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  • 3.4 mil
  • None $0.00
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • None $0.00
  • Halo $1.24
  • Circle $0.38
  • Oval $0.38
  • Exact $15.00
  • None $0.00
  • Gloss $1.13
  • Matte $1.13


Custom Vinyl Sticker Printing Services

Custom stickers are a powerful and cost-effective way to advertise. Affordable, portable, and useful vinyl stickers help communicate your business messaging and branding wherever your customers go. People love colorful custom stickers that share the brands they value and let them personalize anything from water bottles to laptops to cars. Moreover, you don't have to spend a fortune on sticker printing since Printmoz can deliver what you're looking for at competitive prices. Our custom die-cut stickers are vibrant, sturdy, and durable, with crisp, clear, and fade-resistant images. Whatever your message, brand, or logo, you and your customers will love our custom-made stickers.

While our custom sticker printing services are a boon for business, don't overlook the many opportunities to use stickers in your personal life. Personalized vinyl stickers can be a terrific gift for showers, birthdays, going off to college, and many occasions.

Custom die-cut stickers are a great way to advertise your business, promote a cause, or directly communicate ideas. You can use them as a cost-effective handout when generating new interest in your business and as a unique souvenir. You can easily impress your friends or your customers with custom vinyl sticker designs that stand out from the crowd.

You can even use a weather-proof and durable vinyl sticker for a wide range of applications: store signs, high-quality photo prints, product or service labels, partial vehicle lettering to car wraps, custom bumper stickers, and so much more! Your imagination is the only limit!

Why Printmoz Vinyl Stickers are the Best

Our custom sticker printing ensures that your stickers, labels, and decals are made to high standards of excellence. To make our die-cut stickers as valuable as possible, we emphasize four elements in their design:

  1. Color

  2. Durability

  3. Creativity, and

  4. Versatility

diecut sticker in the shape of the united states and a shoe

Our printers use only top-quality, permanent UV inks that produce and retain vibrant colors. They resist fading and color loss, yet they won't bleed through your sticker to stain the surface you attach them to. Our custom-made stickers are made from 3.4 mil vinyl, so they remain flexible, resist weathering, and won't easily tear. Printmoz's vinyl stickers won't fade, peel, or come off in the rain, which is usually the primary concern of each customer. We made sure they won't leave too much adhesive residue behind when you want to remove them.

Create your own custom die-cut stickers in any color, shape, or style using our free online design tool. If you'd like assistance bringing your design ideas to life, our sticker printing design service is ready to help. Above all, you can fully customize your message on our vinyl stickers. Additionally, our halo finish option allows you to have your stickers cut to any custom shape to enhance your design further.

Custom Sticker Printing Benefits

Are you wondering about the difference between custom stickers and decals? Printmoz offers many types of custom-made stickers, including window clings, custom vinyl decals, floor decals, and air-release graphic film, ideal for car bumper stickers. We will produce the vinyl stickers and decals to meet your needs. Some of the many benefits of ordering custom stickers online with Printmoz include the following:

  • Durable 3.4 mil Vinyl Material

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • Fully Customizable Size and Shape

  • Many Versatile Styles

  • Direct-to-Customer Wholesale Prices

  • Water-proof Options Available

  • Die-Cut Options

  • Kisscut Options

  • Contoured Cuts (halo)

  • Sticker Sheets

  • Sticker Rolls

  • Bulk Order Discounts

  • Easy Ordering Online

  • Fast Turnaround

When you order custom stickers with Printmoz, your message can be shared nearly everywhere!
the great outdoors USA sticker next to a pinecone

Custom-Made Stickers - Buy Them Today!

Printmoz relies on our expert in-house production teams and web-based services to keep our overhead costs low while maintaining our high standards for quality production. This is how we provide beautiful, durable, custom water-proof stickers at significant savings.

Vinyl stickers and decals by Printmoz come in a wide range of styles and uses, so we're your number one choice if you're looking at printing custom-made stickers. We ship across the USA and Canada and offer expedited production (24-hour turnaround) and overnight shipping if you're in a rush! If you need assistance printing custom stickers, feel free to call our customer service team at (877) 287-0059 or hop on a live chat. We will walk you through the process to ensure you get the top-quality stickers you need.

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20 days ago by (CO, US)

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2 months ago by (CA, US)

I always have the best experience with Printmoz. The staff is super kind and helpful and they never make me feel like my questions or repeated chats are too much. I get the same quality of service if it's my first call or my 10th. I ordered stickers this time around and the price is excellent, the turn-around was faster than expected and the quality superb!

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2 months ago by (NM, US)

Great quality! Thank you for always giving us the best service.

Frequently asked Questions

What are custom stickers?

Custom stickers are made from white vinyl with adhesive on the back.

What are Custom Stickers used for?

Custom stickers are used to advertise, market and to share anything you want. Do you have an eye catching logo? Print it on a custom sticker and hand it out. If you have a store front, you can place a large custom sticker right on the window. Another popular use is to customize a sticker for your vehicle.

What is Custom Sticker printing?

Custom Sticker printing is the process of printing on white vinyl material in any size and any color.

How much is a Custom Sticker?

Custom Stickers start at about .15 cents each! They are one of the most affordable forms of advertising and you can pass them out anywhere.

How can I turn my art into stickers?

It’s easy to turn your art into stickers when you are using a website that has a free design tool, free templates to get you started, free stock images to add to your design and free customer service. You can also choose to cut your sticker into a custom shape and have it printed.

Are Custom Stickers clear?

Custom Stickers have a white background but the clear stickers and clear window clings are both an option on the website.

How do I make a Custom Sticker?

First choose the size of the Custom Sticker and select any finishing options (round corners or special cuts). Then design your artwork to fit the exact size of your sticker. You can use a free online design tool to create your design. It comes with thousands of free stock images and hundreds of free templates to help you get started.

Can I make a custom sticker for my laptop?

Custom Stickers are great for putting something personalized on your laptop! You can create the sticker in any shape or size.

How thick are Custom Stickers?

Custom Stickers are 3.4mil thick, which is pretty thin.

What is the best app to create Custom Stickers?

Creating a custom sticker with a free online Design Tool is easier than creating with an app because you can design your sticker and upload it straight to the printer!

Can I make custom shapes with Custom Stickers?

Yes your Custom Sticker can be cut into custom letters and shapes, depending on which cut you choose. When it comes to Custom Stickers, we have four different ‘cuts’; Halo, Circle, Oval and Special. If you’d like to cut out an individual letter or unique shape, you just need to set up your artwork with a ‘cut line’ so the software can tell the printers where to cut the material. Find out how to set up a cut line here!

How do I upload my artwork?

If you already have your artwork sized exactly to your Custom Sticker you can complete your purchase. Once checkout is complete you can upload your artwork and then view and approve the proof. If you need to finish designing your artwork you can still complete your purchase and come back later to upload your artwork file.

A second way to upload your artwork is to design it using the free online Design Tool. Once you complete the design you can add it to your cart and complete your purchase. In both cases you will need to view your proof and approve it before it goes to print. As always if you need help uploading your artwork you can chat, email or call us directly!

Will I receive a Proof before you print my Custom Stickers signs?

You can view and approve a proof of your uploaded artwork on the website.

Approval means that you have checked to make sure that your artwork size matches the exact dimensions of the product you ordered, the resolution is correct for the size being printed (preferably 300 dpi for better quality) and the color mode is CMYK. The best way to be sure of quality is to check your artwork at full size (100%). Is it crisp and clear? Or is it pixilated? Once you are 100% confident that your artwork meets or exceeds these guidelines you can approve the proof and get your Custom Stickers signs printed!

What website can I use to make my sticker?

Select a website that has an easy to use online design tool to help you create your sticker. You also want to use a company that has a quality product at a great price. And you want to make sure the website has a phone number with customer service that answers your call. When you’re ready to make a custom sticker, check out

How long does a Custom Sticker last outdoors?

Depending on adverse weather conditions and with proper care Custom Stickers can last for a long time.

How do I make a picture into a sticker?

In just a few quick steps you can turn your photo into a sticker! Simply go to and select the Design Tool, enter the size of the sticker, upload your picture and add to your cart. It’s that easy!

What is a cut line and how do I add it?

When it comes to Custom Stickers, there are four different cuts; Halo, Circle, Oval and Special. In some cases you need to set up your artwork with a ‘cut line’ so the software can tell the printers where to cut the material. Be sure and watch the video on ‘Cut Lines’:

How do I clean my Custom Stickers?

Cleaning is easy with some warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. The Custom Stickers are durable but be gentle when cleaning so you don’t scratch the ink.

Is there an extra charge for a colorful sticker?

Full color is always included with your purchase. Printing is done using UV protected ink in four colors: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Do you have a matte or a gloss finish?

Custom Stickers are a gloss material. When printed, the ink may also appear as a semi gloss finish.

How can I design my Custom Sticker?

One option is to use the free online Design Tool. It includes thousands of free Stock Images to choose from to help you get started. A second option is to select one of the many free Custom Templates to edit with your personalized information. A third option would be to contact a Graphic Designer at and let them do the work for you!

What are your most popular sizes for Custom Stickers signs?

Custom Stickers are popular in 3” x 3” for passing out at trade shows or events. 18”x 24” are great for a vehicle door. And 24” x 36” is a great size for store front windows. Custom Stickers can be printed in any size you need.


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