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Custom Poster Printing Services

Poster printing benefits many businesses in multiple ways beyond the compelling movie posters and rock band posters that once decorated your bedroom walls. Poster prints can be used to affordably display your menu or price list, or to highlight the features of a new product launch or advertise your upcoming special event.

Custom posters with vivid colors, bold graphics, and snappy text have a proven track record of generating intense brand loyalty within their target audience.

Poster Printing: Uses and Benefits

Few things are more nostalgic than the thought of a crisp poster being hung in your highschool or college bedroom. While hoards of teenagers worldwide continue to decorate their walls with posters, custom posters have a wide variety of commercial, personal, and non-teenage uses.

  • Advertising: Custom poster printing is a great way to advertise your business, neighborhood band, bake sale, or anything else that would benefit from public awareness.
  • Decoration: While we may have grown out of the good old high school poster decorating scheme, poster printing still carries some real decorating weight. Whether you’re using your custom poster in your home or office, customers have made poster prints using family images, their favorite quotes and sayings, and other images that are loved and personal to them.
  • Instructional: Custom posters make great instructional guides. Whether you’re trying to keep employees safe, marking safe or restricted parking areas, or just want to clearly list rules and guidelines, poster printing is a great way to provide clear and easy-to-read instructions to large groups, customers, employees, and more.

No matter what you’re going to use your custom poster for, some tips to stick to are:

  • Choose a clear image.
  • Don’t try to overcrowd your poster or add too many images or too much text.
  • Make sure everything is formatted and the way you want it before you press “print”.
  • Lean on Printmoz’s design team to help ensure a successful and visually pleasing poster printing experience.

Custom Poster Printing Products

The entire field of poster printing has grown enormously, encompassing numerous products to bring your message to life. Each custom poster product is suited to different needs and types of displays. We offer the following in our poster printing services:

Backlit Film Printing

Make your custom poster glow with an inner light that shines bright at night with our backlit film printing. Beautiful in daylight, these backlit poster prints are mesmerizing at night when the interior lightbox lights up to shine through the custom printed film. Backlit posters are designed to appeal to nighttime foot traffic in the city, to draw passersby to view your message.

Foam Board Poster Printing

Our poster board printing is an affordable option for making rigid, reusable foam board prints. Ideal for trade shows, conventions, business presentations, and fair displays, foam board posters are highly versatile. While traditionally produced in rectangles, we can precision cut your poster board printing into any shape at all! Enhance the impression your poster makes by cutting it to follow the outline of the design.

Large Poster Printing

At Printmoz, we specialize in Grant Format design and printing, which makes the most of large poster printing. Printed on 100-pound weight glossy paper, your poster’s photos, graphics, and text really pop and are resistant to fading. Our large poster printing can turn ordinary photos into compelling artwork for your home or business.

PVC Poster Board

PVC poster printing stands up to the elements to deliver your message indoors or outside in a range of display options. The rigid, plastic PVC signboards are lightweight, reusable, and long-lasting. This is why PVC poster prints are used widely in retail, restaurants, and trade shows.

Cardstock Poster Printing

Our cardstock poster printing delivers consistently elegant results. Choose from standard 12 pt weight cardstock and our premium, 24pt weight for a thicker, heavier weight paper. Available in matte and a glossy finish, cardstock is both lightweight and multi-functional. While cardstock is typically used for wedding invitations, business cards, playing cards, and catalog covers, we offer single-panel cardstock poster printing up to 48” x 96”.

Sintra Board Posters

Our Sintra board printing is another option for posters that will be used outdoors. The ¼” PVC poster board is sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof. Consider Sintra board for custom print posters that must withstand the elements while delivering your message with crisp graphics and vivid colors. Sintra board posters can be cut to any shape — your poster will really stand out from the crowd when it is cut to follow the outline of your design.

Canvas Poster Printing

Our canvas board printing takes your photos and graphics and turns them into art, suitable for hanging on the walls of your home or office. Long-lasting and beautiful, canvas poster printing is an excellent alternative to far pricier gallery wrapped canvases. Advanced technology and top-notch materials allow us to achieve remarkable canvas board printing.

Stop Light or Blackout Posters

Stop light poster printing might sound like a niche that glamorizes traffic lights, but, in reality, stop light paper stops light from passing through it. Double-sided printing does not bleed through from the other side when you print posters on stop light paper. Fully customizable in size, shape, and design, stop light posters can be hung with double-sided adhesive or grommets and carabiners.

Foam Board Poster Prints

Foam board or foam core board posters are used widely in trade show advertising, architectural model building, and photo booth props. Lightweight and sturdy, foam core board is typically used for mounting prints and photos, or as a backing in picture frames. Yet it makes a cost-effective substrate for directly printing posters. Our acid-free foam board also makes an exceptional archival base for precious photos.

Benefits of Poster Printing

Undecided about using custom poster printing for your business advertising? Consider the following benefits of posters:

  • Cost-effective and affordable custom advertising
  • Easy to hang or mount right where you want them
  • Outdoor options available
  • Double-sided printing options
  • Cut to any shape or size
  • Relatively long-lasting
  • Raises brand awareness

Order Personalized Poster Prints Online

At Printmoz, you can custom design your poster prints from various materials to dial in the precise qualities you need to best communicate with your customers. Need help with your design? We are happy to help! Just contact us, or call toll-free (877) 287-0059, and our expert designers will be glad to bring your vision into reality.

Once you order your custom posters, we’ll have them printed and on their way to you in just 48 hours. Need it faster? We will expedite for you! Order your custom print posters today!