure for 24 hours before allowing foot traffic on the ground decal.

None of these steps is difficult. But following them carefully will ensure your outdoor decal looks its best and lasts for you.

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Sidewalk Decals Care Instructions

The durable vinyl outdoor decals are made from will do most of the work for you. You can, however, clean them with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of mild dish soap and water. Wring out the rag before you use it. It needs to be slightly damp, not too wet. Do not use power washers, water hoses, or harsh chemicals on your concrete stickers.

cleaning the restroom sidewalk decal with a soft cloth

How to Customize Your Concrete Decals

At Printmoz, we make customizing and designing banners and signs of all types a snap! Let's see how to customize your outdoor decals in four easy steps:

  1. Start Your Order - To start your order for outdoor concrete decals, click the Add to Cart button.

  2. Customize Your Concrete Stickers - Next, go to the cart, and you'll see three dots to the right of the decals. This opens options to specify the decal size, quantity, and shape.

  3. Check Out - Finish your shopping and then complete your checkout.

  4. Design Your Outdoor Decals - Using our free online design tool, select the product you want to design, "Concrete and Sidewalk Decals," then upload your images, add shapes or text, and design the ideal street decals for your needs. Add any comments to explain your specific requirements, and be sure to save your work!

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