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Step and Repeat Banner

Printmoz custom step and repeat banner & stand backdrops are perfect for trade shows, red carpet events and more. Easily set up and take pictures with your logo. Order today!

  • Corners Only $0.00
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00
  • All Four Sides $0.00
  • 4" All Sides $64.38
  • 4" Left and Right $23.72
  • 4" Top and Bottom $23.72
  • 4" Top Only $23.72

Custom Step and Repeat Banner Backdrops

Highlight your branding and create a buzz around your next event with a custom printed step and repeat banner. Best known for their appearance at red carpet events, award shows, press conferences, and media events, a step and repeat backdrop maximizes your marketing efforts and can solve many challenges while providing an attractive branding opportunity.

A custom step and repeat banner effectively:

  • Creates an ideal background for featured speakers
  • Produces an eye-catching backdrop for a product launch
  • Screens an eyesore and turn it into an attraction
  • Provides a red carpet banner backdrop
  • Forms memorable trade show booth displays
  • Creates a fun activity for guests to take selfies

A step and repeat photo backdrop creates an ideal photo opportunity for guests, clients, and customers to feel like celebrities and have their pictures taken. The colorful backdrop prominently and repeatedly displays your company name and logo or the event’s logo, so it appears in any photographs.

Step and Repeat Banner for Trade Shows, Red Carpet & More

Step and repeat banners are seem natural for red carpet events and press conferences. But they provide exceptional value for a wide range of occasions. In addition to trade show booth displays, consider using a red carpet banner to elevate any of the following occasions:

  • Grand opening
  • Conventions
  • Sporting events
  • Charity events
  • Wedding reception
  • Graduation party
  • Prom
  • Birthday celebration
  • Wedding shower

Providing a step and repeat banner featuring a sponsor is an excellent way to demonstrate appreciation for the financial support — and gain support for the future!

If you are tasked with finding sponsors or donations for a sports team, charitable organization, or community theater group, offering to post a custom printed step and repeat backdrop that features the sponsor’s logo and name will seal the deal. A line in a program is easily overlooked. But adding the sponsor’s name and logo to the photo backdrop ensures it will be seen and remembered by all who attend.

Step and repeat banners are highly versatile and equally effective indoors as outdoors. Depending on your needs, choose a banner to be hung on a wall, or one with a self-supporting stand, like our roll-up banners.

Step and Repeat Banners - Size Matters

You’ve decided to custom print a step and repeat banner for your big event. Your next consideration is what size banner you should choose. To determine what size step and repeat banner to print, consider the event location and the number of people you expect to participate. If the venue is small, choose a banner to fit. But, if you plan to place the banner in front of something you’d like to hide, determine the size of the eyesore to be sure the banner size is up to the job.

Based on your event, do you anticipate individuals, couples, or large groups to use the step and repeat photo backdrop? This will also help to determine the best size banner for your needs. A banner measuring 8 feet high by 5 feet wide is good for an individual or a couple. It allows sufficient printed logos to appear around the people in the photograph, without the banner’s edges showing in the shot. A step and repeat banner that is 8’x8’ accommodates three people comfortably, 8’x10’ for four people, 8’x’12’ for five people, and so on.

Step and repeat banners elevate your branding like no other marketing, with photographs being widely shared. Invest in a seamless banner to ensure you will love the resulting photographs. A seam through the banner is distracting no matter how well it is done.

Designing a Step and Repeat Banner

The logos or graphics used are the most essential part of the step and repeat backdrop’s design. If the banner represents a single company, you might use the corporate logo and the company name, repeated, for the banner’s design. In the case of two or more companies, try to keep the design to a maximum of 4-5 logos or graphics; otherwise, the banner will look too busy.

Be sure that the logo or graphic can be easily read and understood from some distance. In general, the logos or graphics for step and repeat banners should be sized between 9 to 11 inches in height and width. Some logos can work scaled down to 5-6 inches, but any smaller, they will lose impact. Also, it is important to leave sufficient blank space around each logo or graphic so the overall look does not become too busy or messy.

When a step and repeat banner is celebrating a graduation or a wedding, you may choose to use the names and dates repeated across the banner in place of a logo. Consider a fun font or adding a graphic like a cap and tassel or interlocking hearts or rings to tie into the event’s theme.

Printmoz is your one-stop shop for custom step and repeat banner design online. With Printmoz, you’ll receive top-quality production for direct-to-customer wholesale pricing and a super-fast turnaround, guaranteed.

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Frequently asked Questions

Vinyl banners are typically sold by the square foot. A 3’ x 5’ banner is 15 square feet, so if the price is $3 per square foot the banner would cost $45.

Vinyl banners are made of a premium 13 ounce matte vinyl scrim material that is both durable and waterproof.

The vinyl banner material is fed through a large printer and ink is then distributed onto the banner based on the artwork file provided. Finishing options such as hems, grommets or pole pockets are then added to the banner. The banner is then rolled up and packaged to go.

Yes, vinyl banners are great for hanging outside in any weather. The vinyl material is durable and weatherproof.

Vinyl banners are made of a heavy duty scrim material that is waterproof. The UV coated ink is protected from outdoor conditions and with proper care can last years outside.

Vinyl banners can last for years outdoors under normal circumstances. Unless the area has extreme or constant advertise conditions, a vinyl banner will continue to stay vibrant for years.

When it comes to outdoor signage, vinyl banners are not only one of the most economical, they are one of the most durable materials for the price.

Production can take 2 business days, but with expedited options your order can be printed same day or even the next day.

Designing your banner is fast and easy with a Design Tool that comes complete with free stock images, free templates and free customer service.

Finishing options are unique to each product. Typical Finishing Options for Vinyl Banner Printing include Hems, Grommets and Pole Pockets.

Hems are used to help re-enforce the vinyl banners and are also needed when grommets are going to be used. Hems are typically used on all four edges of a vinyl banner. Hems are created when a one inch portion of the vinyl material is folded back over itself, pressed flat and then heat welded to seal.

Metal Grommets are made of nickel and are usually placed around the edges of the vinyl banners to help hang it. Grommets have a small hole in the middle so that the vinyl banner can easily be hung almost anywhere. Grommets that are placed in all four corners help hold a vinyl banner in place without too much movement. Large vinyl banners with grommets placed every two feet is usually recommended to help support the weight of the banner.

Pole Pockets are helpful if you want to hang your vinyl banner on a backdrop stand or other pole or tube like option. Pole Pockets are created when a portion of the vinyl material is rolled back over itself and sealed to create a 4” loop in the vinyl. A 2” tube, dowel or PVC type cylinder can then slide through the loop so that the vinyl banner can hang almost anywhere. A ‘Top Pole Pocket’ is a popular option, but you can also choose ‘Top and Bottom Pole Pockets’, ‘Left and Right Pole Pockets’ and ‘All Sides Pole Pockets’ as well.

Since most vinyl banners are placed up against a home, business or even fencing, they are usually singled sided. Our single sided vinyl banners are printed on the front side of the banner, while the back of the banner remains white.

Double sided vinyl banners are popular for hanging at outdoor events or indoor trade shows where full color printing can be seen on both sides. Hems, Grommets and Pole Pockets can still be used on double-sided vinyl banners.

If you already have your artwork sized exactly to your vinyl banner product you can complete your purchase and upload your artwork file. Once your checkout is complete you can upload your artwork and view and approve the proof on the following page.

You can also design your artwork using the free online Design Tool. Once you finish your design and add it to your cart, you can then complete your purchase. Next you will need to view your proof and approve it before it goes to print. If you need help uploading your artwork you can chat, email or call us directly!

As soon as you upload your artwork file, you will be able to view and approve a proof of the artwork you uploaded online. Approval means that you have checked to make sure that your artwork size matches the exact dimensions of the product you ordered, the resolution is correct for the size being printed (preferably 300dpi for better quality) and the color mode is CMYK. The best way to be sure of quality is to check your artwork at full size (100%). Is it crisp and clear? Or is it pixilated? Once you approve your proof, your artwork file goes directly to the printers.

Vinyl Banners are made of a premium 13 ounce scrim vinyl banner. The vinyl material is extremely durable and not only withstands outdoor weather conditions, it’s strong enough to be mounted on freeway Billboards.

Photoshop and Illustrator are popular options to design your vinyl banner. A free option would be the online custom banner Design Tool. It includes thousands of free Stock Images to choose from to help you get started. Another free option is to select one of the many Custom Templates on the website. You can then edit the template with your personalized information.

Yes, printing on both sides of the vinyl banner in full color is a great option. Hems, Grommets and Pole Pockets are also an option on double sided banners.

Full color is always included at no extra charge. Printing is done using UV protected ink in four colors: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Banner printing is more affordable when the ink is free!

Vinyl banners are seamless unless you are printing a banner that is larger than 196”. For large banner printing over 196” they will be seamed together.

The vinyl banners are made of a premium matte scrim material, but the UV inks have a semi gloss finish.

Two popular options for placing grommets on a vinyl banner are ‘Corners Only” and ‘Every Two Feet’. ‘Corners Only’ is great for most banners of any size, but if you are going to go really BIG, then select our ‘Every Two Feet’ option. Larger banners are heavier so tying them down in multiple places is always a good idea.

Pole Pockets are difficult to create when a vinyl banner has hems and grommets because the material is not as flexible, so the two finishing options are not offered together.

Streamlining the online banner printing process with state of the art grand format printers and proprietary software that pushes each order through from ‘point of sale’ to shipping. Because everything is done in house, the prices are still lower than the competition while still providing top quality products.

Custom banner printing starts the moment you approve your artwork and it is sent to the printers. Exclusive software reads your file and prints your order to your exact specifications. Uploading the correct artwork in CMYK, sized exactly to your product’s dimensions, using a resolution of 300dpi or higher and saved as a Vector PDF is the best way to achieve optimal results.

Some of the most popular vinyl banner sizes are 60”x 24”, 48” x 36”, 72” x 36”, 60”x 36”, 84”x 36”, 96”x48” as well as a very popular 6’x10’ vinyl banner. If you are ordering a banner to be placed on someone else’s property, check to see if there are any size regulations before ordering.

Each order is custom made using the details you enter and the artwork file you upload. The automated system reads your order details and sends them directly to the printers.

Vinyl banners can be cut into a square, rectangle or triangle. If you need another custom shape, just contact us.

Vinyl banners are made of a vinyl scrim material that is moisture resistant, weather resistant and fire resistant.

Vinyl banners are lightweight, flexible and durable. They are thin enough to roll up but thick enough to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Large Format printing, or Grand Format printing is the process of printing large material like a 196” vinyl banner. Very few professional sign shops have the ability to print these sizes and still keep prices lower than the competition.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, most customers are searching for the best quality at the lowest price. Vinyl banners are not only one of the most affordable options, they really get noticed! Banner printing service includes full vibrant color for the most vivid products on the market.

Yes, printing both horizontal and vertical banners is easy in any size. Vertical banners are very popular hanging from multi-story buildings. If you are hanging your banner, make sure to order it with hems for reinforcement and grommets to help hang it.

Vinyl banners are great for trade shows. They can easily be rolled up and stored in a cylinder tube to transport (or the shipping tube that it might have come with). They can be hung almost anywhere. Retractable Banners or X Banner stands come with vinyl banners already attached, no hanging required. Premium Retractable banner stands are both lightweight and portable. They can be placed anywhere at your trade show and moved often if needed.

Vinyl banners are made of a durable, weatherproof vinyl scrim material. With our outdoor banner printing you can leave your banner outside in direct sun, overnight in cold temperatures and during rainy days. If you live in an area with relentless, extreme conditions, the banner may eventual show some wear.

Vinyl banners can withstand normal windy days but if your area has constant high winds I would recommend a mesh banner. Mesh banners filter the wind so that the wind flows through the banner, causing less strain on the banner. The mesh banners are printed in full vibrant color with CMYK ink and look amazing!

The UV protected ink used, just like the banner material it is printed on, was selected because it can withstand the normal every day elements and still remain vibrant and clear.

The clarity of an image on a vinyl banner depends on the artwork you upload. If your image is high resolution with at least a 300 dpi (dots per inch) and sized to the exact measurements of the printed photo, it should look great! But you also want to make sure that the original photo is not too dark and isn’t blurry. Images on vinyl banners look amazing and so realistic!

Vinyl banners can be printed as big as you need. If you want your banner to be seen from afar, there are a few things to consider. For best results make sure your message is clear, use text that is large and easy to read, use colors that compliment each other and then make your banner large enough to accommodate your message without looking too crowded. Billboard banners along the highway are typically 14’ x 48’.

There are three popular ways to hang a vinyl banner. If you order your banner with hems and grommets, you can easily hang it using rope, zip ties or bungie cords. If you order your vinyl banner with a top ‘pole pocket’ you can slide up to a 2” (in circumference) dowel or a cylinder type pole or PVC into the ‘pocket’ to hang it. Backdrop stands are also made to hang vinyl banners with a pole pocket. A third popular way is to use clamps to attach the banner to a stand or fencing.

Storing your vinyl banner is easy and convenient. If your vinyl banner was shipped in a round cylinder tube, then it is best to store your banner in that. Just roll it up so that it slides right into the tube, put the lid back on it and store it almost anywhere. Depending on the size of your banner, the tube shouldn’t take up too much space.

Removing wrinkles from your vinyl banner is easy in just a few easy steps. If you have an iron, select the lowest setting. Then place a thin towel over the vinyl banner and test a small area by lightly pressing the iron over the towel. Then check the banner to make sure it didn’t get too hot. Any wrinkles should easily come out using this method.

Cleaning your vinyl banner is quick and easy. Use warm water, a gentle dish soap and a soft wash cloth to help remove any dust, dirt or debris Then rinse the soap off. Dry with a soft towel or hang it to dry.


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