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Order car and vehicle decals online for a wide array of applications. Design durable vehicle decals for use on the windows or body of your car. Create the perfect car decals with our online design tool. Upload your custom design today! Read more

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Car and Truck Lettering

What Are Car Decals?

Custom vehicle decals (also known as car decal stickers or car graphics) are weather-resistant vinyl adhesive-backed stickers designed for indoor or outdoor use and are safe to use on the body of your car or vehicle's windows. Vinyl car decals are mainly used as a decorative and durable way to advertise your business or brand everywhere you drive.

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Decals vs. Stickers

When viewing car stickers, the major difference between decal and sticker may seem confusing, but they serve different purposes. Vinyl decals or transfer stickers are made by precisely cutting techniques from a large vinyl roll and transferring images onto any surface like car windows, water bottles, windows, the body of your truck, or any other smooth surface in need of a creative touch. Stickers are typically printed illustrations with a custom graphic and adhesive backing.

Windproof, Rainproof, Highway-Proof

Your car stickers are always printed and cut from a quality material designed to stand strong against the elements. If you have decal stickers on a water bottle you want to run through the dishwasher, that is no problem. Our decal stickers are coated with a protective layer to ensure your sticker looks sharp regardless of the setting.

Why Choose Printmoz for Custom Car Decals

Same Day Production

Orders are placed by 8 AM PST, and we'll ship your custom vehicle decal as quickly as the same business day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All printmoz products include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; rest easy knowing we've got your back! Learn More

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Your order ships ground-free for custom vehicle decals or orders over $100!

Shine Bright with Custom Car Decals and Vehicle Decals

Our online design tool will allow you to create and customize the most vibrant and colorful images you could imagine on your truck, car, or even custom car. If you want perforated, opaque, or possibly both decals, our customer service team helps you map out your design and images to accommodate your specific measurements. We have you covered if you want to advertise for your business or create vibrant, quality images.

Two Easy Ways to Order

Easy to Use Online Design Tool

  • Easy to use online design tool

  • Over 50 available fonts

  • Thousands of stock photos and images

Upload Your Own Graphics

  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, .PDF, .SVG)

  • Supports up to 1.1 GB file upload

  • Upload a logo, image, or print-ready file.

Car, Truck, and Vehicle Decals

Quick installation | UV Protected & Weather Resistant | Customize From Scratch

Clear Vehicle Decals

Transparent materials require white ink to preserve opacity. The white ink print options significantly differ between clear vehicle decals and other vehicle decals. Our clear custom car decals are reverse printed so they can be applied to the outside or inside of your car windows.

  • White ink

  • Spot White /Flood White

  • Inside or outside mounting
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Car & Truck Lettering

Car and truck lettering is a unique way to promote your business and grab attention. Vinyl lettering (also known as transfer stickers) is one of the only products not printed but cut from vinyl material. Use vinyl lettering for advertising your social media handles, phone number, website, or custom artwork to potential customers while on the go. Display your own image or design in any shape and color. Learn More

  • Cut vinyl

  • Non-printed product

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Opaque Vehicle Decals

An opaque decal has many application uses but is ideal as a custom vehicle decal because it will not damage your vehicles paints. However, if you want to apply an opaque decal to your window, we recommend a smaller decal not to impair visibility. Whether personal or professional, this material is perfect for custom vehicle decals.

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Perforated Vehicle Decals

Perforated vehicle decals are perfect for businesses wanting to advertise on truck or car windows. The one-way visibility feature allows you to utilize the entire window space for your customized decal. Perforated vinyl car decals are effectively used by businesses everywhere that rely on cars and trucks to do the bulk of their advertising. Learn More

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Vehicle Magents

Vehicle magnets are the most straightforward install, remove, and reuse product any business can use on their trucks and cars. This product is perfect for any vehicle if you prefer only displaying business information during business hours. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use with durable and weather-resistant properties, your business logo will face the elements with ease.

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Fleet Lettering

You can reinforce brand recognition with vinyl fleet lettering by advertising your fleet of business vans, trucks, and cars. These custom decals are everywhere on the roads because intelligent business owners understand that their fleet is their most effective advertising tool. Fleet vinyl car stickers are easily cut to any unique shape and size, are easily removable, and will not damage the windows or body of your vehicle.

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Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics are the most compelling custom car decals we see advertising daily. You can transform your fleet into your traveling billboards by creating graphics for your custom decals showcasing your logo. Give your business fleet the quality vehicle decals it deserves, and enjoy the return on your investment.

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Air Release Vehicle Graphics

Air-release vinyl graphics are unique because they are designed to avoid creating air bubbles during installation. Ensuring a clean and smooth vehicle surface is arguably the most crucial step when installing your vehicle decals. Giving your vehicle quality artwork on a quality material will provide you with that eye-catching look you strive to meet. Learn More

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Custom Car Decal Care & Maintenance

Caring for and maintaining your custom vinyl decal begins with the vehicle surface, where we want to ensure a smooth, dust and dirt-free surface by wiping the area with a clean cloth and alcohol. UV rays will slowly age your vinyl car decals over time, but restorative vinyl products are designed to extend your custom car decals' lifespan significantly. Keeping your high-quality custom car decal only requires a few occasional simple steps.

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Installing your vinyl decal is much different from a typical sticker. A decal is a transfer sticker with a backing to protect the adhesive and a transfer paper used for installation. Remove the paper backing, then peel and place the vinyl on the windows or body of your vehicle. Once you've installed your custom vehicle decal, you will want to use a credit card to smooth the exterior, eliminate air bubbles, and ensure quality artwork.

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Caring for your custom car decals begins with caring for your vehicle and ensuring a smooth installation surface free of dust and dirt. After your custom decals are installed, a soft hand wash is recommended because high-powered pressure washers risk damaging your decals if held too close. Simply put, your vehicle decals can maintain that premier quality look with a semi-regular car wash.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of your vinyl decals reflects upon the care and maintenance of the owner. Indoor outdoor use is a factor where the indoor life expectancy is truly endless, but for outdoor use, the life expectancy can be anywhere from 3 to 7 years with proper care and maintenance. If you wish to maintain high-quality custom decals, simply provide your custom stickers with the attention they deserve.

Frequently asked Questions

How do we make vehicle decals?

To ensure your car stickers are something you can be proud of, we provide every step of the process is done with care and patience. To make decal stickers, your design is mapped out digitally and cut precisely from a roll of our quality vinyl. Next, the design is weeded from the excess vinyl, and then a transfer paper is placed, smoothed out, and cut again for a quality appearance.

Where can I get a decal made for my car?

Printmoz has all the tools, materials, and experience to print the car stickers, bumper stickers, or decals you have envisioned. However, our customer service team can assist you with creative concepts if you are low on artwork ideas for your custom car decals. You won't regret interacting with our free online design tool as it has helped deliver countless customers exactly what they were looking for.

What are car decals made of?

Custom car decals are made of many vinyl materials that may differ depending on the application type. Our standard car decals are made of 3.4 mil polymeric matte white calendered vinyl coated with a clear permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive laminated to a 90# layflat liner.

Are the decals difficult to remove? Will the decals damage my car?

Even though decals look permanent, they are removable with a few simple steps. Use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive bond, peel the sticker with your fingers, and wipe the area with an adhesive remover. Washing the window or surface before and after installation will provide the best results.

Can I put car decals on a new paint job?

Applying car stickers to a new paint is risky if you are unaware of the potential damage it could cause. The typical rule is to wait 30 days before installing your car sticker or, in some rare cases, even 90 days. This simply prevents potential damages to your truck, car, and sticker.

Will they fall off when I'm driving, in bad weather, or in the car wash?

Our vinyl car stickers feature a quality adhesive that will bond almost any clean window or surface. However, your car sticker is removable, if necessary, but that process will require a small amount of manual labor. Vinyl car stickers and bumper stickers have been approved by millions of people who need to display information on their trucks or car.

Why should I choose car decals? Should I choose car magnets instead?

Car decals and magnets both have unique qualities that they both offer. Magnets are a printed design and easily removable if necessary, whereas car decals are custom cut adhesive vinyl. If you are having trouble deciding which car stickers or magnets are best for you, our customer service team will gladly assist you in the process.

How much does it cost to put decals on a car?

Custom car stickers have unique shapes and sizes; pricing is based on cut style and sticker sizes. The typical rectangular car decal for windows will measure 5 × 7 inches, cost $1.11, and includes photo quality full-color print. Laminate is also an additional option to help enhance the finished style to your liking in either matte or gloss finish.

How long until my car decals arrive?

 We print and ship your custom car decals as soon as the same business day. For the most accurate pricing, cost, and arrival times, use our pricing calculator to configure your decal type and click "Get Started."

Where can I find out more information on the specific vehicle decal types?

Each product page above has a "Learn more"option, which will take you directly to the corresponding product page to get a price, turnaround, and shipping price in one location.

How much do car decals cost?

This depends upon the decal's dimensions, materials, and quantities needed. Our website allows customers to calculate orders instantly. Click "Get Started" to select your preferred decal style, add all items to your cart, and the site calculates the cost.

Can I create my own car decal?

Just click on the "Get Started" button to the required car decal type – we provide an easy-to-use tool to help design and make your own car decals online.

How to order decals for cars online

  1. Sign in and create an account online

  2. Select a car decal type and begin to upload your design, or click "Get Started" on the specific product you'd like.

  3. Design simple layouts using our design tool, and add text, a logo, or stock images to create an appeal sure to guarantee results.

  4. Make sure all car stickers are saved to your cart.

  5. Once the cart is filled, you can move forward to enter your address and billing information.

  6. Your online security is important; read our secure shopping policy

  7. You are on the home stretch! Now, check out and complete your order.

  8. View your online proofs and send them to print!

  9. Vehicle decal orders smaller than 2,500 sqft ship within 48 hours

Are truck and car decals made from the same material as bumper stickers?

A custom bumper sticker and truck decals are both made from 3.4 mil polymeric matte white calendered vinyl. Not all print companies use the same high-quality vinyl on their bumper stickers; however, we aim for the highest quality and longest lifespan on all our decal-type materials.

Do you offer glow-in-the-dark, metallic, glitter, or reflective decal stickers?

We offer many types of custom car decals to customize online. However, we do not currently offer printed reflective decals, metallic, glitter, or glow-style stickers.

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