Floor Decals

Floor Decals from Printmoz.com are reusable, durable, affordable, & use powerful graphics to send a clear & strong message.


Stand Out With Floor Decal Clings

Custom floor decals from Printmoz.com are an effective way to grab attention. Our floor clings are eye-catching, colorful, and impactful – they outperform other types of signage without compare. With our custom floor decals, you can make a dynamic impression. In fact, floor decals can do everything from reinforcing your brand image to promoting in-store specials and sales promotions.


Why Choose Floor Decals 

With a custom floor decal, you’re bumping up the promotional impact for your retail store, trade show, sporting event, or business conference. Sometimes referred to as floor clings, our vinyl floor decals are laminated for extra protection and fabricated for durability. Because our floor clings have a high adhesive backing, you can apply once, and they aren't coming up! Designed to handle everyday wear and tear, and are even water-resistant, our floor clings will stick around for years to come. Order your floor decal in a standard size, or in a customized size to suit your specific need.


Need Floor Decals In A Special Shape? 

No problem. In fact, you can select a halo or special cut finish option and achieve just that. In addition to our standard floor decal, we also offer an outdoor floor cling. Just start a chat with a live representative and ask about our asphalt and street decals.

Our vinyl floor decals are easy to remove, with a surface treatment that is both slip resistant and scuff-resistant. So there’s no need to worry about lifespan – a floor cling will easily stand up to heavy traffic areas. Floor clings are perfect for showcasing your message to a captive an audience. And with Printmoz.com you can depend on high quality production results, along with the most effective web-based customer service. What are you waiting for?

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