Foam Board Printing

Foam board printing is a great way to display your favorite artwork without expensive framing, and offers affordable printing options online.


Custom Cut Foam Board In Any Shape

Our automation software runs a CNC machine that allows us to manufacture any unique custom shapes on foam board with ease.

Best Foamcore Prints, Posters, and Signs

Foam Board Printing by is the perfect streamlined display for dazzling images. Looking for a creative and economical way to display photos or artworks customized signage? Why spend a fortune on framing when you can mount your high-quality images on sturdy foam board. Poster board printing is one of the most popular choices for storefront signs. offers the most affordable foam board printing online. Go with the best in the business (because we’re serious about helping your business stand out!). We offer fast shipping on all orders.

Poster board printing requires precision and high-end technology— and we’ve got it! We understand the printing process is very delicate. However, our fully automated printing facility and highly trained staff allow us to offer poster board printing at affordable prices. You can choose to print on both sides of your board, or just one side if that’s all you need. The technology we have here at the Printmoz production facility are precise with your input measurements, custom designs, and colors. In addition, you can even select finishing options such as round or cut corners, holes, and grommets. We are all about making the posters you’ve always dreamed of having. If you need a more rigid product than classic foamcore? Check out our full line of signboards.

Foam Board Printing

Foam board is ideal for mounting colorful images because they stay vibrant longer. Foam board poster printing creates a moisture barrier during the laminate process that helps prevent bowing and warping. These are common problems in other mounting processes. Our quick guide to foam board mounting gives you a good idea of why this method is so popular. You can display an image on almost any size with foam board printing from, and one popular technique is to split an image into 1, 2, 3, or 4 sections. Read more about standard foam board printing common sizes.

Foamcore Prints Order Process

Upload your artwork and order foam board signs in four quick steps. As you are adjusting the foam board details, the price will update if you change the size. In fact, this will allow you to get the perfect design and stay within your budget. Because of how light the material is, foam board signs are easy to move around, making them convenient for presentations and trade shows or fairs.

Foam board printing makes a great gift, and can ship your mounted prints anywhere in the USA. Foam board printing by fits any budget. is your one-stop internet print shop, delivering quality products at affordable prices for foam backed posters.

How do we do foamcore prints with such amazing quality and jaw-dropping price? With low overhead and an in-house design team, we pass on great savings to you with every foamcore prints order. So you get perfect custom foam boards delivered straight to your home business or office. With foamcore prints your message will be seen. We have the best high-tech printing equipment available in the world today. With our in-house software and highly trained team, we’ll get the job done for you the right way. Quickly with high-quality and a price that won’t break the bank.

Foam Board Prints In Custom Shapes

You’re probably used to seeing foam board prints in the usual rectangle shape. You can find those at any craft store. But we want your foam board prints to stand out in a sea of boring white rectangles. Sometimes rectangles do the job perfectly though, but we prefer them some stand-out graphics and shapes if you want them to show off your stuff. People are sure to notice your custom cut foam board prints. You can get any unique shape on your custom order. Get started by adding foamboard prints to your cart today. After you check out you can easily upload your design and we’ll get started on your order!

Foam Board Poster Benefits

  • Customizable artwork (upload your own custom graphics)
  • Versatile signage - options in size and thickness
  • Very affordable
  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality 
  • Any custom size

Common Sizes 

  • 12x18
  • 16x20
  • 18x24
  • 24x36
  • 36x48

Poster Board Speical Finish Options

Rounded Corners

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners

Poster Board Cut Options

  • Halo (Contour Cut)
  • Circle 
  • Oval 
  • Special (Any unique shape also know as Diecut)

Foam Core Grommets Placement

  • Top Corners
  • Top Bottom & Center
  • All Corners (only)
  • Top Center

Foam Printing Coating Finish Options

  • No Finish
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Matte
  • Dry Erase

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