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Printmoz custom step and repeat banner & stand backdrops are perfect for trade shows, red carpet events and more. Easily set up and take pictures with your logo. Order today! Read More

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Custom Step and Repeat Banner Backdrops

Highlight your branding and create a buzz around your next event with a custom printed step and repeate banner. Best known for their appearance at red carpet events, award shows, press conferences, and media events, a step and repeat backdrop maximizes your marketing efforts and can solve many challenges while providing an attractive branding opportunity.

A custom step and repeat banner effectively:

  • Creates an ideal background for featured speakers

  • Produces an eye-catching backdrop for a product launch

  • Screens an eyesore and turn it into an attraction

  • Provides a red carpet banner backdrop

  • Forms memorable trade show booth displays

  • Creates a fun activity for guests to take selfies

A step and repeat photo backdrop creates an ideal photo opportunity for guests, clients, and customers to feel like celebrities and have their pictures taken. The colorful backdrop prominently and repeatedly displays your company name and logo or the event’s logo, so it appears in any photographs.

Step and Repeat Banner for Trade Shows, Red Carpet & More

Step and repeat banners are seem natural for red carpet events and press conferences. But they provide exceptional value for a wide range of occasions. In addition to trade show booth displays, consider using a red carpet banner to elevate any of the following occasions:

  • Grand opening

  • Conventions

  • Sporting events

  • Charity events

  • Wedding reception

  • Graduation party

  • Prom

  • Birthday celebration

  • Wedding shower

Step and Repeat Banner for Trade Shows, Red Carpet & More

Providing a step and repeat banner featuring a sponsor is an excellent way to demonstrate appreciation for the financial support — and gain support for the future!

If you are tasked with finding sponsors or donations for a sports team, charitable organization, or community theater group, offering to post a custom printed step and repeat backdrop that features the sponsor’s logo and name will seal the deal. A line in a program is easily overlooked. But adding the sponsor’s name and logo to the photo backdrop ensures it will be seen and remembered by all who attend.

Step and repeat banners are highly versatile and equally effective indoors as outdoors. Depending on your needs, choose a banner to be hung on a wall, or one with a self-supporting stand, like our roll-up banners.

Step and Repeat Banners - Size Matters

You’ve decided to custom print a step and repeat banner for your big event. Your next consideration is what size banner you should choose. To determine what size step and repeat banner to print, consider the event location and the number of people you expect to participate. If the venue is small, choose a banner to fit. But, if you plan to place the banner in front of something you’d like to hide, determine the size of the eyesore to be sure the banner size is up to the job.

Based on your event, do you anticipate individuals, couples, or large groups to use the step and repeat photo backdrop? This will also help to determine the best size banner for your needs. A banner measuring 8 feet high by 5 feet wide is good for an individual or a couple. It allows sufficient printed logos to appear around the people in the photograph, without the banner’s edges showing in the shot. A step and repeat banner that is 8’x8’ accommodates three people comfortably, 8’x10’ for four people, 8’x’12’ for five people, and so on.

Step and repeat banners elevate your branding like no other marketing, with photographs being widely shared. Invest in a seamless banner to ensure you will love the resulting photographs. A seam through the banner is distracting no matter how well it is done.

Step and Repeat Banners - Size Matters

Designing a Step and Repeat Banner

The logos or graphics used are the most essential part of the step and repeat backdrop’s design. If the banner represents a single company, you might use the corporate logo and the company name, repeated, for the banner’s design. In the case of two or more companies, try to keep the design to a maximum of 4-5 logos or graphics; otherwise, the banner will look too busy.

Be sure that the logo or graphic can be easily read and understood from some distance. In general, the logos or graphics for step and repeat banners should be sized between 9 to 11 inches in height and width. Some logos can work scaled down to 5-6 inches, but any smaller, they will lose impact. Also, it is important to leave sufficient blank space around each logo or graphic so the overall look does not become too busy or messy.

When a step and repeat banner is celebrating a graduation or a wedding, you may choose to use the names and dates repeated across the banner in place of a logo. Consider a fun font or adding a graphic like a cap and tassel or interlocking hearts or rings to tie into the event’s theme.

Printmoz is your one-stop shop for custom step and repeat banner design online. With Printmoz, you’ll receive top-quality production for direct-to-customer wholesale pricing and a super-fast turnaround, guaranteed.

Designing a Step and Repeat Banner

What Is A Step And Repeat Banner? Sizes, Cost & More!

No matter what industry you are in, chances are you have at one point or another considered going to a tradeshow. Perhaps nothing is more emblematic of a trade show than the thought of a booth display. This ten foot by ten foot space – or twenty by twenty if your company is willing to shell out the big bucks – is your little castle on the floor of the convention. Your sales team are the masters of this hundred square foot space, and making it look appealing to a passerby is their chief goal for the next few days.

A big part of this is the backdrop. There are a number of different types of backdrops to choose from, but one of the most well known and most useful is the step and repeat vinyl banner. These are several feet tall, either sitting against a wall or freestanding against which individuals can take pictures and pose. They often are printed with a tiny logo for the company repeating in some kind of pattern across their face. Of course, trade shows aren’t the only use for these banners. They can also be used at reception events, product demos, grand openings, and any other sort of get together where photography is to be expected.

What Is A Step And Repeat Banner? Sizes, Cost & More!

If you are willing to invest a little more money in your initial purchase, you can get step and repeat banners made out of a more durable material like fabric for two to three times the price of a vinyl banner. These banners take more time and labor to produce, but you are paying for a product that will last longer and look nicer in the long run. The finishing process for vinyl banners means that they can often appear as though they have bleed or blurred up close. This is due to the thin plastic sheets that often adorn their outside, protecting them from damage.

Most fabric banners are created with a process called dye sublimation. This process involves taking a water based dye and turning it into a gas. This gas is then bonded with the fabric and polymers in the banner in order to create an image that will never wash out since it is bonded into the material itself (source). So, while you will pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more and wait a little while longer for fabric step and repeat banners, you will get a product that lasts longer and looks more professional.

Larger Step and Repeats

Of course, not every step and repeat will be made the same size. The price of the banner you select is heavily dependent on the size thereof. Depending on the event you are purchasing for, you may want to get a larger banner. Since these banners are primarily used for decoration and as a space to take photos in front of, think of the number of people you will need to squeeze into any given photo. If you are having a large event with more than six people, you ought to consider an 20x8 or even an 40x8 banner. A 20x8 banner is able to comfortably fit about ten people in front of it for pictures, and an 40x8 can do twice this. This kind of size is ideal for product launches and releases or major grand opening where you will want to fit your entire team in front of the banner for a photo opportunity.

Larger Step and Repeats

Reasons To Select a Wider Step & Repeat Backdrop

  • You can fit your entire team in the photo (especially if you have multiple rows)

  • You won’t be squeezed for space in the image and won’t have to worry about the edges of the banner in pictures

  • They are impressive! Imagine walking into a conference room or other event with a huge branded banner.

  • It’s usually better to have too large of a banner than too small – if you need it for a future event, it’s nice not to have to rebuy because your team has grown since the last time you used it

Reasons To Select a Wider Step & Repeat Backdrop

Small Step And Repeats

Of course, bigger isn’t ALWAYS better. Sometimes, a more modestly sized backdrop is the better choice. In the industry, a small step and repeat is considered anything under ten feet wide. Common small sizes then include 8x6 and 6x6. These are perfect for when size is a limiting factor – think tradeshows where you have to pay for every square foot and indoor events where space comes at a premium.
Small Step And Repeats

Reasons To Select a Smaller Step and Repeat Backdrop

  • They are easier to transport and fit in small spaces – sometimes it is just impossible to bring a large banner with you

  • You don’t want the backdrop to be the main focus – perhaps you or a colleague is giving a speech on the mainstage. You don’t want this overshadowed by a huge banner off to the side meant for pictures after the event.

  • Smaller banners often come with a smaller price tag

Reasons To Select a Smaller Step and Repeat Backdrop

Most Common Backdrop Sizes

The most common backdrop sizes measure in the middle, somewhere between the small banners and the large banners we have discussed. These common sizes in the industry would include 8x8', 8x12', and 8x15'. All of these can be had at a reasonable price and shipped to your business somewhat quickly. They don’t come with the logistical issues of larger banners but still provide that wow factor that might be missing from a smaller banner.

Once again, there is no single ‘right’ banner size for any event. You must determine with your team what is best for your specific situation. However, these are the sizes that have become standard in the industry. They are what you will often see if you go to an event and have earned their place there for a reason.

Most Common Backdrop Sizes

A Good Way To Think Of It Is 2 People Per Foot

  • 8x5' 1-2 people

  • 8x8' 1-4 people

  • 8x10' 1-5 people

  • 8x12' 1-6 people

  • 8x15' 1-8 people

  • 8x20' 1-10 people

A Good Way To Think Of It Is 2 People Per Foot

Step And Repeat Banners vs Backdrops

Something to keep in mind when shopping for step and repeat banners is the terminology used in the industry. Some websites you encounter might speak about backdrops. These are in fact the exact same things as step and repeats, since this is the primary purpose of a step and repeat banner. Regardless of what you call it, a custom step and repeat backdrop or a step and repeat banner is going to be an affordable investment for your business that looks sharp and professional for years to come. The most important part of any signage you buy for your business is the ability to customize it and make it fit to exactly the purpose you need.

Step And Repeat Banners vs Backdrops
Custom Step And Repeat Backdrop

Custom Step And Repeat Backdrop

We’ve discussed above the countless uses for custom step and repeat backdrops, but how should you customize it? There are as many options as there are uses. The most common choice is to place your logo or brand name on the banner. As their name suggests, custom step and repeats involve the same image repeating hundreds of times across the surface of the banner. Since they will be the backdrop for many photos, it makes sense why so many choose to have their logos here.

However, there are other choices as well. If you are doing a product launch you might choose to have an image of the product repeating across your custom backdrop banner. When the banner shows up in photos and on social media this will help viewers to understand what the event was about.

Of course, the image on the banner is not the only design consideration you have. You also must consider color. The custom step and repeat backdrop needs to be colored in a way that fits both the image on it and the event that it is being used for. Consulting with a graphic designer is not a bad idea for this decision. Just make sure you don’t choose colors that conflict with each other!

Why Every Business Should Have A Step & Repeat

A custom backdrop banner is an investment in your business’ marketing that you can’t afford not to make. They are a tangible statement about your brand and your company that you can take with you to any tradeshow or conference you go to, showing the industry that you’re present and accounted for.

Free Brand Recognition icon

Free Brand Recognition

As stated above, one of the best reasons to purchase a step a custom step and repeat backdrop is the free brand recognition that it will provide you at events. Since these banners are so customizable, you can create it in a way that is instantly recognizable, using your brand’s color palette, logo, and specific fonts in order to make sure every eye that glances your way knows who you are. We will discuss this more below in our design tips
Social Shares icon

Social Shares

As you can imagine, a custom backdrop banner is a magnet for lenses. The cameras can’t stay away! For this reason, having the most impressive banner at the event means that you will get plenty of attention on social media. This provides a great opportunity for your social team to interact and follow up with those that were at the event and expressed the most interest in your brand. Nothing qualifies a lead quite like them sharing an image of your custom backdrop banner on social media to all their followers, many of whom are likely to be in the industry themselves.
Curb Appeal At Trade Shows

Curb Appeal At Trade Shows

Trade shows are a make or break time for any business. You’ve spend thousands of dollars flying your team out to the location, a few more thousand putting them up in a nice hotel and buying tickets. You cannot afford for the tradeshow not to go your way. And every other company there is going to be thinking the same thing.

You need to have the flashiest booth that draws in all the passerby. Attendees are going to be making a split second decision on whether or not to stop in and talk with your team, and that decision is by and large informed by visuals – how does your booth look? For this reason, you need an impressive step and repeat backdrop that will draw them in and give your team a chance to make a lasting impression.

Affordable ROI

Affordable ROI

It should be clear that a step and repeat backdrop offers your company quite a bit of ROI. The good news is that they are not that expensive compared to all the value they bring. This is a good investment that your company can make in order to guarantee a greater ROI on every tradeshow and event that you attend.

Step And Repeat Banner Design Pro Tips

There is a lot that goes into designing a custom step and repeat backdrop. This custom backdrop banner will be that which conveys your brand to thousands of trade show attendees, reception audiences, and anyone else that happens to see it for years to come. It is worth putting the time in to make sure it is designed to convey exactly the


Most businesses opt to put their logo on the banner as the image that repeats. If your logo is pixelated and lower quality when enlarged, it ought to be kept to a small size. Remember that while you are looking at the banner on a computer screen, in real life it will be much larger and these kinds of things will show. Vector graphics are often the best option for reducing pixelation. A graphic designer can be your best friend for this sort of thing!


Thinking back to any kind of arts or design classes you might have had, remember contrast. Another consideration will be the colors of the event you are having. Since banners are often reused by companies, it would be wise to choose a background color that is neutral and won’t offend. If you are ordering specifically for an event, decide what goes best with those themed colors to make sure that it really pops.


Legibility is always key when selecting a font. Remember that the sizes you are seeing are smaller than they will actually be when the banner is manufactured. Most brands will have a font they have selected as their standard. If this is the case for your company go with a variant of this that works with the color scheme and overall feel of the event you are attending. Otherwise, choose a general font that will be useable in all kinds of different situations.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are Step and Repeat Banner Stands?

Step and Repeat Banner Stands allow you to display a backdrop just about anywhere. The stand’s frame can adjust to display a 8Wx 8H or 10W x 8H graphic. Graphics are printed on 13 oz. vinyl with pole pockets heat welded on the top and bottom for easy graphic installation.

What is the difference between a Step and Repeat Banner stand and a Press Wall or Media Wall?

Both are designed visually the same way, the difference is Step and Repeat Banner Stands come with the hardware frame to hang your graphic in any setting. A Press Wall or Media Wall is when there is already an existing wall to install your graphic onto. In this case you will want to order our custom decal material to apply to the wall.

Is a Step and Repeat Banner the same as a backdrop?

A Step and Repeat Banner is different than a backdrop, however the Step and Repeat Banner Stand can be used as a backdrop. The only difference is the design that is uploaded. For a backdrop, you can just order a Step and Repeat Banner and upload your backdrop image. For a Step and Repeat Banner, you place the order and then upload your Step and Repeat Design.

Do you offer different materials for the banner?

Our Step and Repeat Banner comes standard with 13 oz. vinyl scrim material. If you want a different material, you can order the Step and Repeat Banner Stand separately and then order a different material such as So Flat or 18 oz. Vinyl. Just enter the size you want and select pole pockets on top and bottom.

How do I setup my step and repeat banner stand?

Step 1:
Assemble the top and bottom horizontal tubing (Horizontal Tube L & Horizontal Tube R)

Step 2:
Attach feet to bottom of the vertical tubes with provided screws

Step 3:
Unfold your graphic and slide the horizontal tubes through the pole pockets at the top and bottom of the graphic. Tube length will need to be adjusted to fit the graphic width.

Step 4:
Attach top and bottom horizontal tubes to vertical tubes using the screw knobs at the ends of the horizontal tubing

Step 5:
Once both top and bottom horizontal tubes and graphic are attached, hoist up vertical tubing until graphic is taught and then twist the tubing to lock in place (see stickers on tubing for lock/unlock instructions)

Step 6:
Make any necessary adjustments to width and height

How do I design a custom step and repeat banner for my business?

Designing a step and repeat banner is very simple. It is most commonly designed with your company’s logo repeated in a grid like pattern. Depending on the size of your banner, you will determine the size you want your logos as well as the frequency they are added. Another common design is to do one big logo in the middle and have your smaller icon logo repeated in the background. You can also use your companies colors to add to the vibrancy of your design. Use our free design tool.

What is the turnaround time for Step and Repeat Banners?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 days. However we have options available to expedite production and shipping. These options can be found under “Get it faster?”.  If you have a question on these options feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Can I make my Step and Repeat Banner any size?

We offer our Step and Repeat Banners in two sizes, 8’x8’ and 8’x10’. However, the telescoping stand is able to adjust to other sizes. To order a custom size, just enter your custom size in inches in the printing options menu and add to cart when finished.

This banner is fairly large, will it be one piece or will it have a seam?

Our Step and Repeat banners come in two sizes, 8’x8’ or 8’x10’. These will each be made as one piece and will be seamless.

Does the step and repeat banner come with a matte or gloss finish? Can I choose?

These banners are made of a premium matte scrim material, but the UV inks we use have a semi gloss finish.

Will there be any wrinkles in the banner when it is fully installed?

No, the pole pockets are designed to tightly hold the banner in place and the stand can be adjusted to remove any slack in the banner. When installed correctly, your banner will be nice and taut and free of ripples.

Does a Step and Repeat banner come with hemmed edges?

No, step and repeat banners come with 4” pole pockets on top and bottom, so the right and left sides of the banner will have a raw edge due to the fact that we can not hem an edge that runs into a pole pocket.

Does the top and bottom pole pockets affect the design or image in any way?

Our pole pockets are 4”, so 2” of material will be rolled over and heat welded to form the pocket. Our system will print your design so that it lines up with the seam when the pocket is created. However, we recommend leaving any text and logos at least 4” from top and bottom so it does not interfere with the seam.

How does the Step and Repeat Banner hold up outdoors?

The stands hardware is made to withstand outdoor conditions. Also, the 13 oz. vinyl scrim material is made of premium quality and is rated for outdoor use. To top that off we print using UV cured ink, so the quality of print will stay vibrant for years in outdoor conditions.

Will the Step and Repeat Banner stand blow over in windy conditions?

If you are displaying your Step and Repeat Backdrop in windy conditions, we recommend tying down the base of the stand to a stationary object or weight. The feet of the stands have loops to tie your rope through. One rope on each side will be enough to stabilize your stand in the wind.

My banner has ripples from being rolled up. What is the best way to remove these?

To remove the ripples in your banner, roll out flat and let sit in direct sunlight. If you do not have access to direct sunlight, you can apply heat using a heat gun or blow dryer. Make sure to use the lowest setting and not get the tip of the gun get too close to the printed surface as it could fade or damage from too much heat.

How do I clean my Step and Repeat Banner?

To clean your Step and Repeat banner, first roll out completely on a flat surface. Once laid out flat, wipe down the banner to remove any dirt or debris using a damp micro-fiber towel. Do not use any chemicals on when cleaning as they could damage the printed surface.

How should I go about storing my Step and Repeat Banner?

To prepare your banner for storage, roll up the banner material and store in a cool dry room. Do not place anything on top of the banner as it could be creased or damage. For the stand portion of the Step and Repeat, disassemble the frame and package up in the carrying case it came with and store indoors.


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