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Increase the Visibility of Your Retail Storefront and Attract Potential Customers with Effective Signage

Make custom retail signs online for the inside and outside of your store with Printmoz. Create attention-grabbing retail signage to effectively communicate the message for your retail store. Read More

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  • None $0.00
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • Spot White $0.12
  • Flood White - Install from Inside $0.12
  • Spot White - Install from Inside $0.12
  • Transparent $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • Halo $0.09
  • Circle $0.03
  • Oval $0.03
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What is Retail Signage?

Retail signage (or "Retail Signs") includes all signs and signage types needed to communicate messaging for your retail shop or storefront effectively. This type provides directional signage and promotion boards to exterior signage with the business's logo and any other effective means of advertising. Retail store signage is inexpensive to advertise your business, communicate promotional offerings and make a great first impression. Store signs are an essential form of communication for any business and can be a great way of attracting customers. Placing signs in and around your retail location will jump-start your business, attracting potential foot traffic and shoppers and increasing sales and profits. Use retail signage for branding storefronts, brick-and-mortar retail stores, restaurants, offices, buildings, apartments, events, grand openings, and more.
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Unique & Attention-Grabbing Retail Store Signs

In today's fast-paced world, we have one chance to set the tone for a first impression. Whether your business is on a busy highway or a quiet city street, you'll need eye-catching retail store signs. Effectively drawing and directing traffic flow in and through your sales floor is an art form that can confuse anyone. To efficiently aid customers and navigate them properly through your store safely and effectively, you must first learn about different types of retail signage and how to use them effectively while attracting customers.
modern boutique seasonal clearance in-store sign

In-Store Signage

Use in-store signs to create attractive merchandising and brand recognition so your customers won't forget your offers, be unique, and not be afraid to let your business stand out. In-store signs help shoppers find the products they need, encourage impulsive buying, and potentially influence shopping behaviors leading to a return on investment. Sign types include:

  • Sign cards

  • Sign frames and stands

  • Poster signs

modern boutique outdoor sign

Outdoor Signage

Use outdoor signage to promote your stores' sales and promotional offers while creating an inviting feel and the brand awareness your business deserves. Exterior signs are the first thing customers see and correctly set expectations for what they might find once they enter. These signs come in many forms, such as perforated window signs, vinyl banners, and sidewalk signs to generate walk-by and drive-by traffic.

modern boutique hot picks shelving sign

Shelving Signage

Many retailers use a variety of signs to influence customers to make a purchase. These signs include; store aisle markers, retail sign holders, and channel strips, also known as rail strips or shelf strips.

Additional sign types include;

  • Tabletop signs

  • Point of purchase displays

  • Shelve sign holders

The Purpose of Store Signage

The three general purposes of store signs are advertising and marketing, attracting customers and foot traffic, guiding customers in-store, and sometimes notifying them of store policies.

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Advertising and Marketing

Signs are used to market and advertise your services to your customer base. Large retail signs like billboards help small businesses stand out, generate pedestrian traffic, and catch drivers' attention. Additional signs are used for parking, regulatory signage, point of purchase signs, sign holders, and table tents.

Foot Traffic Icon

Attracting Customers and Foot Traffic

Retail signs are the most critical type of sign a business can have. It's the only means a business has to effectively announce its brand to potential customers making your business stand out from the competition. Use window graphics and sidewalk signs to give the customer just enough information to spark interest as to what they might find inside.

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Guiding Customers In-Store

Retail wayfinding signs refer to a stores visual graphics and merchandising to help customers find what they are looking for. These signs help visitors navigate the sales floor and offer them a better shopping experience.

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Benefits of Signage For Retail

Using signage has three main benefits: It's a cost-effective marketing tool, makes for easy communication with customers, and hopefully, it brings increased sales.

Communication with Customers icon

Communication with Customers

Customers are visual learners, and whether they believe it or not, most will make decisions based on the visual merchandising and messaging on your signage. Make your message clear, direct, and to the point. Use bold text and fonts that customers can read from a distance. Always highlight your name, logo, and brand.

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Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Catch the attention of customers with themed product displays and matching graphics. Use our online design tool to create professional, consistent designs across multiple printed products.

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Increased Sales

Improve your shoppers' experience and let your signage lead the way. One way is to help customers navigate the sales floor. Whether you're guiding them to the correct department, locating bathrooms, or indicating where to checkout, retail store signage can help your customers move in the right direction.

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Veiw FAQ's

Retail Store Sign Types



The perfect double-sided sign to advertise on a sidewalk or by a road. A-frames (aka "Sidewalk signs") are made from heavy-duty plastic. They are designed to withstand elements, making them the best solution outdoors while drawing passersby into your store from either direction. Learn More

Modern boutique A-frame

Clear Decals


Create eye-catching, high-quality clear decals to exhibit on your stores' windows, where they will be more visible to many shoppers and potential customers. Well-designed bright and vivid window graphics effectively promote products and advertise sales. Learn More

Modern boutique clear decals

Foam Board


Help your customers navigate the sales floor! These signs are made from lightweight, compressed foam boards for indoor use only. They are portable, lightweight, and perfect for point-of-purchase displays, store policies, and all-around retail displays. Learn More

Modern boutique foam boards

Perforated Decals


60/40 Micropunctures give these unique decals an effective one-way visibility functionality. Great for covering entire storefront windows with branding or promotions while allowing light to pass through the graphics. Learn More

Gold modern beauty season clearance perforated window vinyl

Static Clings


Reusable window graphics without hard-to-remove adhesives. Perfect for temporary promos, seasonal sales, and other advertisement use, peel and stick it to a window, peel it away, and store it for use at a later date. The best part is there are no tools required for installation! Learn More

Black modern beauty seasonal clearance static cling

Vinyl Banners


Durable, versatile, and cost-effective, our vinyl banners are a great way to communicate your message as large as you like for all to see. Perfect for outdoor use and setting expectations for deals they will find when they enter. Use banners to direct visitors and highlight services to make your business stand out. Learn More

Gold and black modern beauty vinyl banners
Additional Store Signs

Popular Templates

Sales & Promotions

Point of Purchase

Facility Signs

Additional Retail Store Signs

Coming Soon Signs & Banners

Advertise the future opening of your business location with "coming soon" signs & banners. Learn More

Coming soon signs & banners

Now Hiring Signs

Attract applicants and qualified candidates to an open position or job posting within your retail stores with "now hiring" signs. Learn More

Now hiring signs

We Are Open Signs

Have your hours changed since covid? Fully customize your retail signage to let your customer base know that you are still open with "We're Open" signs. Learn More

Business Hours Signs

Use business hour signs to display the hours of operation for your retail location, shop, or storefront. Learn More

Business hours signs

Frequently asked Questions

What are retail signs made of?

We offer many retail signs; each product has a brief description next to the corresponding banner type; click "Learn More" to get a more detailed product description and get pricing or click "Get Started" to start designing online now!

How to make a storefront sign

  1. Log in and create an account on the site
  2. Select a material type for your storefront sign

  3. Select a template or Upload your design

  4. Add your brand name

  5. View proofs and send them to print.

How much do retail store signs cost?

The cost of store signs varies on the material type selected. We have a variety of sign materials to choose from; each product page above has a "learn more" option, which will take you directly to the corresponding product to get a price, look at install preferences, and obtain shipping prices all at once.

What is store signage?

Store signage is any form of marketing, signage, or brochure used for promotional offerings or advertising sales at a brick-and-mortar storefront location. These signs set expectations for what offers they might find when they enter the building.

What are retail signage examples?

One example of retail signage is the large sign atop the building to exhibit the business's brand name. Another includes window signs, menu boards, handheld menus, and sign holders, and if counter space is lacking, look to our selection of wall-mounted sign display options.

Why are signs important for a store?

As it may seem evident, a storefront exterior sign is the most important type. This sign is essential to a business as it shows the brand name and identifies the business location to interested customers.

Do you offer digital signs?

No, we do not offer digital signs at this time. Printmoz provides an easy-to-use online platform to purchase high-quality UV digital printing, marketing materials, and advertising solutions for retail stores and storefronts.