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Grab attention with eye-catching custom vinyl banners that make your business or storefront stand out—printed in full color on durable 13 oz or 18 oz matte finish vinyl material, featuring sharp printing and vivid colors. Great for outdoor and indoor use, including free grommets and welded hems for reinforced edges. Read More

  • 8 oz Mesh
  • Heavy Duty 18 oz
  • Standard 13 oz
  • None $0.00
  • Corners Only $0.00
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • All Four Sides $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • 3" All Sides $18.32
  • 3" Left and Right $6.75
  • 3" Top and Bottom $6.75
  • 3" Top Only $6.75


Advertise, announce or celebrate with vinyl banners.

  • Any custom sizes

  • Durable vinyl material

  • Indoor & outdoor compatibility

  • Grommets, pole pockets & hems are available

  • Fade-resistant, full-color printing

Research has shown you have approximately 8 seconds to capture the attention of a prospect, and in that time, if you fail to grab attention, you've lost your chance. Why not use custom vinyl banners to make those crucial moments count? Our vinyl banners are lightweight and durable, offering crisp and fade-resistant printing on your choice of 13-oz or 18-oz vinyl scrim. Reinforced edges, metal grommets, and hems are included free on all our banners, so you can easily design budget-friendly banners built to last for indoor and outdoor use.

To create your custom vinyl banners, start by exploring our collection of fully customizable design templates, including industry-specific and event-specific options like real estate, sports, or grand openings. (Have a print-ready file? Use the "Upload Your File" option) Once you've found the perfect design, complete it and make it yours by adding your custom details while customizing each option to suit your needs best. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, Printmoz has all the online tools and resources to help you create the vinyl banners you've always wanted. From there, well, take care of the rest. We will professionally print and ship your vinyl signs as fast as that same business day. Your custom vinyl banners will arrive in pristine condition, ready to display and capture your desired attention. What are you waiting for? Start your order today!

Get Started

Begin with premium vinyl material that lasts.

To begin your order, you have the choice of three durable material options. These materials are of great quality and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each material option also has its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the others. Use this information to determine the most suitable material for your project.

close up view of 13 oz vinyl material with visible bright texture

13 oz vinyl

  • Matte finish for great visibility, even in bright light.
  • Last 3-5+ years outdoors

Our standard vinyl banner material is lightweight, durable, and the most economical vinyl poster option with exceptional versatility. 13 oz vinyl is excellent for point-of-purchase displays, billboards, and interior and exterior applications.
close up view of 18 oz vinyl material with visible smooth finish texture

18 oz vinyl

  • Distinctively smooth finish
  • Last outdoors up to 5+ years

18 oz vinyl is considered "Blockout" vinyl. Unlike fabric banners, Blockout vinyl is opaque, so it won't allow the sun through or be transparent. 18 oz vinyl is commonly used when printing double-sided banners. Its blockout vinyl feature prevents both graphics from visibility from each side, commonly known as "print through." Learn More
close up view of 8 oz vinyl mesh with visible texture from tiny holes in the material

8 oz mesh vinyl

  • Last outdoors up to 5+ years

  • The most durable banner printing option is optimal in outdoor and windy conditions with maximum tear resistance.

Wind-resistant 8 oz vinyl mesh material that offers a 60/40 vinyl-to-hole ratio. This means that 60% of the banner is vinyl while 40% comprises tiny holes. These holes make the material breathable, allowing light and wind to easily pass through the mesh vinyl while allowing slight visibility from behind it. Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor use and are primarily used on chain fences to display advertising surrounding construction site fences. Learn More

Large or small, we have it all!

The size of your banner directly impacts the visibility of your message - the larger the banner, the more prominent and easily readable your message will be from a distance, and it can significantly enhance its effectiveness and reach. Printmoz offers high-quality vinyl banner printing in various sizes to meet your needs. From small banners for personal events to larger banners for business promotions, we have options to fit your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of sizes to choose from; however, If you have exact dimensions in mind for your banner, you can use our product pricing tool on the product page to get an instant quote.

Create a story with one or two sides

When getting your message across, vinyl banners give you plenty of options. You can keep it simple with single-sided printing or use the double-sided option for maximum impact. No matter which option you choose, our custom vinyl banners are made with high-quality materials and long-lasting UV-resistant inks to ensure that your message stands out. So why settle for just one side when you can have twice the fun with double-sided printing? Unleash the full potential of your creativity with both sides of the story!


If you want your banner's messaging or branding displayed on both sides of your banner, then choose double-sided printing. Double-sided banners are the most visible and effective vinyl banners, allowing you to print the same or different images on both sides. They are made from premium 18. oz vinyl is designed to withstand direct sunlight and last longer outdoors than 13. oz standard vinyl banners.
purple mega sale 40% off banner rolled up so both sides of the banner are visible from the back and on the roll created


Single-sided banners are not as practical as double-sided but are more cost-sensitive while increasing visibility. Less common than a double-sided banner, our single-sided banner only includes one printed side. The back of the printed side will remain white and retain the material's natural vinyl matte finish. Use single-sided banners for advertising at your business, trade shows, or outdoor events; they can be easily hung on chain link fences between two posts or in-store windows.
example of a single sided banner the non printed back side is visible when rolled, the matte finish of the vinyl is easily seen

Vinyl Banner Hanging & Finish Options


Nickel grommets (aka eyelets) are little metal rings fastened on all four corners or every two feet of the banner's edge. Add these if you'd like to use zip ties or bungee cords to attach your banner to a stand, wall, or chain link fence. Not only is this the most convenient way to hang your vinyl banner, but it also increases your banner's durability outdoors and prevents the banner material from unraveling in high winds. When pole pockets are selected, grommets are unavailable.

  • The grommet size is .375" in diameter

mega sale banner rolled on top of the banner is a grometer and 10 loose grommets laying across the top of the banner


If you select to have the edges of your vinyl banners hemmed, all four sides will include a one-inch overlap heat-welded hem. Add hems to prevent high winds from damaging the banner's edges from fraying in windy conditions. This is a great way to strengthen your signage and increase tear resistance.

  • 1" Heat welded hem

example of printmoz heat welded hems, the hems are highly viable from the back side of the purple mega sale banner being lifted up

Pole Pockets

Your banner edges are folded, and Heat welded to form a 3" pole pocket sleeve. Pole pockets allow poles or ropes to be inserted through your banner, supporting its weight. Generally, they are positioned along the top and bottom of the banner and can reduce creasing while giving a tensioned appearance. When grommets are selected, pole pockets are unavailable.

  • Supports 1" diameter pole

example of printmoz 3

Additional Specs

13 oz Vinyl
18 oz Vinyl
8 oz Mesh Vinyl


.09lbs per sqft
.10lbs per sqft
.14lbs per sqft



Weave (threads/sq. in.)

9 x 9
9 x 9
9 x 9



Tensile Strength

Length: 319.23 lbs. / 2 in. Width: 212.44 lbs. / 2 in.
Length: 367.56 lbs / 2 in Width: 277.41 lbs / 2 in
Length: 274.27 lbs / 2 in Width: 234.47 lbs / 2 in

Temprature Resistance

-4 ˚F - 158 ˚F
-4 ˚F - 158 ˚F
-4 ˚F - 158 ˚F

Print Option

Single-Sided Only
Single or Double-Sided
Single-Sided Only

Estimated Lifespan

3+ years
3-5+ years
5+ years

Custom Vinyl Banners Versatility


Vinyl banners are excellent outdoor signs that offer large custom sizes, are highly weather resistant, and are the perfect vinyl posters for any business highlighting its brand or promotional offers outdoors. Placing large banners outdoors increases your brand's reach beyond the walls of your establishment and into the eyes of your potential customers. Create attention-grabbing outdoor banners online with Printmoz that generates curiosity and elevates your brand awareness.
purple mega sale banner being displayed on the side of a modern building glass windows to the right of the banner with a man walking in front of the banner on his phone, his image very blurry as if he was walking when the image was taken


Vinyl banners are also great for indoor use, like churches, temporary menu boards, and especially conventions for expo booth displays. Aside from ropes or strings, common indoor hanging methods include suction cup hooks, 3m strips, or double-sided velcro tape.
mega sale 40% off banner displayed inside at the top of the glass window in a retail clothing store

Three Ways to Order

There are three ways to order custom vinyl banners online with Printmoz. Browse designs to choose one of our many easy-to-edit templates, start from scratch without our online designer, or upload your own custom graphics.

While our free templates are easy to use, you won't need a professional design background to use our intuitive online design tool to make creating eye-catching banners a snap. The design tool is simple; however, If you'd like to hire a professional designer to help you to pull your ideas together and make your banner sing — just ask! We'll be happy to help! For guidance, please read our blog post on designing vinyl banners that capture attention and promote your brand.

Online Design Tool

Online Design Tool
  • Over 50 fonts are available

  • Thousands of stock photos

Design Online

Vinyl Banners Templates

Vinyl Banners Templates
  • Select a design by industry, style, and other categories
View Banner Templates

Upload My Own Graphics

Upload My Own Graphics
  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI, .EPS, PDF, .SVG, jpg, PNG)

  • Supports up to 1.1 GB print-ready file upload

Upload Custom Design

Custom Banners Most Popular Templates

Choose from our most popular design templates below: style, industry, vertical, horizontal, and more. Once you've selected your favorite, use it to create your own banner that fits your needs!

Why Choose Printmoz For Vinyl Banners

Next Day Production

Vinyl banner orders placed before 8 am PST will be printed and shipped the following business day.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Printmoz personalized banners include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; take comfort knowing your print job is done right every time. Learn More

Award-Winning Customer Service

Award-winning US-based customer service available Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm live chat, phone, or email.

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There was a barrage of back and forth with many people involved but Sara kept her cool and was amazing!

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I had a very short deadline in which to get a vinyl banner printed last minute and everyone at Printmoz helped me out tremendously. The quality of the work was exactly what I had hoped for and the customer service was off-the-charts excellent ! Thank You to Sarah for helping me take care of it all, from helping me create the order, to purchasing, to pick up. She definitely helped make it all happen. Very much appreciated !! Look forward to working with you guys again. -Adrian

Frequently asked Questions

What are Vinyl Banners?

Vinyl banners are among the most popular, effective, and affordable indoor or outdoor advertising. They are multi-use large vinyl signs made from a thin, flexible sheet of plastic material with a coating on both sides. This material is loaded into large format printers and digitally printed with fade-resistance UV-cured ink.

What are vinyl banners commonly used for?

Vinyl banners are great for promoting products, grand openings, trade shows, sporting events, or even personal events such as birthday or graduation parties. They can be single or double-sided based on your choice of vinyl banner material and reinforced with heat-welded hems for additional durability.

How much does a vinyl banner cost?

Vinyl banners are typically sold by square foot. Below is a chart for vinyl banner cost by banner size and vinyl material types.

Banner Size
13 oz Vinyl Cost
18 oz Vinyl Cost
9 oz Mesh Vinyl Cost

6' x 2'


6' x 3'


10' x 3'


8' x 4'


What are the differences between the 13 oz and the 18 oz vinyl banner options?

While both vinyl banner material options are suitable for long-term use, there are only minor details that set them apart. For one, 13 oz vinyl is thinner than 18 oz vinyl. Not only does 13 oz physically weigh less, but a 13 oz vinyl banner also offers more flexibility and is more pliable (easier to roll) than the 18 oz vinyl. 13 oz vinyl comes with grommets and hems or pole pockets only available in single-sided printing as your the printed design would show through on the back as a mirrored image with slight visibility. In comparison, 18 oz vinyl banners offer a heavy-duty "blockout" feature, making them opaque and perfect for double-sided printing. One thing to remember is whether you choose 13 oz vinyl, 18 oz vinyl, or 8 oz mesh banners, there is no hem or grommet when selecting pole pockets.

Can I place grommets on a banner that has a pole pocket(s)?

At this time, it is not possible to include both pole pockets and grommets on the same banner. Attempting to select pockets while grommets are selected will result in the grommets being removed. You will need to choose between pole pockets or grommets, and the tool will confirm your selection and indicate which option(s) will be removed as a result.

Will pole pockets add to the finished size of my banner?

When adding pole pockets to your banner, the finished size of the banner will not be affected. Our banner pole pocket is available in 3 inches and is designed to be used with a rod or pole up to 1" in diameter. We highly recommend avoiding placing text or images within 3 inches of the edge of the banner where the pole pockets will be located, as this area may not be visible when the banner is hung.

Will my banner come with grommets and hems included?

Yes, grommets and hems are included on your banner at no additional cost. While grommets and hems are free, they are not required and can easily be removed when configuring your vinyl banner. The only exception is when pole pockets are selected; grommets and hems will automatically be removed from your banner with the pole pocket option, as they are incompatible.

How long do vinyl banners last?

This depends on several factors the banners' size, placement, and print method; they can last for 3-5+ years. While vinyl printing is highly durable and designed for long-term use as outdoor banners, vinyl posters placed outdoors tend to fade more rapidly in direct sunlight and can impact how long your banner lasts.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my vinyl banner?

While we have created professional design templates for you to customize easily, they are only the beginning point. We have three additional ordering options to design your banner. First, you can use our design tool to create from a blank canvas. Second, you can upload a print-ready file if you already have your design. Lastly, you can hire one of our helpful graphic designers to work with you to make your banner ideas come to life.

What's the difference between banner types – vinyl, fabric, mesh, and retractable banners?

Vinyl Banners: Our most popular and standard vinyl banner option. Made from 13 oz vinyl scrim, they are economical, fade, and water-resistant, making them perfect for interior and exterior applications.

Fabric Banners: Made from scratch-resistant 4 oz polyester, machine wash safe, and great for indoor or outdoor use.

Mesh Banners: Our mesh vinyl banners are made from 8 oz vinyl scrim, comprised of tiny holes that allow increased breathability. 60/40 ratio (60% viny to 40% holes)

Retractable Banners: This style vinyl banner offers 9 oz. No-curl smooth vinyl material with preassembled banner stand hardware. The graphic is then pulled up from the base of the stand vertically and attached to the assembled support pole that is included with every order.

How many grommets do I need?

The number of grommets needed for a banner depends on the size and weight of the banner, as well as how it will be displayed. As a general rule, it is recommended to have grommets placed at least every two feet along the edges of the banner. This helps to distribute the weight evenly and prevent the banner from sagging or tearing.

What are reinforced edges or hems?

Our banner edges are reinforced with Heat welded hems; they hold the shape of your banner and protect the corners of the banner from frying. We highly recommend adding hems and grommets to outdoor banners, as they help maximize the lifespan of your banner.

Can I order a custom banner size?

Yes, you can. The best part about choosing printmoz for your vinyl banners, there aren't any size restrictions. Whether printing single or double-sided banners, printmoz offers all the tools and resources to order vinyl banners online in any custom size!

Do your banners have a matte or gloss finish?

The vinyl banners are made of premium matte scrim material, but the UV inks have a matte finish. Gloss vinyl is a special request and can be arranged if you speak with a customer support team member.

Will my banner be fireproof?

Vinyl banners are made of a vinyl scrim material that is moisture, weather, and fire-resistant but not fireproof. Our banner materials are NFPA 701 Flame Test in compliance with the California State Fire Marshal.

Will the print on my banner scratch or rub off?

No, your custom-printed image will not scratch or rub off your vinyl banner. Vinyl banner printing utilizes large format printers to print full-color images onto the vinyl surface digitally. This process uses UV-cured inks that allow the vinyl banners to remain vibrant in harsh conditions, making them exceptional for indoor and outdoor display. The ink is permanent, so you won't have to worry about the image being scratched or rubbed off.

Will my large banner have seams?

No, because we can print vinyl banners up to 16' x 50'; even large banners will be seamless up to 16' tall. We can print much larger banner sizes with seams. Please ask a customer services representative for more details.

How can I get free ground shipping?

At this time, we do not offer free shipping on vinyl banners.

How long does it take to produce (and then receive) my vinyl banners?

The time it takes to receive your vinyl banners includes production and shipping transit times. Your turnaround begins with file upload and is complete with online proof approval. Once all proofs are approved, production can start your print job. All vinyl banner orders placed before 8 am pst will ship as fast as the next business day. Orders placed after 8 am will be treading as if placed the following business day.

As for you, you will receive your vinyl banners. This depends on the shipping method selected at the time of checkout. With standard turnaround and ground shipping, most customers receive their banners within 5-7 business days. For an additional cost, we offer rushed production and next-day shipping, so no matter how tight the deadline, you can always count on Printmoz to fulfill all your printing needs at affordable prices!

What are some tips for designing an effective vinyl banner?

Vinyl banners are most effective when incorporating large logos and bright colors, as they quickly draw attention to high-traffic events. Highlight your brand and create curiosity surrounding your event while turning heads and capturing the attention of passersby from all angles. Use our online design tool to make the perfect vinyl banner for your next sale, birthday party, or outdoor event!

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