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Custom Wedding Banners - Bridal Shower Banners

Is there any more “banner-worthy” life event than a wedding? Weddings almost demand displays of grandeur, and wedding banners are the perfect way to honor the weight and importance of these occasions.

At Printmoz, we’ve been helping family, friends, and loved ones honor the new couples in their lives with personalized wedding banners and wedding signs that bring that special something to one of life’s happiest and most celebrated events.

Custom Wedding Banners for All Things and All Parts, Wedding

Weddings are much more than the final walk down the aisle and the big “I do.” While the big day or night is the main event, the celebrations surrounding a new couple making it official make weddings unique and special. There are pre-wedding events, bachelor and bachelorette weekends, bridal showers, and so on.

That’s where banners and signs come in. Personalized wedding banners and signs are the perfect way to kick off a bachelor's weekend or to mark the importance of a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Before we dive into what wedding banners you can create and what wedding banner ideas have worked for our customers, let’s explain the difference between the two things:

Wedding Banners
Wedding Banners

Wedding banners are usually printed on vinyl and standalone banners that typically hang outside a wedding venue or greet guests as they walk in. Like all banners, our banners for weddings are easy to install and take down and work pretty much anywhere where there’s a spot to hang them.

Wedding Signs
Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are mounted signs that are usually placed outdoors and give a grand appearance to any entrance or venue they occupy. Wedding signs are easy to install and remove and don’t leave any damage behind.

Wedding Banner Ideas

Whether you’re thinking about making banners for bridal showers or leaning more toward a fun bachelor party banner, Printmoz is your source for personalized wedding banners and signs. Our custom wedding banners and wedding signs are perfect for creating the ideal:

  • Bridal Shower Banner

  • Bachelorette Banner

  • Bachelorette Party Banner

  • Wedding Welcome Banner

  • Wedding Welcome Sign

  • Bachelorette Party Signs

  • Bridal Shower Signs and Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

A few tips that we’ve picked up from our customers around mastering the wedding sign and wedding banner design are:
be festive
  • Be festive

Weddings are NOT the time to skip the festive motifs. When creating your wedding banner and wedding sign, keep things bright, colorful (try to maintain symmetry with the wedding colors and theme), and cheerful. We love when customers add seasonal elements to these wedding banners and signs—for example, adding some foliage for fall weddings, some newly bloomed flowers for spring weddings, or some wreaths or bells for winter/holiday weddings.

Don’t overlook the importance of a welcome sign
  • Don’t overlook the importance of a welcome sign.

Many people overlook the wedding welcome banner — don’t be one of those people. Welcome signs make guests feel at home and give them a feeling of excitement and inclusion. If possible, match your wedding welcome banner and welcome sign to the theme of the wedding, incorporating color schemes and any other wedding elements into the look and feel of your design.

Consider having all wedding guests sign the welcome banner/ sign at the end of the event, leaving their good wishes for the couple and giving the newlyweds a wedding keepsake that they will honor and cherish forever.

personalized things
  • Personalize things

It doesn’t get much more personal than a wedding. We love when family and friends decorate their custom wedding banners and wedding signs with photos of the newlyweds, either from childhood or from significant moments in their pre-wedding relationship.

bachelor party banners

For bachelor party banners, bachelorette party banners, and banners for bridal showers, we love adding photos of the bride or groom doing some of their favorite things. Think of photos of the groom from pee-wee football or pictures of the bride poolside in their favorite country or at their favorite resort.

Personal touches like these often make wedding events much more memorable and fun and allow the bride or groom’s family and friends to celebrate their loved ones through some of their favorite memories and moments.

  • Don’t crowd the space

The last thing you want is a wedding banner or wedding sign that has too much going on. Keep things simple and ensure that whatever photos you choose to stand out and aren’t overshadowed by clutter. When selecting a font, make sure it’s readable and that it goes along with the theme of the wedding and the aesthetic that the soon-to-be-married couple has chosen for their big day.

Looking for more wedding items? Printmoz is also a great source for wedding invitations, place cards, and all other printed wedding needs.

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Printmoz makes it easy to create the wedding banner of your dreams right from your computer, phone, or tablet. Our site is easy to use and allows you to master all things wedding banner design. You can upload images, select fonts, and design personalized wedding banners and signs that look and feel exactly how you want them to.

We only print on the highest quality materials and use the latest technology to ensure that you’re walking away with a wedding banner that meets all your expectations. Contact us today to kickstart your printing projects!

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