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Carabiners are great for vinyl banner installations. These strong hooks are perfect for a quick vinyl banner install. Read More

  • 3"


Carabiner - Hang your Advertising Safe

Quickdraws are a reliable, durable solution to hanging your custom banners at an event. Custom banners are special in the sense the banner is created to outlast harsh weather conditions like wind. This does not mean that the installation gear will be able to support the banner.

Are Cheap Carabiners Efficient?

A lot of times we assume if a product is cheaper than another, it has less quality or value. This just means the business who houses the product found a cheaper way to manufacture the product not that it isn’t as good as the another. Our cheap quickdraws at are a great example of this concept. We will never sacrifice quality product for the price and we strive to make all of the products affordable for our clients.

How Are Carabiners Sold?

Quickdraw carabiners are sold either individually or in a set. The choice is up to you. They are typically stainless and can come in various colors. A Quickdraw pack comes in a set of 4. At quickdraws sell by the set and they are 3" long and have a snap hook to keep the item in position.

Set Of 4

  • Opens and closes smoothly as the spring-loaded gate makes it easy to attach important items to it.
  • Allows for a quick connect/disconnect
  • 3", 304 Stainless Steel snap hook

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