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Pole Banners 18 oz

Elegant and fully customizable, pole banners by Printmoz.com are a popular way to express community sentiment & post inspiring messages on any pole.

  • 18 oz
  • 13 oz
  • 4" Top and Bottom $12.60
  • 4" Top Only $12.60
  • Corners Only $0.00
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00
  • All Four Sides $0.00

Street Light Banners

Turn street lights and poles into useful advertisement pieces with pole banners. Economical and eye-catching, custom pole banners help you make use of all available space. Additionally, you can announce events, help celebrate holidays, or advertise products and services.

Printmoz is proud to offer high-quality light pole banners that cities, towns, schools, colleges, businesses, and all kinds of organizations can use. Combining durability and affordability, our pole banners are an innovative solution to turning parking lots and streets into useful areas that convey your message.

Light Pole Banners Help Governments And Organizations Advertise

Despite your best efforts, digital methods are not enough to keep people informed on civic events. Physical advertisements increase the public’s exposure and help them remember the event or announcement. With a stunning design and clear messaging, a street pole banner can communicate meaningfully with passersby.

Custom pole banners are great for any event, but they’re often in use for national or local celebrations, festive decoration or sometimes for business use in malls or office blocks. Printmoz makes it easy to add a bit of pizazz with a light pole banner, so everyone knows about your big event.

Quality Manufacturing You Can Trust

Our manufacturing process uses high-quality, weather-resistant vinyl and vivid inks to create your custom pole banners. With our comprehensive in-house capabilities you don't have to break your budget to make a statement. All street pole banners are made in the USA, ensuring you receive them quickly and with the final polish you expect.

We use materials that lengthen the lifespan of your banners. They are UV and weather-resistant, protecting the colors and images on your light pole banners. Although many banners are only in use seasonally, you will be able to use them on multiple occasions, provided they receive proper care and attention.

Pole Banners - Why Choose Them?

Using street pole banners is an affordable way to build hype for your event or project. We fashion our pole banners, like all our products, with intense attention to detail. We make it easy for you and your organization to customize the light pole banners. Once you select the size you need for the kind of poles you have, all you have to do is upload your designs. On the other hand, you can call our team to help you create the perfect street pole banner. We are always happy to assist!

Buy Your Pole Banners Today!

Whether you need a few street pole banners or thousands of customized ones, we can fulfill your needs. For special instructions and inquiries, please call the Printmoz team. When you need light pole banners that last at competitive prices, we are the go-to manufacturer. Above all, we combine our high-quality manufacturing process with excellent customer service, putting you first.

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