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Water Bag

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The Water Bag is perfect for adding needed additional weight. Works for the Feather, Teardrop and Giant banner stands. Read More


Water Bag Stands

The Water Bag is perfect for adding needed additional weight to your outdoor banner stands. Works for the Feather, teardrop, and Giant banner stands and in accordance with the X-Base.

Don’t let your banner fall over! Get the Printmoz.com water bag stand to ensure safety for your banner display. Our simple donut-style shape water bag stand is easy to transport and fill with water on site. It will keep your advertising where it needs to be and will increase the stability of your banner on any hard flat surface. One size that is good for our x base.

Water Bag Stand Set Up

  • You will receive it empty, (of course)!)
  • It will easily pack into a small bag or case.
  • Set up your X-base.
  • Slide it over the top of the base.

Fill with water. We recommend using gallon jugs and a funnel so you don’t make a mess!

Water Bag Dimensions

  • Outer: 22" wide
  • Inner (hole): 4.25"
  • Height: 4" when filled
  • Weight: (water to hold about 3 gallons) (24 lbs)

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