Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs are a great way for ANY Business or Corporate Office to design timeless signage and upgrade with a fresh new clean look!


Custom Brushed Aluminum Signage

A brushed aluminum sign makes a striking first impression in a store, office, or workplace. As interior signage, brushed aluminum signs add a touch of finesse to a lobby, reception area, waiting room, or bathroom. 

The brushed aluminum finish is the ultimate in office décor. The signs can be mounted on any rigid surface, with decorative “standoffs” that remain firm and stable. Our line of brushed metal signs is modern and architectural.

** Note - Printmoz's Brushed Aluminum Sign is made from 1/8" Brushed ACM also known as  Aluminium composite panels.

Brushed Aluminum Sign Cleaning Instructions

To begin with, a brushed metal sign should be installed where it cannot be scratched (either intentionally or accidentally). Cleaning brushed aluminum is as easy as wiping clean with a damp cloth (non-abrasive). If storage of these signs is required, then they should be stored at room temperature, in a dry locale, and covered with something non-abrasive to protect the surface. When cleaning, there’s no need to use detergent cleaners, and it’s best to avoid any harsh spray chemical cleaners.

Guidelines For Installing Brushed Aluminum Signs

When it comes to installing these custom metal signs, a conventional method is to use “standoffs.” After locating and measuring the sign position, “standoffs” are screwed into place between the installation surface and the sign. Finishing caps are used to cover the screw heads. Obviously, this approach requires some tools and very careful positioning to ensure accuracy. Installation is also possible without the “standoffs.” Finally, another method of installation is using double-sided tape.

Can Brushed Aluminum Sheets Be Used Outdoors?

Aluminum is typically rust resistant and therefore a viable option for exterior signage. Brushed aluminum falls under the same description, but with the understanding that outdoor usage will incur wear and tear, particularly where there is harsh weather. If you plan for outdoor usage, it's important to consider the screws, nuts, and bolts – they have to be rust resistant, or they will eventually rust and affect the sign. As for cleaning and regular maintenance, the same instructions apply as indoor use.

Are Brushed Aluminum Letters Also Available?

Brushed aluminum sign letters are available. However, certain specifications must be followed because of the thickness of certain letters. Since this type of sign requires individual letters to be custom cut, the finished letters have to be placed and adhered individually to a wall surface. Here again, its highly recommended that extra care is taken when measuring, positioning, and adhering the letters. Clearly, someone who has previous experience and expertise should be installing.


Where To Use Brushed Aluminum Signage

Brushed aluminum signage (and brushed aluminum prints) are most often installed in a business environment. Typical uses are for building directories, shopping mall signs, lobby reception areas, and individual commercial offices (including room numbers). The fact is, there is no limit with these versatile signs – they offer a combination of good looks, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These signs are a favorite of architects, designers, and building managers alike.

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