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Yard Signs

Create your own customized sign with colorful, durable, & affordable yard signs by, your online one-stop print shop.

  • 0.16
  • 0.39
  • 0.236
  • H-Frame Stakes $1.50
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • Halo $1.58
  • Circle $0.25
  • Oval $0.25
  • Top Corners $2.00
  • All Corners $2.50
  • Gloss $0.30
  • Top Corners $1.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $1.50
  • All Corners Only $2.00
  • Top Center $1.00

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Custom Yard Sign Printing Services

Turn any lawn into an advertising opportunity for your business, movement, or campaign with Printmoz. Our yard signs are affordable and beautiful, helping you get your message out. Draw the attention of passersby on foot and in vehicles with a vibrant and cost-effective sign. We make it easy to customize and order a sign, so you can quickly get the signage you need, thanks to our excellent customer service and support.

At Printmoz, we make sure your yard sign is exactly what you need. We focus on building quality lawn signs with reliable materials that won’t be too costly for you. Especially when you need to bulk order custom yard signs, we make sure you get the value you need.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of effective advertising. We conducted surveys and studies that helped us provide even better yard sign designs and quality to fully meet your advertising needs. Whatever the purpose of your signage, Printmoz has got you covered.

Additionally, we offer advice on the colors, lettering, and sizing for various lawn or front yard locations given the viewing distance. As for the impact, you do not want poor, unattractive, or low-quality yard signs if your goal is to get people to see the details of the special event you’re hosting clearly.

Common Uses for Lawn Signs

Colorful, eye-catching yard signs are a highly effective and affordable advertising method. Common uses for lawn signs include:

  • Real estate yard signs
  • Political lawn signs
  • Community event advertising
  • Yard sales signs
  • Estate sales signs
  • Nonprofit organization awareness
  • School fundraisers
  • Parties
  • Celebrations
  • Happy birthday yard signs
  • Happy graduation lawn signs
  • Traffic directions to parking or special events

With so many yard sign uses out there, it's no wonder you need some! We’re ready to make your event a success with custom printed yard signs.

Benefits of Yard Sign Printing

Just as there are many uses for yard signs, there are also many benefits to this type of signage:


Yard signs, being made from durable plastic, are lightweight and durable. You can transport them without difficulty, and setting up is easy. Simply stick them in the ground wherever you want to display them.


Secondly, lawn signs are eye-catching. With easy-to-see text and colorful images, quality yard signs are attention-grabbing. At Pritmoz, we use high-tech printing processes to maximize the beauty of photos and graphics. This makes your custom lawn sign stand out. Onlookers can easily read and understand the sign from a distance.


Finally, our yard sign printing is cost-effective. With digital printing capabilities and in-house manufacturing, we maintain the quality of your yard signage and reduce the cost of producing them. In addition, the quality of each lawn sign we make for you provides long-lasting value. Whether you use them continuously or as a one-off advertisement, you can depend on their strength and excellent construction.

A Custom Yard Sign - An Excellent Option

You can customize your lawn sign online in a few minutes. Here are the steps to buying your sign:

  1. Select the options
  2. Pick the quantity
  3. Buy
  4. Customize

Our FREE online design tool makes customizing your lawn sign a snap. We’ve made the process simple to get your yard signs quickly. With front and back printing, full-bleed, and high DPI (dots per inch), your sign will capture attention from traffic going both directions. If you need help buying or customizing your sign, call our team.

Custom Lawn Signs & Real Estate Yard Signs and More!

Our custom lawn signs help people advertise all over the country. prints your signs in California, giving you the US-made quality you can rely on. So, make use of your property space today with a yard sign that lasts. Check out our tips to make your real estate yard signs stand out from the rest. Remember, we’re always available to help.

Corrugated Plastic Signs - Common Sizes

  • 18x24"
  • 12x18" (small)
  • 36x24" (large)
  • 4x8' (Largest Option)

Political Campaigns Signage Regulations

We advise you to check the local regulations as political campaign lawn signs are regulated differently from other outdoor advertising displays in California. Section 5405.3 of the State Outdoor Advertising Act exempts political signs from rules that impact other “for sale” signs, business signs, and other types of signs. Ask the local authorities for more details.

Another alternative to yard signs would be getting cheap vinyl banners, which we could print for you as well.

Yard Sign Benefits

  • Most Affordable Option For Signs with Stakes
  • Yard Sign Design and Placement Versatility
  • Easy Install and Take Down
  • Cheap Wholesale Pricing with No Minimum
  • Rugged Corrugated Plastic
  • Weather Proof
  • A Blank Yard Sign is Also An Available Option

Lawn signs are advertising made easy! With colorful, affordable, and durable yard signs from, you’ll capture their attention for your special event. Begin your design today!

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Love the quality and size options

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the only place to purchase online signs!

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Every time I use your service, and have a question - your associates are in tune with my needs always are able to answer my question, but also answer questions I haven't even thought of to help me through the online experience. Thank you!

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Great project experience, I'm pleased,...thank you. Slight error on the Yard Signs as white was left on the bottom edge of the signs so that's the reason for the 4-stars on that portion of my review.

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Always helpful and responsive during online chat or in person. Thank you’


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