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Canvas poster printing is a great alternative to canvas-like product. It is another great artistic way to print your photos at a fraction of the cost of gallery wraps! Read More

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Custom Canvas Poster Printing

When you have high-resolution or professional photos that need printing, you can’t put them on just any surface. These pictures deserve to be presented in a way that emphasizes their full range of colors and sharp details. Canvas poster printing is both a cost-effective and beautiful way to display photos.

Whether you’re boosting the appearance of your product line or decorating your home, our canvas board prints are a great option. Although we have a variety of printing solutions, only canvas poster printing gives photos the texture, depth, and presence of true art.

Vintage lifeguard tower at the beach graphic printed on canvas poster board

Artfully Crafted Canvas Boards

Custom-printed canvas boards elevate your photographs, adding polish and appeal. We make our canvas board from polystyrene foam, wrap it in canvas, then emboss it with a canvas-like clay-coated paper layer.

This canvas board construction offers several benefits:

  1. Our manufacturing process guarantees the canvas foam board is sturdy and resistant to damage.

  2. This design protects your images from fading (although not from the elements. We recommend using these prints indoors only).

  3. Our design procedure creates a canvas board that imparts the look of fine art to commercial posters.

  4. The result is a canvas foam board that takes ordinary photos and posters and makes them extraordinary.

We achieve incredible canvas board printing through advanced technology and top-notch materials. The canvas we use perfectly absorbs inks for precise color reproduction. Not to mention we select our printing inks for their vibrant colors. We look to raise the standard for our prints and yours at every step. As a result, your canvas board prints will not just be beautiful, but they will also be long-lasting.

close up view of the corner and edge of canvas board, white canvas texture is clearly visible

Advantages of Canvas Board Printing

Printing posters, photographs, or custom artwork directly onto canvas boards offers a number of benefits.
Artistic icon
  • Artistic - Great artists throughout time have painted their masterpieces on woven canvas. The texture of the canvas board emerges subtly through the print, instantly lending the look and feel of elevated art to your poster or photographs.

Glare free icon
  • Glare-free - Printing on canvas boards produces a rich, glare-free effect with vivid colors, producing a satin or a matte finish.

price tag icon
  • Affordability - Despite the upscale look, custom-printed canvas board is inexpensive and far more affordable than framing a print. For an even more high-end look, wrapped canvas prints cost more than canvas poster prints yet are still less costly than framing. And the canvas board or wrap has a clean, contemporary look without the need for a frame.

Humidity-resistant icon

  • Humidity-resistant - Canvas posters and photographs can be hung in bathrooms, kitchens, indoor pools, or jacuzzis because they are resistant to humidity.

Canvas Board Product
Versatility icon
  • Versatility - Whether you are printing family photos, posters, custom artwork, illustrations, or inspirational quotes, canvas foam board elevates the finished product. Your personal photographs have never looked so good!
Durability icon
  • Durability - One reason great masters paint on canvas is partially for exceptional durability.
Color-Absorption icon
  • Color-Absorption - Another reason canvas is ideal for painting is the way it absorbs color. Canvas board is no different. Canvas poster printing yields brilliant colors and exceptional definition.
size icon
  • Sizes - Custom canvas poster printing can be done in various sizes to suit your specific purposes. A single canvas board can be printed in any size ranging from 2” x 2” up to 48” x 96” and various sizes in between. If you wish to print a larger image, we can break it into multiple panels for you for a triptych effect.

Canvas Board Printing For Business And Home Use

Canvas board printing is an excellent alternative to gallery-wrapped canvases at a fraction of the cost. They bring sophistication and modern design to your pictures. Specifically for businesses, canvas board enhances the customer's perception of your products, making them look and feel exclusive. Whether it's photos of your children, family, or places you traveled to, decorating your personal spaces is much more cost-effective with canvas poster printing.

Versatile and durable, you can take these canvas board prints wherever you need them. They're easy to put in a frame of your choice, further simplifying the process of putting them up in your home.

ocean scene canvas board print mounted on an office wall

Benefits of Canvas Poster Board Printing vs. Mounting Canvas Prints on Foam Board

There are many options for custom printing posters and photos for creating wall art. In addition to canvas poster boards, foam board prints are a popular option. Foam board printing produces brilliant colors on a sleek, rigid, and lightweight substrate. This is a highly effective option for commercial advertising and signage.

Consider our guide to choosing between mounting your photos on canvas board or foam board to help you to make the best selection for your needs. Both options provide lightweight options for mounting and hanging your posters or photographs. Yet each presents a distinct effect. The canvas board printing looks more artistic and upscale, while the foam board prints have a more glossy, commercial feel. But what happens when you mount canvas poster prints onto foam board?

Canvas printing can be done in various ways. For example, we can print your photos directly on the canvas, roll them up, and ship it to you to mount as you like, perhaps on foam board. Or, you can print directly on canvas board, which provides you with the finished product of printing on canvas and then mounting it to something sturdy. Your final option is to have Printmoz take the canvas print we do for you and hand wrap it for a canvas wrap print.

Mounting a custom-printed canvas poster on a foam board requires acid-free, archival-quality glue. Using a roller brush, apply the glue evenly across the entire surface of the foam board. The application must be even and thin to avoid creating bubbles or wrinkles in the poster canvas print.

Apply the glue, then roll it repeatedly to even out the glue. Carefully lower the canvas poster onto the foam board, starting at one edge. Once the poster is fully lying on the glue, smooth it using the sides of your hands, working from the center outward. Use a light but firm touch not to dent the foam board. Work slowly to avoid wrinkling the poster as you go. When it has fully adhered, allow the poster to cure fully while lying flat.

While the effects of mounting a canvas poster print to foam board are highly effective, why not save time, mess, and effort and simply have the poster printed directly onto the canvas board?

Custom Canvas Boards - Buy Them Today!

All Printmoz canvas board prints are made right here in California so that we can control the quality. We customize your prints according to your design and needs. Above all, our goals are to give you something you're impressed with and make the personalization process easy for you.

Call on our design team for custom canvas poster printing orders or help with the online process. We're just a quick chat or a phone call away at (877) 287-0059. We are happy to help you get the canvas boards you need at reasonable prices. Buy today, upload your designs, and experience what it's like to receive a top-quality custom-printed canvas board that lasts.

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