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Custom Feather Flags

Single or Double-Sided | Indoor and Outdoor Use | Weather-Resistant

Eye-catching feather flags printed in full color on durable 4 oz polyester material. Four different sizes, with various base types for multi-surface use. Read More

  • Small 9 ft.
  • Medium 10.5 ft.
  • Large 14 ft.
  • X-Large 18 ft.
  • Front Only $0.00
  • Front and Back $82.99
  • Flag + Ground Stake $75.99
  • Flag + Cross Base $109.99
  • Flag + Cross Base + Water Bag $119.99
  • Flag + Square Base $117.99
  • Flag Only $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • Yes $30.00


What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags, also called "Feather banners," are large feather-shaped flags that draw attention to your business, product, or promotional offerings. They are made from durable 4 oz polyester flag material and utilize a digitally printed dye sublimation process. This process uses heat to transfer custom graphics onto the flag, embedding UV-protected inks into the flag's fabric, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The pole set is made from durable aluminum and flexible fiberglass poles, allowing your feather banner to stand tall and draw attention while safely fluttering in high winds. We also offer a wide range of soft ground or hard surface base options. Use the ground stakes to place your custom flag in loose dirt, grass, or soil. The feather flag can be set on hard surfaces like sidewalks, concrete, or asphalt using the cross-stand base. Choose from easy-to-edit templates, upload your own graphic or create something new with our online designer to start your order today!
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ProHVAC service flag on display on front of a store front

Synonyms for Custom Feather Flags

Over the past decade, the sign advertising industry has seen feather flags branded in many ways. While feather flags may have some unique, catchy names, they are all represented by the same feather shape. The most commonly cited synonyms are flutter flags, beach flags, swooper flags, flying flags, blade flags, flag banners, and feather flags. For various additional custom flag shapes and sizes, shop our advertising flags.

Downloadable Feather Flag Banner Templates

If you plan on designing your own feather flag with software at home, click the links below to download the product template. Use the flag template to ensure your design matches properly with the feather banner shape and bleed requirements for the correct flag size. Once you have completed your custom design, upload it online to complete your order!

Small (24.25" x 79.5")

Medium (25.5 "x105.5")

Large (29.5 "x139.5")

X-Large (27 "x191")

Professionally Designed Feather Flag Banners & Templates

Custom Feather Flags & Feather Banners Benefits

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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Ease of Use Icon

Ease of Use

Simplistic design for a quick and easy installation.
Custom Feather Flags & Feather Banners Benefits
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Capture attention and attract prospective customers.
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A low-cost method of advertising that creates brand recognition.

Additional Specs

  • Weight

10 lbs. (includes the weight of your flag, pole set, and ground stake base)
  • Thickness

4 oz polyester fabric material
  • Details

Dye sublimation printing process with long-lasting disperse dyes (commonly referred to as "dye-sub inks") with a variety of base options (carrying case optional).
  • Uses

Indoor and outdoor use to display advertising, promotions, sales, and grand openings. Use them at expos, tradeshows, farmers' markers, conventions, events, or anywhere you need to bring attention to your business.
  • Print Method

Full-color digital dye sublimation printing process. Dye sublimation printing offers extreme fade-resistant properties; inks are embedded deep into the flag fabric's fibers and remain vibrant in outdoor settings.
  • Estimated Lifespan

2+ years with the proper care and maintenance (See FAQ)
  • Print Method

Full-color digital dye sublimation printing process. Dye sublimation printing offers extreme fade-resistant properties; inks are embedded deep into the flag fabric's fibers and remain vibrant in outdoor settings.
  • Print Option

Double or Single-sided printing

Feather Flag Custom Options


Our double-sided feather banners are ideal for promoting your next event, creating excitement, and drawing attention to your business. Double-sided feather flags allow your flags messaging or graphics to target traffic from both sides. They include durable black pole pockets and a blocker sewn between both printed sides, which prevents both graphics from visibility from each side, commonly known as "print through." Print the same design on your flag back-to-back, or use different designs for both. For double-sided printing, click the "Print on Back" button and begin to upload the designs for your double-sided flags.
two sided flags side by side


If you want your messaging or branding to be directed to one side of your tradeshow booth, our single-sided feather flag banners are the way to go. While far less common than our double-sided feather banners, single-sided flags are prevalent in regions with one-way traffic and are most commonly used to attract attention to indoor or outdoor events with minimal advertising space. Single-sided flags, while highly effective and affordable, will be "print through," which, simply put, means your printed design will be slightly visible on the backside of the flag but will appear mirrored with approximately 50% visibility.
two single sided flags side by side


Feather flags are excellent outdoor signs due to their massive size, durability, and weather resistance. They are designed to flutter in high winds while displaying your advertising message to passersby while walking or driving. Use custom feather flags to highlight your brand and effectively build awareness while surrounding your business with excitement. Placing your flag outdoors increases your brand's reach beyond the walls of your business to the eyes of potential future guests and would-be customers. Design a custom feather flag with Printmoz today that takes your advertising outdoors to new heights!
outdoor flag next to a solar panel


Feather flags are also great for indoor use, such as pop-up events, conventions, or tradeshows. We suggest the metal square or cross-base when displaying your flag indoors and highly recommend adding a water bag when ordering the largest feather banner size. Please use caution when displaying feather flag banners indoors on the cross-stand base. As in high-traffic areas, the cross-base feet can quickly become a trip hazard.
flag indoor next to a book shelf

Carrying Case

Consider adding our carrying bag to your order for the complete package. This carrying bag comes in handy to transport and store your flag, flag poles, and accessories while giving a polished and professional appearance.
Carrying Case included in each purchase

Feather Flag Stand & Base Options

Square Base

A heavy metal square-shaped base, temporary use indoors and outdoors in moderate weather conditions.


  • Dimension: 16" x 16"

  • Height: 4"

  • Weight: 22 lbs

  • Pieces: 2 (square and connector)

  • Not compatible with carrying case

Square Base Option

Ground Stake

These 25.6" metal ground stakes provide easy installation and allow your flag pole to stand tall while fluttering in the wind. Use our ground stake to secure your flag pole in solid soil. It's lightweight and provides the best stability of all base types for outdoor use. Stake it in and watch it spin!


  • Height: 25.6"

  • Weight: 3.4 lbs

  • Piece: 1

  • Spinning/Rotates

  • Compatible with: Carrying case, Teardrop Flag, and Feather Flag Poles

Ground Stake Option

Water Base

This water base is made of durable steel, rugged plastic, and carbon fiber. It conveniently holds up to 2.5 gallons of water, is easy to fill and empty on the go, and can add up to 23 lbs of water weight. Complete your custom flag package with our heavy-duty composite carbon fiber base today!


  • Dimension: 16"W x 6"H x 16"D

  • Water Weight: Up to 23 lbs (approx 2.5 gallons of water)

Water Base Option

Cross Stand Base

The cross-stand base is comprised of four foldable metal legs and is perfect for entrepreneurs on the go traveling to events. The cross base is quickly installed and folds up for easy packaging and transport.


  • Dimension: 27" x 27"

  • Height: 9.25"

  • Weight: 6.6 lbs

  • Spinning: Yes

  • Cross Base Leg Length 27"

  • Compatible with: Feather flag and Teardrop flag

Cross Stand Base Option

Water Bag

The ideal and convenient way to add weight to your flag cross base


  • Outer Diameter: 19" wide

  • Inner Diameter (hole): 5"

  • Height: 5" when filled

  • Weight: (water to hold about 2.5 gallons) (23 lbs)

  • Compatible with: Cross Base, Square Base & Carrying Case

Water Bag Option

Cross Stand Base with Water Bag

A simplistic approach to display large flags indoors and in medium to moderate winds outdoors. Use this cross-stand base when displaying your custom feather flag on a solid surface, such as a parking lot, asphalt, or concrete, and it provides perfect stability.


  • Diameter: 19" outside, 5" inside (filled with water)

  • Height: 9.25"

  • Ground Clearance: 4"

  • Weight: 25 lbs (max, with water)

  • Piece: 2 (base and water bag)

Cross Stand Base with Water Bag Option


Your custom feather flags are always printed on top-quality 4 oz polyester in full color with premium dye sub-inks, making printed colors extremely durable and maintaining their vibrancy in harsh weather conditions.

Fully Customizable

Make changes to each detail, fully customize your feather flags color, and add images, custom text, business logos, and more. Choose a flag size, and make professional custom feather flags that spark curiosity around your business and draw passing traffic into your establishment.

Design Custom Feather Flags Online

Printmoz knows that not all companies have graphic designers on staff to create the print-ready files required for professional advertising flags. For this reason, we include all the online tools and resources needed to design the attention-grabbing custom feather banner of your dreams. Our design tools are simplistic and do not require graphic design skills. So get started, design eye-catching feather flags online with printmoz, and begin highlighting offers that raise awareness of your business today! Add your business logo, clip art, and custom messaging, then choose any color in the CMYK color mode. Placing branded feather flags inside and outside your business creates excitement and interest while drawing attention to your business.

Three Ways To Order

Online Design Tool

Online Design Tool Icon
  • Over 50 fonts are available

  • Thousands of stock photos and icons

Design Online

Pre-Designed Template

Pre-Designed Template Option
  • Swap colors, upload images, or add shapes

  • Easily add logos, custom text, and more!

View Templates

Upload Your Own Design

Upload Your Own Design Option
  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, .PDF, .SVG)

  • Supports up to 1.1 GB file upload

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Why Choose Printmoz For Feather Flag Banners

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Next Day Production

Custom flags and banner orders placed before 8 AM PST will be printed and shipped the following business day.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All custom feather banners include our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take comfort knowing your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we'll reprint it for free! Learn More
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Assembling Your Feather Flag

Assemble your feather flag banner by unfolding your feather flag graphics, removing the hardware from your pole kits, then sliding the custom-printed flag over the fully assembled pole set. Use a personal preference to select any of our multi-surface base types.
Assembly Step #1

Lay your pole set out by size

Assembly Step #2

Flag pole fully assembled

Assembly Step #3

Begin inserting the assembled flag pole

Assembly Step #4

Pull the flag down until the entire flag is fully vertical

See our FAQs or blog post on flag setup instructions for more detailed instructions.

Taking Care of Your Custom Feather Flags

Maintaining and caring for your custom feather flags will ensure the maximum lifespan. They are made from machine wash-safe 4 oz polyester but should never be ironed or machine dried. You can add mild liquid laundry detergent made for delicate items to cold water on the light cycle or wash by hand and then air dry. It is crucial to make sure you properly store your feather banners. We recommend storing them in a box, carrying case, or plastic storage container in a temperature-controlled room. Storing fabric flags outdoors in garages can cause damage to your custom flags from exposure to extreme heat.

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Frequently asked Questions

Are feather flags double sided?

Yes, our custom feather flags can be ordered in double-sided prints. We print two flags for double-sided and sew them back to back, with a solid block-out liner between both printed sides. This "block out" liner prevents "Print through" from occurring, which means that your design will be vaguely visible from the backside (50% visibility) and will appear mirrored as opposed to a reflected duplicate on the backside.

How much do feather banners cost?

The cost of feather flags varies based on size, base type, and single or double-sided printing. The price for custom feather flags, including ground stakes, are as follows:

Single Sided with ground spike

  • Small (20” W x 82” H) - $$158.98

  • Medium (24" W x 104" H) - $168.98

  • Large (28" W x 138" H) - $178.98

  • X-Large (24" W x 183.5" H) - $188.98

Double Sided with ground spike

  • Small (20" W x 82" H) - $241.97

  • Medium (24" W x 104" H) - $261.97

  • Large (28" W x 138" H) - $281.97

  • X-Large (24" W x 183.5" H) - $301.97

How do you measure Feather flags?

There are two vital size measurements for feather flags. The flag's pole height and the flag size. When assembled, the flag's pole height is measured by the total pole length. Flag size refers to the printed material size, excluding the bleed area.

How long do feather flags last?

Average Lifespan: If used outdoors daily, your feather flag banners' lifespan should be approximately one year. This average can be negatively impacted by a few simple factors, indoor use, outdoor use, and fading with sun exposure. Indoor Use: if used indoors, your advertising flags can last 5+ years easily, assuming proper care and maintenance. Outdoor use: outdoors, your flag must be replaced within 9-12 months. Fading: Leaving your feather flag outdoors in the sun or other harsh elements for extended periods can cause sun fading and diminish the quality of the banner faster.

What is a swooper flag?

A swooper flag is another name for a feather flag. There are many commonly used names or synonyms for feather banners, including swooper flags.

Will exposure to the sun fade the banner?

Yes, exposure to the sun for extended periods can cause sun damage and color fading.

How small or big can my Feather banner be?

Our custom feather flags come in four sizes to help you make an impact. Small (9'), Medium (10.5'), Large (14'), and X-Large (18'), the total height includes full flag stand height when assembled and installed on the ground spike. The actual banner size is 20" W x 82" H (Small), 24" W x 104" H (Medium), 28" W x 138" H (Large), and 24" W x 183.5" H (X-Large).

Using different base types will result in varying heights. The square base will only all 1/8" of an inch to the overall flag height, whereas the ground stake can vary depending on how far the spike has been driven into the ground. The cross stand base approximately adds 7" to the overall flag pole height.

How tall are your feather flags?

The full flag stands height determines the total size of your feather flag. This includes the height of the standard ground spike.

Are your flag poles interchangeable between banner sizes?

Our flags require special poles for each flag height and are not interchangeable. Our page is configured so you can easily order a replacement flag without pole kits or a simple replacement pole set (graphic not included).

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