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Canvas Wrap Prints

Custom Canvas Prints Online

Online Canvas Printing Services

Turn your favorite photos into high-impact custom canvas prints and transform your home or office with personal wall art decor. Or give family and friends gifts they’ll cherish when you turn photos of their personal triumphs into canvas photo prints. Our high-quality, low-cost canvas prints are simple to create, and we get them printed in the format of your choice and shipped to you in record time.

What are Custom Canvas Prints?

With custom canvas prints from Printmoz, you’ll transform your high-resolution photos into display-ready artwork. We print your final design on thick, high-quality, poly-cotton blend canvas — the dame fabric artists paint on. Printing on canvas makes the photo highly durable while imparting depth to the scene and adding a sophisticated texture to the final art print.

Canvas art prints can then be rolled up for safe and inexpensive shipping or expertly stretched across a wooden frame. Unstretched or rolled canvas prints are ideal if you have a frame picked out that does not require the thickness of the canvas frame.

The thickness of the stretched canvas prints’ internal wood structure gives the final piece the presence and visual weight of genuine artwork and may be paired with a thick frame, or displayed without. While the rolled canvas prints are less expensive to produce and ship, be sure to factor in the cost of the frame needed before the canvas art print can be displayed.

Types of Canvas Printing Available from Printmoz

At Printmoz, we offer a range of cheap canvas prints to fit various needs. Each customized canvas print is made with top-quality materials and printing, so it looks expensive and imparts tremendous elegance to any room in which it hangs.

Each of our canvas printing options includes the choice to add a glossy finish or to leave it matte. Either works beautifully. Just remember that painted artwork most closely resembles our canvas prints with a matte finish.

Rolled Canvas Printing | 15 mil

Our rolled canvas printing combines your high-res photograph with 15-millimeter thick canvas to produce artwork suitable for framing. Hang your custom canvas art prints in your home or office as wall art decor.

Canvas Poster Printing | 3/16-inch

Our custom poster canvas prints provide an economical option for those who want the impression of the stretched canvas with its 3-D appeal as it stands out from the wall, without the expense. We mount our canvas poster printing to 3/16” board made of polystyrene that is embossed with a layer of paper, then wrapped in your custom canvas print. This is lightweight and the perfect choice for high-impact but low-cost gifts for clients.

Canvas Wrap Prints | 3/4-inch

Custom canvas prints stretched over wood frames measuring 3/4-inch deep are the most popular choice for turning your photos into wall art. Turn your wedding photograph, favorite tropical getaway, or photo-hobby shot into artwork for your home or office. Our 3/4-inch wrapped canvas prints have a tremendous visual presence. They are exceptionally sturdy yet light enough for one person to move or hang. It is ready to be hung, but it is not so thick that you’ll have trouble finding a frame for it.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 1 1/2-inch

Just as the name implies, art galleries big and small are the most frequent home for our gallery wrapped canvas prints. Stretched across wood frames measuring 1.5 inches deep, these custom canvas prints are best displayed on a large wall with plenty of space around them. Skip the frame — all eyes will be on the image itself.

Creative Uses for Custom Printed Canvas

Explore some creative uses for our canvas printing services.

Canvas Photo Collage Prints

Rather than using one single high-res photo for your wall canvas prints, create a stunning, one-of-a-kind canvas photo collage — we’ll show you how!. Such a memorable way to display family photos, photo collage canvas prints also make heart-warming anniversary gifts.

Multi-Piece Canvas Art Prints

Stop them in their tracks when you turn a beautiful photo into an extraordinary multi-piece canvas art print. This makes a dynamic statement that becomes the focus of the entire room.

Real Estate Closing Gifts

Real estate agents always look for thoughtful gifts to present to buyers after escrow closes. An artistic photo of their new home printed on canvas would ensure they always remember you.

Immortalize Child’s Drawing

Take a high-res photo of your child’s drawing, and print the picture on canvas. Grandparents will treasure the gift, and your child will be thrilled.

Create your own custom canvas prints today using our free online design tool. Printmoz top-quality canvas printing service will print and wrap your picture and ship it to you ASAP.