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Custom Mesh Banner Printing Services

Custom Outdoor Vinyl Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are an excellent option for weatherproof outdoors advertising. These printed vinyl mesh banners are customizable, from advertising products and services to welcoming guests to an event. Printmoz’s custom-printed mesh banners are colorful and memorable, helping you deliver any message in style. You can place any image, text, or design on your fence banner and make it as large or small as you need.

Our in-house production and web-based platform save you time and money on all your vinyl banner printing needs. We use high-tech printers and efficient processes to offer competitive pricing and quick delivery. Printmoz offers colorful and personalized mesh banners in many sizes and mounting options, yet you can customize your banner further by calling us.

Best Mesh Banner Features


Our vinyl mesh banners are made to last! We start with flexible, durable 8 oz vinyl, and we laser cut tiny holes at a 60/40 ratio — 60% vinyl to 40% of the material made up of air-flower holes. The holes allow the wind to pass through your custom-printed mesh banner without billowing or being torn or tattered—the material the banner is crafted from resists tearing, fraying, and ripping.

We use UV inks that are water-resistant, sun-fast, and fade-resistant, so your mesh banner will stand up to the elements and present your message for up to three years of low-maintenance use. Your custom-designed message will give your design to the world through all forms of weather. Unlike banners fitted with wind slits, custom mesh banners won’t shred or tear.

Turn an eye-sore of a chain link fence into a branded advertising opportunity with a customized mesh banner! You can use it to welcome customers, provide directional information around a construction site, illustrate promotional information, or celebrate your favorite sports team.


Customize your vinyl mesh banner to suit your specific needs best. Using our free online design tool, you can choose the color, add text, upload photos, and illustrations, and fully customize the banner design. You can select the size starting at a 12” x 12” square, up to a rectangle of as many feet in each direction as you choose.

Finally, choose the way we should finish your mesh banner. We can hem the banner, add grommets for hanging, or even add pole pockets so you can add poles at the top and bottom hem or all four sides to make hanging a snap.

Maximize Airflow with 60/40 Mesh Vinyl

Our wind-resistant vinyl mesh banner printing yields full-color designs in a matte finish. The 30% airflow means your design will appear 60% as bright and brilliant as a design without mesh holes. We will print your mesh signs and banners to build brand awareness, convey directions, announce new products, welcome visitors, and express any message you wish.

Maximize Airflow with 60/40 Mesh Vinyl

Mesh Banner Benefits

  • Custom printed design

  • Wholesale pricing

  • Long-lasting quality

  • Fast turnaround

  • Weather-resistant

Custom mesh banners are ideal for a wide range of uses. They’re an eye-catching way to welcome people to a significant event, like a grand opening or festival, and they can provide directions for traffic. Construction mesh banners offer information about the company doing the construction work and the coming project and securing the site for safety concerns. We will make your mesh banner as long and high as you choose and in square or rectangular shapes.

Are Mesh Banners Right for You?

Despite their many benefits, our mesh banners offer some tradeoffs. Because we print on vinyl mesh perforated with many tiny holes, the banner’s colors appear less vibrant on mesh than on our vinyl banners or billboards. Another limitation is that mesh banners can only be printed on one side. Unlike our retractable banners or pole banners, these can be read only from the front.

No matter what your needs for banners and signs, Printmoz has got you covered! We offer a vast selection of fully customizable options to suit any circumstances. If our outdoor mesh banners aren’t the best choice, we’ll help you find the right one!

How to Design a Custom Mesh Banner

With Printmoz, customizing mesh banners is a breeze!

As you customize your outdoor mesh banner, you will see the price changes reflected as you work. First, choose the dimensions for your banner, both height, and width. Next, select the quantity — we have no minimum order. You can purchase just one if you wish! Select the finishing options; if you want grommets, hemming, or pole pockets.

Finally, upload your graphics and customize your mesh banner design using our free online tool. Before you complete your design, you might want to study the best fonts for signs and banners. Our professional design team is happy to help you make your vision a reality — free of charge! If you’re struggling to get the effect you want, give us a call, or hop on a chat.

Mesh Banners are Durable and Versatile

Displayed outside a shop or atop a building, or even as a welcome sign to a festival or other events, a mesh banner is a versatile and valuable advertising tool. Lightweight yet durable, even large mesh banners are portable, allowing you to move and set it up wherever you need it quickly. Our vinyl mesh banners are built to last from a perforated, flexible scrim.

The perforation allows wind and light to pass through the banner, so it remains readable outdoors, even on a windy day. Because mesh banners don’t fight the wind but let it pass through, you won’t have the edges becoming tattered and torn. They’re ideal for use outdoors, where a windy day could damage or blow another sign away.

Additionally, mesh banners can be great signage at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. They can effectively attract attention and communicate your message when paired with your booth. They’re easy to fold up when not used and travel well.

Furthermore, a vinyl mesh banner is perfect for creating large outdoor banners. Since the 70/30 vinyl is lightweight, it puts less strain on the banner’s hem and grommets which means you enjoy longer-lasting signage.

Outdoor Mesh Banners that Exceed Expectations

Our mesh banners are made with quality materials, giving your banner a longer life and a smoother look. Your printed mesh signs and banners can last for years with proper care and cleaning. At Printmoz, we print in full color, so your graphics and images stand out.

Customize our mesh banners with the text and images of your choice, and choose from optional hardware and finishing, including heavy-duty grommets and full hemming.

Outdoor Mesh Banners for Construction Sites, Events & More

At Printmoz, we make mesh banner printing easy and effective. Choose your dimensions, upload your images, add text and graphics with our free online design tool, and let our printers do the rest. Whether you need one or many, we offer the lowest direct-to-consumer wholesale prices.

Outdoor Mesh Banners for Construction Sites, Events & More

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