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Long-lasting banners perfect for business indoor or outdoor advertising. Eye-catching teardrop flags printed in full color on 4oz polyester fabric. Including a variety of base types for multi-surface use. Read More

  • Small 7 ft.
  • Medium 9 ft.
  • Large 11.2 ft.
  • X-Large 13.5 ft.
  • Front Only $0.00
  • Front and Back $82.99
  • Flag + Ground Stake $75.99
  • Flag + Cross Base $109.99
  • Flag + Cross Base + Water Bag $119.99
  • Flag + Square Base $117.99
  • Flag Only $0.00
  • None $0.00
  • Yes $30.00


What Are Teardrop Flags?

Teardrop flags, also known as Teardrop flag banners, are large teardrop shape flags that utilize a digitally printed dye sublimation process, printing high-resolution imagery directly to one or both sides of the flag material. They attach to rust-resistant aluminum, and carbon fiber poles are mounted easily to the ground with a base or flag stand. The flag poles are lightweight and flexible while maintaining the custom teardrop flag shape with or without wind. Print the same image on both sides, or choose a unique image for both. Use teardrop feather flags as outdoor advertising in front of your business in high-foot-traffic areas to draw the attention of potential customers and other passersby.
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multi colored teardrop shaped flags in a grass field

Downloadable Teardrop Flag Templates

Please go on, and download them. It's an empty canvas for you to design!
Small (23.17" x 63.52")
Medium (32.54" x 78.64")
Large (40.38" x 101.63")
X-Large (44.95" x 140.75")
View Pre-Designed Teardrop Flag Templates

Custom Teardrop Flag Options

double sided green plants for charity teardrop flags

Double Sided flags

Double-sided flags are highly visible and the most common form of teardrop flags. They include a block-out liner sewn between both sides, allowing the same or different images to be printed while preventing each image from showing through the other side. Our double-sided flag is the perfect addition to grand openings, promotional sales, open houses, or any time you need to be seen from all angles, both indoors and outdoors.
single sided plants for charity teardrop flag

Single Sided Flags

Single-sided teardrop flag banners include a reinforced black pole pocket and are printed on one side only. Subsequently, the design "print through," which means the printed design will be visible from the backside of the flag. The single-sided teardrop flag will display the printed image on the back as a mirrored image with 50% visibility. Single-sided flags are great for trade shows and other events and ideal in regions with one-way traffic.
car insure teardrop flag banner in a parking lot


Teardrop flags offer massive sizes, are highly weather resistant, and are the perfect advertising flags for any business highlighting its brand, product, or promotional offer outdoors. Showcase your business with eye-catching custom teardrop flags, and print custom colors with your logo that remain vivid and bright outdoors for years to come.

black teardrop flag on display inside a mall


Teardrop flags are also great for indoor use, like pop-ups or sporting events, especially expos and conventions. We recommend either the metal square or cross base to display your flag pole indoors and suggest adding a water bag to your base to support our larger teardrop flag size.

teardrop flag carrying case set

Carrying Case

Consider adding our carrying bag to your order for a complete package. This carrying bag comes in handy to transport and store your flag accessories while giving a professional appearance.

Base Types

square base type

Square Base

A heavy metal square-shaped base, temporary use indoors and outdoors in moderate weather conditions.


  • Dimension: 16" x 16"

  • Height: 4"

  • Weight: 22 lbs

  • Pieces: 2 (square and connector)

  • Not compatible with carrying case

ground stake base type

Ground Stake

This 25.6" metal ground spike provides easy installation and allows your flag pole to stand tall while fluttering in the wind. Use our ground stake to secure your flag pole in solid soil. It's lightweight and provides the best stability of all base types for outdoor use. Stake it in and watch it spin!


  • Height: 25.6"

  • Weight: 3.4 lbs

  • Piece: 1

  • Spinning/Rotates

  • Compatible with: Case, teardrop flag, and feather flag poles

water base option

Water Base

This water base is made of durable steel, rugged plastic, and carbon fiber. It conveniently holds up to 2.5 gallons of water, is easy to fill and empty on the go, and can add up to 23 lbs of water weight. Complete your custom flag package with our heavy-duty composite carbon fiber base today!


  • Dimension: 16"W x 6"H x 16"D

  • Water Weight: Up to 23 lbs (approx 2.5 gallons of water)

  • Compatible with: Case, feather flag, and teardrop flag

cross base option

Cross Base

The cross-base is comprised of four foldable metal legs and is perfect for entrepreneurs on the go traveling to events. The cross base is quickly installed and folds up for easy packaging and transport. Use caution when displaying teardrop flags on cross bases in high-traffic areas, as the base can quickly become a trip hazard.


  • Dimension: 27" x 27"

  • Height: 9.25"

  • Weight: 6.6 lbs

  • Spinning: Yes

  • Cross Base Leg Length 27"

  • Compatible with: Feather flag and Teardrop flag

water bag for added weight to cross bases

Water Bag

The ideal and convenient way to add weight to your flag cross base


  • Outer Diameter: 19" wide

  • Inner Diameter (hole): 5"

  • Height: 5" when filled

  • Weight: (water to hold about 2.5 gallons) (23 lbs)

  • Compatible with: Cross Base, Square Base & Carrying Case

cross base with water bag

Cross Base with Water Bag

A simplistic approach to display large flags indoors and in medium to moderate winds outdoors. Use this cross base when using your custom teardrop flag on a solid surface, such as a parking lot, asphalt, or concrete, and it provides perfect stability.


  • Diameter: 19" outside, 5" inside (filled with water)

  • Height: 9.25"

  • Ground Clearance: 4"

  • Weight: 25 lbs (max, with water)

  • Piece: 2 (base and water bag)


Your custom teardrop flags are printed on premium 4 oz. polyester graphic material, making them extremely durable while the colors of your custom-printed design remain vibrant in the sun.

Fully Customizable

Customize each detail on your custom flags and add logos, an image, text, or swap colors that match your branding. Naturally, you will want to get as close a color match as possible. Choose your flag size and make your own personalized banners that draw attention to your shop, product, promotion, or business location!

Tear Drop Flag Banner Benefits

versatile icon


Suitable for both indoors and events in outdoor settings.
ease of use icon

Ease of use

Portable and simplistically designed to assemble and disassemble with ease.
teardrop flag banner benefits info graphic
eye-cathcing icon


Capture visitors' attention and attract prospective consumers.
affordable icon


A conveniently low-cost method to advertise and create brand awareness.

Three Ways To Order

Online Design Tool

designing plants sold here layout on printmoz design tool
  • Easy-to-use online design tool

  • Choose from multiple fonts

  • Add text, colors, your logo, and more!

Design Online

Pre-Made Templates

Choose your own pre-made designs that best fit your needs.
View Pre-made Designs

Upload Your Own Design

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  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG) * Vector files required

  • Upload your print-ready files

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Why Choose Printmoz for Custom Teardrop Flags

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Next Day Production

Custom flag orders placed before 8 AM PST will be printed and shipped the following business day.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All custom teardrop flags include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; take comfort knowing your satisfaction is guaranteed. Learn More
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Award-Winning Customer Service

Award-winning US-based customer service available Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM live chat, phone, or email
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Assembling Your Teardrop Flag

Assemble the poles in order by size, ensuring each pole fits tightly. Unfold your custom teardrop flag and insert the pole into the black pocket or sleaved side of the banner (smallest pole first). Continue inserting the pole until the flag is fully extended or until reaching the sleeve's end. Now begin erecting your flag by securing the bungee chord from the hole in the flag to the metal clip on the pole. Finally, adjust the tension. Loosen or tighten the bungee chord until the flag is taut and upright.
laying your poles out

Lay your poles out by size

pole fully assembled

Pole assembly

pull the teardrop banner

Begin inserting the assembled pole

pull back the flag until full upright

Pull the flag down until fully upright

See our FAQs or blog post on flag setup instructions for more detailed instructions.

Taking Care of Your Teardrop Flag

Maintaining and caring for your custom teardrop flags is simple and will maximize the banner's lifespan. These custom teardrop flags are made from 4 oz polyester and are machine wash safe. However, the dye-sub inks are heat sensitive and should never be ironed or machine dried. You can add mild liquid laundry detergent made for delicate items to warm water on the gentle cycle or wash by hand. Please note that repeated use of washing machines for cleaning flag may cause fraying or fading of the polyester fabric.

Additional Specs


10 lbs. (includes the weight of your flag, pole set, and ground stake base)


4 oz polyester fabric flag material


Dye sublimation printing process with long-lasting disperse dyes (commonly referred to as "dye-sub inks") with a variety of base options (carrying case optional).


Indoor and outdoor use to display advertising, promotions, sales, grand openings, and business logos. Use them at expos, tradeshows, farmers' markers, conventions, events, or anywhere you need to bring attention to your business.

Estimated Lifespan

2+ years with the proper care and maintenance (See FAQ)

Print Method

Full-color digital dye sublimation printing process. Dye sublimation printing offers extreme fade-resistant properties; inks are embedded deep into the flag fabric's fibers and remain vibrant in outdoor settings.

Print Option

Single or Double-sided printing

Sizing Charts

Professional Templates For Teardrop Flags

Our in-house professional designers have made this collection of easy-to-edit templates for you to customize. Select a template that fits your needs and customize each detail. To create a single or double-sided flag, choose a design below and click to customize colors, add text, business logos, and more!

Popular Templates

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Frequently asked Questions

How do you put a teardrop banner together?

Put teardrop banners together in 4 simple steps!

  1. Assemble your poles

  2. Insert the pole into the pole pocket

  3. Use the bungee chord, including securing the custom teardrop flag to the pole.

  4. Finally, erect your flag by tightening the tension to meet your needs.

Are your teardrop banners fire-resistant?

Teardrop banners made from polyester only offer a slight fire-resistant quality and are not fire-resistant. While other synthetic fabrics like "Aramid" are inherently flame resistant, polyester will only resist ignition. It is recommended to store your personalized banners in cold, dry spaces and keep them clear from open flame, as they can melt when exposed to extreme heat.

How do you measure a teardrop flag Banner?

There are two vital size measurements for teardrop flags pole height and flag size. The pole height is measured by the total pole length when assembled. Flag size refers to the area for printed graphics or ad space on your banner.

If I order just a banner, single or double-sided, will I get a pole set with it?

No. You must create your design and select your pole and hardware options for your custom flag to work correctly. The product page will default to include the ground stake, but it can easily be removed during configuration. Our custom teardrop page is configured to ease ordering a replacement flag in the future.

What is the lifespan of your teardrop flags?

Between 3 months and 2+ years. Several factors are crucial to the lifespan of custom teardrop flags. Things like colors, displaying your flag indoors or outdoors, and even the location and placement of your flag can impact your banner's lifespan.

How much do teardrop flags cost?

The cost of teardrop flags varies based on size, base type, and single or double-sided printing. The price for teardrop flags, including ground stakes, are as follows:

Single Sided with ground spike

  • Small (34x70") - $258.37

  • Large (40x118") - $512.39

  • X-Large (44.5x148") - $762.46

Double Sided with ground spike

  • Small (34x70") - $465.06

  • Large (40x118") - $922.30

  • X-Large (44.5x148") - $1372.43

What sizes of teardrop flags do you offer?

Our teardrop flags are in various sizes ranging from 7' (Small), 9' (Large), and 11.2' (X-Large) in height, including the ground stake base in their dimensions. The flag material alone, or the print space, sizes are as the following;

  • Small (34x70")

  • Large (40x118")

  • X-Large (44.5x148")

The height may vary when mounting your flags on a base or stand.

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