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Custom Backdrops
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Professional vinyl backdrops digitally printed in full color with UV-cured ink. Includes an optional aluminum frame stand with adjustable horizontal and vertical poles, providing a quick and easy setup. Great for trade shows, photography sessions, weddings, and other marketing events. Read More

  • 3" Top and Bottom $23.71
  • 3" Top Only $23.71
  • None $0.00
  • 8ft x 8ft $169.58
  • 8ft x 10ft $179.58


Custom Backdrops

Any Custom Size - Quick & Easy Setup - Same Day Production - Free Design Services

  • Order custom backdrops online

  • Two standard sizes, 8'x8' and 10'x8', and now offering fully custom sizes

  • Add grommets or pole pockets

  • Optional banner stand and carrying case

Elevate your branding and generate excitement for your upcoming event with a custom backdrop. Whether it's a trade show, conference, or red-carpet event, custom backdrops provide an excellent opportunity to maximize your marketing efforts while making a statement with your brand. Incorporating a backdrop to your event can pique attendees' curiosity about your business and create an unforgettable photo opportunity that doubles as a souvenir.

Custom photo backdrops can be a valuable addition to important business conferences and company gatherings. They provide a unique touch to the event and can help establish a memorable experience for the company and guests.

You can also upload one large high-resolution image to produce stunning photography backdrops that can accurately depict various environments or scenarios during themed photo shoots. The design options and use cases are endless with custom backdrops by Printmoz!

Simple Design Methods

Fully customize your backdrop design by incorporating multiple logos and a unique background image using our online design tool in just a few clicks. If you already have a print-ready design, simply upload your artwork by clicking the "Get Started" button. Unsure of where to begin? Browse through our gallery of pre-made, easy-to-edit backdrop templates above. After you place your order, rest assured that we will handle everything else. Your backdrops will be swiftly printed, expertly packed, and promptly shipped directly to your doorstep, ensuring that you can proudly display them in no time.

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Backdrop Features

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Full-Color Direct Printing

Using a superior four-color, UV ink process, your design will be directly printed onto vinyl. This ensures a stunning, fade-resistant display that offers great visibility and can maintain its full-color print quality for 3+ years with proper care and maintenance.
A portable backdrop stand with custom backdrops for professional photography.

Lightweight & Portable

These backdrops are lightweight and easily movable, allowing you to create the perfect setting anywhere you go. With a convenient carrying case for the interlocking poles and hardware, transportation and storage are a breeze.
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Easy Setup

Our backdrops only require a minute or two of work to be displayed. Its effortless assembly and disassembly make it the perfect choice for a convenient and efficient display.
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Durable Vinyl Material

Our custom-printed backdrops are made from 13oz vinyl scrim. They are manufactured with heat-welded hems for greater strength and durability, allowing for both indoor and outdoor usage. This durable vinyl provides resistance against wear so that your backdrops remain perfect in any environment for an extended period.

Choose the Right Size For Your Backdrop

Selecting the right size is crucial when it comes to creating practical and visually appealing backdrops. Our backdrops come in two standard sizes - 8x8' and 10x8'. But we're pleased to announce that we now offer custom sizes tailored to meet your specific requirements. Made from 13 oz vinyl, our backdrops are incredibly durable and printed with an anti-glare matte surface, ensuring a professional look that's perfect for any occasion.

A vinyl backdrop with custom sizes and pole pockets for easy transport

Vinyl Matte Finish

Our matte finish backdrops are the perfect way to ensure that your photos are reflection-free and your logo is protected from fading. This approach enables you to produce a visually stunning layout that effortlessly blends together.

A vinyl matte finish for a backdrop printed with a logo to color match

About Our Vinyl Material

Our 13oz vinyl banner material offers an ideal balance of lightweight design and durability, making it a highly versatile option for all your indoor and outdoor needs. With our uncompromising standards for quality, you can count on our custom backdrops to meet your every expectation. These custom backdrops feature a smooth, muted finish that is perfect for any lighting situation, and the non-reflective surface ensures a professional appearance, even in challenging lighting environments. Choose our vinyl backdrops for exceptional results that are sure to impress!

A vinyl matte finish for a vinyl printed backdrop

Additional Specs

  • Material Type: Heavy-duty 13-ounce vinyl scrim

  • Superior Tensile Strength: Length: 319.23 lbs. / 2 in. Width: 212.44 lbs. / 2 in

  • Weight: .09lbs. per sqft.

  • Weave: (threads/sq in) 9 x 9

  • Temperature Resistance: -4 °F - 158 °F

  • Estimated Lifespan: Last 3+ years with proper care and maintenance

  • Details: Indoor/ Outdoor use

  • Use Case: Primarily used indoors at trade shows and conferences, photoshoots, red carpet events, weddings, birthdays, photo booths, corporate functions, television production sets, and other media industry event gatherings

A backdrop design with easy transport and pole pockets for displayed backdrops

Selecting the Ideal Display Options for Your Custom Backdrop

Choosing the appropriate display methods for your custom backdrop is critical to achieving a professional and refined look. Popular selections are pole pockets, grommets, and vertical or horizontal poles, which will efficiently set up your banner while creating a distinctive presentation.

A vinyl backdrop with vinyl material for banners

Pole Pockets

Display options such as pole pockets provide an easy setup process for any backdrop, allowing it to be safely hung. Heatwelded the top and bottom of a banner, these pole pockets allow a secure fit. This provides a simple yet effective way to mount banners for your project needs.

Grommet on a backdrop


Metal grommets can come in handy if you plan on attaching your banner to a stand, wall, or chain link fence. These small metal rings can be fastened on all four corners or every two feet of the banner's edge, allowing for easy hanging using zip ties or bungee cords.

Display frame with carrying case

Banner Stand with Horizontal & Vertical Poles

Our banner stand hardware includes vertical and horizontal poles that can be used to construct a structurally sound backdrop that is aesthetically pleasing. The frames are easily assembled by connecting the two types of poles with provided connectors, then affixing the display material into place on top. A solid setup ensures stability for an eye-catching presentation!

3 Easy Ways to Create a Stunning Custom Backdrop Design

Creating custom backdrops has become easier with our 3 convenient options. You can either upload your own design, select from premade templates, or start with a blank canvas using our online design tool. Each method has its unique advantages, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

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Pre-made Templates

Save time and money with pre-made templates to craft unique backdrops for any special occasion or photoshoot. Customizing these backdrops with your logos will create one-of-a-kind artwork that tells your brand's story or theme. Explore our templates gallery and pick the design that perfectly fits your needs. Simply click your favorite backdrop design to tailor it as you see fit!

View Pre-made Templates
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Upload Your Own Design

For orders with print-ready files, click the button below and upload your custom design.

  • Accepted file types - PDF, .jpg, PNG, AI,

  • 1.3GB file size

Upload My Design
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Online Design Tool

Bring your creativity to the next level by creating custom backdrops with your own images, text, and graphics. Upload multiple logos to design a flashy step and repeat banner in just a few clicks. The entire process allows you to control the fine design details just the way you envisioned them!

Create Your Design

3 Simple Design Tips For Backdrops

Creating a backdrop that stands out while also achieving its purpose can be achieved by following these three design tips: select high-resolution images, keep it simple, and decide the objective. Incorporating these elements into your background setting for an event or photoshoot will surely have attractive and useful visuals.

A custom backdrop with a business format

Use High-Resolution Images

Achieving a high-quality custom backdrop requires images with at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). This ensures your design is detailed, vibrant, and stands out. To get the most desirable outcome, it’s essential to use an image that covers all of the space necessary in order for it to meet resolution criteria.

By utilizing large enough photos with precise resolution guidelines, you can create extraordinary results in regard to how captivating your backdrop appears when completed!

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Maintain Simplicity

Creating a backdrop with maximum effect requires careful consideration of simplicity. To achieve this, the number of colors used should be restricted. Overcrowding must also be avoided, and a legible font must be used. Doing so makes attention more likely to remain centered on the subject at hand, allowing viewers to better comprehend its value and significance. Likewise, two-dimensional compositions are often achieved by refraining from excessive elements that may add distraction or confusion – ensuring all involved gain optimum benefit from such design solutions as intended.

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Define your purpose

Achieving a high-quality custom backdrop requires images with at least 300 DPI (dots per inch). This ensures your design is detailed, vibrant, and stands out. To get the most desirable outcome, it’s essential to use an image that covers all of the space necessary in order for it to meet resolution criteria.

By utilizing large enough photos with precise resolution guidelines, you can create extraordinary results in regard to how captivating your backdrop appears when completed!

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Vertical and horizontal poles with pole pockets for a displayed backdrop instructions

Assembling Your Backdrop

The assembly process is straightforward for a professional-looking custom backdrop and can be completed in just several steps

  1. First, remove the frame parts from the carrying bag.

  2. Next, insert the screw into the foot's base and connect it to the end pole.

  3. Rotate the foot clockwise to tighten and repeat these steps for the other end pole, ensuring both poles are secure.

  4. Then, connect the top and bottom poles and twist the bar to extend or adjust them.

  5. Insert the poles into the graphic and attach the bottom and end poles using the end knobs, tightening them by rotating them clockwise.

  6. Repeat this to attach the top pole.

  7. Finally, adjust and center the graphic's position from left to right.

  8. Adjust the poles' height to match the graphic's size and height.

micro fiber cloth wiping material down


Proper care and storage instructions are crucial for maintaining your backdrops' quality, appearance, and durability. Following these instructions guarantees that your backdrop will remain in excellent condition for future events or photoshoots. To achieve optimal results, handling and cleaning your backdrops appropriately is essential. Regularly clean your custom backdrops with warm water and let them air dry before storage. Roll them up to easily store your backdrops and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your backdrops should disappear within a few hours in the sun or heat.

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Frequently asked Questions

What kind of printing process do you use for your backdrops? Is it Direct Printing or a Dye Sublimation process?

Our backdrops boast direct printing of the utmost quality, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting, full-color prints on our durable 13 oz vinyl material. This process offers a budget-friendly alternative to the dye sublimation process, allowing for ultra-fast turnaround times. Thanks to the low sheen finish of our vinyl banner and UV-resistant ink, we can print your design directly onto the backdrop instead of relying on heat transfer. This produces high-quality, crisp, and vivid backdrops no matter the design, ensuring that your backdrop will endure for years.

What's the difference between backdrops and step-and-repeat banners?

A step and repeat banner is a type of backdrop design. However, some manufacturers and print companies may use the terms interchangeably to refer customers to their backdrops. In reality, the two are essentially the same thing. As stated above, our backdrops consist of a large banner displayed on an aluminum frame with interconnecting horizontal and vertical poles. They're commonly used as photography backdrops or stage backdrops at marketing events to provide the perfect photo opportunity and branding experience.

How much does it cost to make a backdrop?

The cost of custom backdrops depends on several factors, including the backdrop's size, finish options, turnaround time, and preferred shipping method. For example, 8x8' backdrops with standard 3-day production and a 3" pole pocket on the top and bottom cost $362.67 before shipping. 

To get a price on your own custom banner, simply use our online pricing tool to select and modify each detail to your specific needs. You can get a price, upload your artwork, and generate a free online proof in just a few clicks.

What if my online proof is blurry? Will it print that way?

That's an excellent question! It's important for customers and graphic designers to note that your online proof may not accurately represent the final print quality. To ensure that your image won't appear pixelated, it's best to open your full-scale file in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and zoom in to 100%. This will give you a true representation of the banner's actual size and the final print. Take a close look at all the photos, images, and logos in your design on your computer screen to make sure you're satisfied with their resolution.

What file type, format, and resolution should I upload my file in?

We recommend submitting vector PDF files saved in CMYK color format as our preferred file type for printing. We recommend submitting full-scale files with a resolution of 300 dpi to achieve the best print results. However, we accept various file formats for your convenience, and a list of our accepted file types is provided below.

  • Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG)

  • Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF, with all fonts outlined)

  • Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, or PNG file.


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