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  • 10 mm
  • 4 mm (Standard)
  • 6 mm
  • Front Only $0.00
  • Front and Back $5.89
  • None $0.00
  • H-Frame Stakes $1.50
  • None $0.00
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • None $0.00
  • Halo $2.94
  • Circle $0.75
  • Oval $0.75
  • None $0.00
  • Top Corners $2.00
  • All Corners $2.50
  • None $0.00
  • Top Corners $1.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $1.50
  • All Corners Only $2.00
  • Top Center $1.00
Yard Signs

Whether in a local, state, or political race at the federal level, there's no doubt you'll need plenty of cheap political signs. These days, candidates at all political levels don't have a chance of being appointed to an elected position without raising awareness of their cause leading up to election day. Campaign and political signs come in varieties of high-quality materials to help promote your ideas, increase exposure, and improve your name awareness. Custom political yard signs can be given out freely to your supporters and displayed with wire stakes in dirt lots, grassy areas, and the front yards around their homes. Decals and car magnets can be handed out to campaign staffers and friends in a grassroots effort to spread your message as they drive around town. Headquarters will need posters, widow decals, and large banners to kick off the campaign. The more cheap political signs your campaign has, the better, which can be critical to your chance of being elected. Printmoz offers fast, cost-effective, and convenient political design templates to make all your campaign and political signs in one place in time for election day.

What Are Political Signs?

Political signs remain one of the essential marketing tools used by local, state, or federal campaigns to generate awareness surrounding the campaign agenda or cause effectively. These signs promote ballot measures and propositions while supporting candidates in the judicial, city council, school board, and mayoral elections. Custom political signs can be made from various materials, including yard signs, banners, and decals, that can be fully customized to include your name, slogan, and more. Your political campaign signs are digitally printed with UV inks on digital printers and can be created virtually any custom size. Select your sign type, update the material size, create a custom design from scratch or edit a popular political sign template.
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office building with vote 2024 election flag banners, yard sign, and vinyl banner on display in front yard

Political & Campaign Signs Done Right

At Printmoz, we know that quality political campaign signs start with superior ink and materials. We only use premium UV inks and supreme materials to produce our political signage. We offer full-color direct UV digital print directly onto the material of your choice, so your signs last well after the election. The old screen printing method limits the user to 1 or 2 colors with this outdated print process. At the same time, full-color direct print offers any color in the CMYK color pallet. Full-color political signs remove color limitations and allow the use of photos and full-color images within your designs.

Political Signs Benefits

increase name recognition icon

Increase Name Recognition

Expand exposure so voters instantly identify your name.

raise awareness icon

Raise Awareness

Well-informed voters are more likely to turn out and vote.

vote on election day 2024 design
share your message icon

Share Your Message

Draw attention and boost your campaign's visibility.

connect with voters icon

Connect With Voters

Establish effective communication of where you stand on current issues.

Design Political Signs Online!

Make effective cheap political signs that draw attention and fulfill all your campaign needs. Order today and increase your chances of being an elected official by the end of this election season!

Three Ways to Order

There are three easy ways to order a political sign. Use our online design tool to start from scratch, choose a pre-designed campaign sign template, or upload your own graphics. With so many ways to make your campaign sign, you'll surely soon be the victor in your election campaign!

Campaign Sign Generator

Campaign Sign Generator
  • Insert images, swap colors, and more

  • Over 50 popular fonts to choose from

Start Designing

Pre-Designed Templates

pre-made campaign design templates
  • Easy-to-use campaign sign templates

  • As simple as click and editing!

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Upload Your Graphics

drag and drop uploading graphics online
  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, PDF, SVG, .jpg, PNG)

  • Supports up to 1.3 GB file upload

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Why Choose Printmoz For Political Campaign Signs

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Discounts on Bulk Orders

The more signs you order, the cheaper they get. So order campaign yard signs in bulk to get quantity discounts!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All printmoz products include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; rest easy knowing your satisfaction is our priority. Learn More

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Next Day Production

Printmoz offers fast turnaround at affordable prices. Order before 8 AM PST and your custom campaign signs will ship the next business day!

Pre-Designed Political Yard Signs & Banner Templates

Select a professionally pre-designed political campaign sign template below, and click to start designing.

Types of Political & Campaign Signs

Below is our collection of political campaign sign options. We offer a variety of political and campaign sign types, many of which are more popular than others for a multitude of factors. Each product type includes a brief description that describes each sign installation method, estimated lifespan, and cost-effectiveness. Use this information to choose the best sign to meet any campaigns needs.

Yard Signs

4 Mil corrugated plastic signs with vertical flutes for ground mounting with wire H-frame stakes. Yard signs are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective, making them perfect for the campaign trail! Learn More

vote 2024 election yard sign

Vinyl Banners

13 oz vinyl banner material comes free with grommets and hems for mounting and offers pole pockets at an additional cost. Vinyl banners are affordable, long-lasting, and the largest signage solution and they are great for advertising your name in high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas. Learn More

vote 2024 election day vinyl banner

Perforated Window Decals

The perforated window material is 7mil micro-perforated vinyl that installs outside widows and offers one-way visibility. Great option when covering your campaign headquarters windows! Learn More

vote 2024 election day perforated window vinyl

Custom Decals

3.4 mil vinyl material is the most affordable option to share your visions and ideas. These decals offer square, circle, or oval cut options in matte or gloss finish. Advertise your campaign ideas with custom decals. Learn More

red, white and blue vote 2024 election day round cut decals

Car Magnets

.030 magnetic material is available with rounded corners and in unique custom shapes. These signs are durable and perfect for marketing your campaign slogan on metal cars, vans, and truck doors. Learn More

red, white and blue vote 2024 election day round corner car magnet on white car

Aluminum Signs

.32" solid aluminum signs, stunning vibrancy, and durability that lasts long outdoors. Perfect for a permanent commemoration political sign once you're in the office! Learn More

red, white and blue vote 2024 election day round corder aluminum sign

Why Political Signs?

In today's political climate, the difference between winning and losing elections often comes down to the campaign strategy employed. At the heart of every system is lots of political signage with vibrant colors and clear messages addressing current problems. And what better way to share your agenda with the community than by putting your name and slogan on many double-sided signs? Building your core base is crucial, and a fundamental part of any good political campaign's success is its grassroots sign distribution efforts. The candidate themselves should personally join in and rally with supporters; strategically place your political campaign signs and banners fully customized with the candidate's name and slogan to increase name recognition.
vote 2024 election day decal with blurred people walking in the background

Name Recognition vs. Name Awareness

Name recognition is how voters can correctly identify your name from creative visual indicators like your campaign sign colors and logos. For example, if you see the red MAGA logo on a banner along the road ahead before you make out the words, you'd automatically think of Donald Trump. Name awareness takes name recognition a step further. It requires the voters to recall not only the candidates' names but also the political ideas and campaign slogans, giving them a general feeling about the candidate and what they stand for. When a candidate has a level of name awareness, their campaign means something to their voters, and they feel emotionally connected. Use our site to create political signs that build an emotional connection and name awareness within your voter base, so they will be loyal to your cause and give you their vote!
vote name goes here election day sign template example

Where Can You Place Your Political Signs?

A certain level of importance goes into choosing where your custom political signs will be placed. Campaign advisers in many states use particular demographics and geolocation to identify the most effective locations for sign placement. This strategy has been proven effective and goes hand in hand with whether you're promoting a candidate or a myriad of ballot initiatives.

  1. Homes & Yards

  2. Vehicles

  3. Along Streets & Roads

  4. Fences & Posts

vote 2024 election signs on homes, vehicles, and on fences and posts

Frequently asked Questions

Where to get political yard signs

Get your political yard signs from Printmoz, where the political yard signs are cheap, and the process is easy and quick! Follow these four simple steps to make your custom-printed campaign signage today!

  1. Please create an account on our website.

  2. Choose from pre-designed templates or upload your design.

  3. Select your material size and review your proof

  4. View and approve your online proofs, and you're orders complete!

How To Make Your Own Campaign Signs

  1. Register for an account online
  2. Select one of our many easy-to-edit political sign templates

  3. Choose a political sign material type that works for you

  4. Customize your designs online, add text, font, and swap colors

  5. View online proofs

  6. Finally, send all proofs to print so production can begin!

How much do political yard signs cost?

Political yard signs start at $3.81 per sqft and can be as low as $1.83 per sqft. For example, A single political yard sign 24x18" is 3 square feet, so in this case, the yard sign would cost $11.43. The more political yard signs you buy, the lower the cost, saving you money.

How long does it take to print (and then receive) my custom campaign signs?

The moment you approve your online proof, production will begin. From there, your political campaign yard signs will be printed and shipped by the next business day, with reference to when you will receive your sign; this mainly depends on the shipping method selected at the time of checkout. A good rule of thumb is 3-5 business days from the day your order is placed. We are in California, so most states on the west coast receive their orders within 2-3 business days. If you have a specific timeline or need help with your order, please contact one of our friendly customer services today!

How do I install my campaign signs?

Wire stakes are the most common installation method for corrugated plastic political campaign yard signs. A traditional political sign is made from corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic signs have vertical flutes that support H-frame stakes and display digitally printed custom messages back-to-back, or use a different artwork for both. Our wire stakes are 10" wide and 30" tall, and they're the most economical way to display double-sided signs on the ground. Simply insert the wire stakes by gently applying pressure with your foot directly into the soft ground. Use Wire stakes on loose gravel, soft dirt, or large grass areas to secure the yard sign frame to the floor safely.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do! Ordering cheap campaign signs in bulk is a great way to get your message out there. Our pricing is sqft based, so the more yard sign material being ordered generates quantity discounts. In addition to bulk pricing, we also offer free standard shipping on orders over 100$. So this election season, order your political yard sign in bulk to get quantity discounts and save money. Spend your campaign funds wisely; order from Printmoz today!