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Perforated Vinyl - One-Way Vision - Easy Installation

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Print custom rear window graphics on perforated vinyl for your car, truck, or vehicle. Cover your entire rear window with 7mil micro-perforation that offers outside installation and one-way visibility that won't obstruct your driving vision. Read More



What Are Rear Window Graphics?

Graphic rear-facing window displays are an excellent way to advertise your business while having a clear view of driving your vehicle. Rear Window graphics are a unique decal for use on the back of any vehicle's windshield. This decal is produced from perforations on vinyl, allowing tiny holes known as micro punctures to penetrate 40% of the material. So the design can be seen from the outside and not obstruct your vision.
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Rear Window Graphic Features

Simple Installation

  • Easy Install process, professional help is not required.

UV Protected Inks

  • Vibrant inks that last against direct sunlight

Full-Color Graphics

  • Any color in the CMYK color spectrum

60/40 Micro-Perforation

  • Allows for full visibility

Any Custom Size

  • Maximum size 57 x 118."

Bonds to Outside of Window

  • Adheres to flat, smooth surfaces like windows, and glass

One Way Vision

A perforated decal is a unique product with perforated holes that allows you to transform any window into a massive advertising space while maintaining outward visibility. Popular uses for a perforated decal include custom rear window graphics for any vehicle and advertising on the storefront of a business. If you're interested in catching attention with custom window graphics that do not block the vision of your vehicle or business, then our site has all the tools and the lowest price to get you started.

Additional Specs


0.059375 lbs per square foot (about the weight of 9 quarters)


180micron (7mil)

Perforation Hole Size

1.60mm (0.063") diameter holes


40% (60/40)


Perforated, long-lasting, privacy, high tack permanent adhesive

Window Installation

Outside Application. Vehicle windows, business advertising

Print Method

Four-color print process, weather, fade, and UV-resistant ink

Minimum Application Temperature

+4°C (39°F)

Estimated Lifespan

3+ years with proper care and maintenance

Rear Window Common Sizes & Cost


Measuring and Ordering the Best Size & Design for Your Perforated Car Decal

  1. Begin by measuring the width and height of your car or truck's rear window. Be sure to measure the entire window length so your graphic covers all areas of the window edge to edge.

  2. Always order and design your graphics 2" wider and taller than your intended install space. This additional material will guarantee you have the extra space and material needed for trimming and ensure your rear window graphic will cover the entire window and edges.

  3. When designing your custom rear window graphics, always center all fonts, logos, or designs with the artboard. Centering your designs will ensure essential information is safe from being cut off or affected by trimming.

  4. Creating compelling rear window graphics can make or break your campaign. Maximizing your visibility and having clean marketing that stands out is the goal, so try using as much contrast as possible. For example, the message may get lost or be difficult to see if you're using light-colored backgrounds and lighter colors as fonts and text. Try using dark colors as a background and lighter colors on fonts to make your message pop! The same would apply to using dark colors on a fully tinted window; some of your design may get lost in the tint or appear washed out. Always keep the install surface in mind before creating a layout from scratch, and use as much contrast as possible.

Design Your Own Rear Window Graphics Online

Printmoz helps you design and create the rear window graphics of your dream with your own ideas and artwork. Browse stock photos, and add a font, text, or unique marketing message to your vehicles' rear and side windows. Upload an image or a custom design today! Who needs a free design service or professional graphic designers when you have a free, easy-to-use online tool at your disposal?
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Easy-to-Use Design Tool

  • Easy-to-use online design tool

  • Over 50 fonts are available

  • Thousands of stock photos

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Upload Your Own Graphics

  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, .PDF, .SVG)
  • Supports up to 1.1 GB file upload

  • Upload Multi-file page PDFs

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Care & Maintenance

Caring for and maintaining your decal begins before being installed. You'll need a bucket, water, a brush with sturdy but fine fibers, regular soap, and a little elbow grease to clean your window graphic. You'll want to clean off any dust or dirt from the stationary surface to avoid imperfections and air bubbles in the final product. Once you have finished cleaning your decal, you'll want to ensure you've thoroughly rinsed all soap from the window graphic. Overlaminates are available for extra protection for this decal type because, in most cases, after installation, people have reported dirt build-up in the perforated holes, sometimes reducing the one-way visibility feature.

Easy Install without Professional Help

Step 1: Proper installation of your rear window graphics begins before you even think about touching your graphic. First, you will want us to use a microfiber cloth preferably, remove all dust and dirt from your install area, and let the intended dry place.

Step 2: Hold your decal up to the stationary surface area to properly understand how exactly you would like your rear window graphic installed and ensure you have received the correct product.

Step 3: Remove the edge of the decal away from the window to remove the backing and expose the dark adhesive back of the decal.

Step 4: Place the adhesive back onto your window and use preplaced marks if necessary to ensure proper placement and alignment. Once the rear window graphic is set, you can use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out the graphic from the middle to guarantee no air bubbles are present in the final product.

Step 5:Once you have installed the product, remove excess material from the edges and trim extra material with a razor blade if necessary. During this process, be sure not to cause personal injury or damage to your paint or vehicle.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can the perforated vehicle decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?

Unfortunately, we can not cut perforated rear window decals into unique shapes or individual letters. Car and truck lettering is a great option that does offer unique custom-cut letters that work perfectly on your vehicle's windows or the body of your car.

How to make car window decals

  1. Sign in and create an account online.
  2. Begin to upload your design by clicking "Get Started."

  3. You can search from our vast selection of stock images and stock photos that can help you make window graphics that create an appeal that is sure to guarantee results.

  4. Make sure all car decals are saved to your cart.

  5. Once the cart is filled, you can move forward to enter your address and billing information.

  6. Your online security is essential; read our secure shopping policy.

  7. You are on the home stretch! Now, check out and complete your sale.

  8. View your online proofs and send them to print!

How thick are your custom perforated car decals?

Perforated car window decals are as thick as w few sheets of standard home printer paper; Our perforated decal material is 180micron (7mil) thick.

What is the lifespan of your perforated vehicle decals?

The lifespan of your perforated rear window decals depends on the elements the graphics are exposed. Extreme weather conditions, harsh climates, and extended exposure to direct sunlight can all affect the decals' lifespan. With everyday use, the proper care and maintenance of your rear window graphic will last 3 + years. Your perforated window decals will come with an additional layer of laminate that covers the top of the decals, adds protection, and comes included at no additional cost. Car decals are perforated and can withstand most exterior elements. Do not use automatic or high-pressure washers to wash your car. Avoid parking in the bright sunshine for a longer lifespan, as you can have the decal installed for years without sun fading.

Do you offer other types of vehicle decals?

Yes. We offer many types of decals for vehicles in our vehicle decals category. You will see a wide variety to choose from; once you have selected a vehicle decal type, click "Learn More" to get more information about each product, or click "Get Started" to upload a design!

Can you see through truck rear window graphics?

Yes, you can see through rear window decals, making them the perfect graphic for the back window of your car or truck rear window. Our 60/40 perforated material offers 40% one-way visibility and 60% ink coverage. This unique material allows full-color designs that will enable you to see right through your rear window graphics.

Are vinyl car decals the same as car window stickers or car window graphics?

All of the terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing. There is no difference other than how the product is being communicated.

Are car decals car wash safe?

All our decals are waterproof, weather-resistant, and car wash-safe. Standard automated car washes are more than acceptable; however, you'll want to stay away from high-pressure washers and power washers. Disrupting the adhesive backside with water can damage the adhesives bond, and the aggressive nature of pressurized water can cause the vinyl to separate from your installed surface. In short, car washes are okay, but car washes using power washers are not!

Will rear window graphics stick to all types of vehicles?

Yes, the rear window decal material is compatible with most vehicles. To name a few:

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Pickup trucks

  • Race Cars

  • Off-road vehicle

  • Cars and trucks

  • Police Cars

  • Fleet vehicle

  • Commercial vans

  • Buses

  • RVs, and others.

Do window graphics go inside or outside?

When installing your decal, you will peel the backing and place the adhesive on the side you want people to see your custom image. For example, if you have a glass storefront business, you would display your custom graphic outside so potential customers driving by can easily see what your business offers while maintaining a full outward vision. Due to the unique one-way visibility feature, the sheet is specially processed with perforated holes, which means a little extra cost compared to an opaque decal. However, perforated vinyl decals are a favorite for business owners when returning on investment.

How do you install rear window decals?

Installing your rear window graphics is quite simple as it comparable to applying a basic sticker but usually a little bigger. You will want to ensure your installation surface is clear of all dust and dirt so that the decal properly bonds to the surface. Ultimately, you will want to ensure proper placement by previewing your sticker to the surface before installing your decal.

What are the stickers for car windows called?

There are a few different types of window stickers we see daily installed on any regular vehicle, such as a perforated vinyl decal, a vinyl-cut window decal, and die-cut stickers. A vinyl cut decal is great for lettering and custom solid color designs, while perforated decals and die-cut stickers are great for displaying a custom image. Every option is great for your rear window graphics; however, every customer has different design needs. Compare the decal and sticker features to ensure you've installed the perfect rear window graphic.

How long do window graphics last?

Your typical rear window graphics will last a minimum of 3 years with no care; however, occasional maintenance with regular soap and water will significantly extend the life of your graphics. If you're worried about your rear wiper peeling the edges of your rear window graphics, there is no need to worry because if you've installed the rear window graphic on a clean surface, your decal edges will last. Depending on the material of your window graphic, standard cleaners are available for each type to significantly extend the life of your rear window graphics.

What is a perforated car window decal?

A perforated vehicle window decal is a printed custom image decal with perforated holes so you can maintain full outward vision. This specific decal is an incredible marketing tool to apply as a rear window decal on a truck window because the entire window can be covered and not interfere with the rear wiper. Perforated decals are an excellent option for any vehicle looking for a rear window decal that genuinely stands out; however, a perforated decal comes with a small extra cost compared to an opaque decal.

How do you install perf on a car window?

Businesses and select citizens with impressive design ideas use rear window graphics as a form of creative expression because it is simply the best product for what it aims to accomplish and is easy to install. Installing perf or contra vision rear window graphics is a simple 5 step process that shows you how to clean your surface and finalize the presentation with a razor blade edge trim. The method of installing rear window graphics does look complicated, but once you start the process and finish with edge trim, the final product is always remarkable.

What is the difference between a window cling and a decal?

The difference between window decals and window clings the adhesive backing. Window clings use static to "cling" to the inside or outside glass, mirror, or acrylic surfaces. At the same time, window decals adhere to any smooth surface and include high-tack permanent adhesive backing.

How long does perforated vinyl last?

When perforated rear window graphics are installed, they typically last a minimum of 3 years. Various products are designed to significantly extend the life of your rear window graphic, keeping your graphic in great shape. If your truck or business fleet needs professional-grade rear window graphics at the lowest price, then feel free to use our online design tool and create or submit your own custom image.

Can you have decals on your rear window?

Rear window graphics are seen on basically every truck and car on every road and highway in America. However, local jurisdictions could have different laws about visibility, the image itself, and trim or edge requirements. Essentially, these laws will vary based on the county or town where you and your rear window decals find yourself. Ultimately it is wise to ensure your rear window graphics are fully legal by looking up your local laws regarding truck window decals and rear window graphics.

How do you apply perforated window decals?

Applying perforated rear window graphics may seem like a tall task, but it is not. Usually, the installation process consists of 5 easy steps, but you take the liberty of adding steps if you believe that is necessary for your project. In the end, perforated rear window graphics are an easy product to install and a fun product to showcase.

How much do window graphics cost?

The truck rear window graphics cost depends on the type of vinyl chosen and the square footage needed for the print job. Perforated decals cost $7.72 per sqft, so perforated custom rear window graphics that is 66 x 24" cost $84.94.

Will I be able to use my rear wiper?

Yes, you can use your rear wiper blades, so long as the proper installation instructions have been followed.

Can I still use the rear window defroster?

Yes, you can still use your rear window defroster when needed. The custom graphics and perforated holes mount from the outside of the window's glass, so no amount of condensation will affect the adhesive backside's performance.

Can I apply a truck window decal to a window that is already tinted?

Yes, no problem at all! The window tint is installed from the inside of the glass, and the truck window decals install from the outside.

I have a sliding rear window. Can I still apply a decal to it?

Yes, you can still apply to a sliding rear window; however, it is not recommended. As your sliding rear window moves back and forth, the perforated decals adhesive backing can be disturbed and be ripped or torn from the window. Once installed, a perforated decal is permanent and can not be moved or repurposed, so stationary windows are preferred over sliding windows.

How do you apply a rear window decal?

Applying a rear window decal is simple when following these easy-to-follow install instructions.

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