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If you build it, they will come. Billboard printing from provides lasting vibrant billboard solutions that are easily seen from a MILES away! Read More

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Custom Vinyl Billboard Sign Printing

Billboard Vinyl Printing

If you need to state your message big and bold, using a vinyl billboard banner is one of the most effective advertising mediums. With billboard signs, you can be sure your message will stand out, and with the options for placement, billboards make for high-quality advertising visible from a great distance. Use a quality billboard printer to be sure your message is flawless. Your images and text will jump out just as you intend with billboard printing!

Why Use Billboard Printing?

Billboard printing is a cost-effective way for your message to get out there. Reach thousands of customers a day with good billboard signs; on busy highways, in the heart of the city, or next to a high-volume traffic area. You can be sure that lots of potential customers are seeing your message! Learn all about billboard marketing in today’s world.

Using billboard vinyls means your message will shine bright, no matter the weather. The vinyl won’t peel, and we use all-weather, UV-resistant inks, so your billboard won’t fade. Printed on heavy-duty vinyl, billboard vinyl printing can stand up to 2 years of direct sunlight as well as wind, rain, and ice!

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How Much is a Billboard Sign

Vinyl billboard signs can be printed in many sizes, from large to colossal. Given the outsized impact these signs have and their longevity, our billboard printing costs must be considered pretty low in comparison.

Remember that billboard vinyl signs are typically mounted with their bottom edge at least 12 feet above the ground. So, a “small” billboard is still an enormous size: Let’s take a look at some common billboard sign sizes, and the cost for each:

  • 6 feet x 12 feet - A small billboard sign measures 6’ x 12’, or 72 inches x 144 inches. This billboard gives you 72 square feet of signage. Our billboard printing cost for this size is about $220.

  • 14 feet by 48 feet - Standard billboard signs in the U.S. are typically 14 feet by 48 feet or 576 inches x 168 inches. The total surface for your vinyl billboard sign is 672 square feet for a billboard printing cost of just over $1,680.

  • 16 feet x 60 feet - A large billboard sign of 16 feet by 60 feet, or 192 inches x 192 inches. This size delivers 960 square feet of display area for your message. Our billboard printing cost for this size is just under $2,150.

Our billboard banner printing starts at 12 inches x 12 inches, reaches a maximum height of 16 feet, (192 inches) and can run to any length you desire.

three size billboard options

Billboard Vinyl — Larger Than Life

Printmoz prints seamless vinyl banners up to 16 feet tall, as long as you need and at 1000dpi! Using high-quality custom billboards is cost-effective, with a low price per square foot.

So if you’re looking for high-quality billboard signs, get in touch with our expert print team. And, if you need expert advice to help to make sure that your advertising campaign is a roaring success, we offer friendly in-house design and US-based customer support.

For all your vinyl billboard printing requirements, Printmoz is your one-stop shop. We will print and ship your printing to you, ready to go on display in around 48 hours. We also offer expedited shipping if you need your printing done ASAP!

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