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Custom Stickers, your one-stop online print shop, offers quality custom stickers, vinyl decals, and floor decals to make a colorful and lasting impression.

  • 3.4 mil
  • 1" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • Halo $0.15
  • Circle $0.25/SQFT
  • Oval $0.25/SQFT
  • Exact $10.00/SQFT
  • Gloss $0.75/SQFT
  • Matte $0.75/SQFT

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Custom Vinyl Sticker Printing

In truth, custom stickers are a powerful way to advertise. Affordable, mobile, and useful, a custom sticker helps your business go wherever your customers go. People love colorful stickers that share the brands they love and help them personalize anything from water bottles to cars. What's more, you don't have to spend a fortune on custom stickers since can deliver what you’re looking for at competitive prices. Our die cut stickers are vibrant and sturdy, protecting the images. Whatever your message, brand, or logo, you and your customers will love our customized stickers.

Custom Stickers - How To Use Them

Die cut stickers are a great way to advertise your business, promote a cause, or directly communicate ideas. You can use them as a cost-effective handout when generating new interest in your business and as a unique souvenir. Therefore, you can easily impress your friends or your customers with sticker print designs that stand out from the crowd. You can use a vinyl durable and weather-proof sticker for a wide range of applications: store signs, high-quality photo prints, products/services labels, partial vehicle lettering to car wraps, funny bumper stickers, wall/fridge or any other surface note/slogan/image print graphics and more.

High-Quality Customized Sticker Printing

Our USA-quality custom sticker printing ensures that your stickers are made to high standards of excellence. To make our die cut stickers as useful as possible, we emphasize three elements in their design: color, durability, creativity, and versatility. First of all, our printers use only quality permanent UV protected inks that retain their vivacity for a long time. They resist fading and color loss, yet we made sure they wouldn’t leave too much residue behind in case you want to remove them. Whatever design you have in mind, choosing our customized print sticker design service means you get the best. Secondly, we utilize high-quality vinyl that resists weathering. It won’t fade, peel or come off in the rain, which is usually the main concern of each customer. Above all, you can put any message you want on our custom printed stickers, and offers many types of custom made stickers including window clings, custom vinyl decals, floor decals, and air release graphic film ideal as bumper stickers for vehicles. Additionally, our halo finish option allows you to cut stickers to any custom shape, so if you want to print your logo or mascot, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered.

Custom Sticker Printing Benefits

  • Rugged 3.4 mil Vinyl Material
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Cheap Stickers For Cars
  • Your Custom Sticker Order - No Minimum
  • Die Cut Options
  • Kisscut Options
  • Contoured Cuts (halo)
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Sticker Rolls
  • Bulk Order Discounts
  • Easy Ordering Online
  • Fast Turnaround

Custom Made Stickers - Buy Them Today! relies on in-house production teams and web-based services to keep our overhead low so that we can secure significant savings for you. Customized stickers and decals by come in a wide range of styles, so if you’re looking at printing custom made stickers, we’re your number one choice. We ship across the USA and Canada and offer expedited production (24-hour turn) as well as overnight shipping if you’re in a rush! Not everyone is able to design their own stickers. With this in mind, if you need assistance with printing custom stickers, feel free to call our customer service team. We will walk you through the process to make sure you get the stickers you need.

Custom Stickers FAQs

1. How do you make custom stickers?

  1. Step: Choose your design. Select your design theme from the menu, and view the design(s).
  2. Step: Customize the design.
  3. Step: Edit your design.
  4. Step: Preview & print.
  5. Step: Save.
  6. Step: Order the quantity you need
2. How much are custom stickers?
Product Quantity Cost Per Sticker
3" x 10" Bumper Sticker 1000 $0.80
4" x 6" Oval Sticker 1000 $0.68
4" x 4" Custom Die Cut Sticker 1000 $1.54

3. What are kiss cut stickers?

Kiss Cut stickers have light cuts within the border of stickers. When stickers are created with kiss cuts, it means they can peel out of the backing material and the backing material remains. Multiple Kiss Cuts on a single sticker are usually called a “stickersheet”.

4. Are vinyl stickers waterproof?

Vinyl stickers aren't waterproof. laminates our custom vinyl stickers to make them waterproof. Laminating a sticker enables protection from water as well as from oil and sun. Laminate is an additional layer of plastic that is applied to protect your custom made vinyl stickers from bad weather.


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