Custom Foam Board Poster | Print on Foam Core Board
Foam Board Printing
Foam Board Printing

Foam board printing is a great way to display your favorite artwork without expensive framing, and offers affordable printing options online.

  • 3/16"
  • 1/2"
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • Halo $3.42
  • Circle $0.25
  • Oval $0.25
  • Special $3.42
  • Top Corners $1.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $1.50
  • All Corners Only $2.00
  • Top Center $1.00
  • Gloss $0.30
  • Matte $0.30
  • Dry Erase $1.25
  • Top & Bottom Center $2.00
  • Top Corners $2.00
  • All Corners $2.50
  • 3" White Easel $1.25
  • 5" White Easel $1.50
  • 7" White Easel $1.85
  • 15" White Easel $2.65
  • 18" White Easel $4.02
  • 24" White Easel $4.74
  • 36" White Easel $11.88

Custom Foam Poster Board Printing Services

Foam board printing is the most affordable choice when producing a custom sign or retail poster for your home or business. Achieve a vibrant and long-lasting display for any indoor application. Foam core posters also make a great gift, and Printmoz can ship your mounted prints anywhere in the USA. 

Foam board printing fits any budget. Printmoz is your one-stop internet print shop, delivering quality products at affordable prices for foam-backed posters. With low overhead and an in-house design service team, we pass on great savings to you with every custom order we print. So you get perfect custom foam poster board delivered straight to your home business or office for the best displays. With Printmoz, your message will have an impact.

What is Foam Board Printing?

Custom foam poster board printing is made out of a paper-faced foam comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with bright white clay-coated kraft paper. The board comes in three different thickness options, 1/8", 3/16," and 1/2". If you need thicker foam for your project, you can contact one of our expert customer service representatives and make your request. Foam core board lends strength and durability to any poster design while displaying color graphics in brilliant detail.

Best Prints, Posters, and Signs

Custom foam poster board printing by Printmoz is the perfect streamlined display for dazzling images. Are you looking for a creative and economical way to print & display posters or artwork customized signage? Why spend a fortune on framing when you can mount your high-quality images on sturdy foam core boards made with professional-grade materials

Printmoz offers the most affordable custom printing online. Go with the best in the business (because we’re serious about helping your business stand out!). We offer fast shipping on all orders.

Printing on foam poster board requires precision and high-end technology— and we’ve got it! We have the best high-tech printing equipment available in the world today for your marketing needs. Our fully-automated printing facility and highly trained staff allow us to offer a vast range of custom printing at affordable prices.

You can choose to print on both sides of your board, greeting customers coming and going, or just one side if that’s all you need. Our technology at the Printmoz production facility is precise with your input measurements, designs, and colors for fully custom foam board signs. In addition, you can even select finishing options such as round or cut corners, holes, and grommets. 

At Printmoz, we’re all about making the posters you’ve always dreamed of having. If you need a more rigid product than classic foam core? Check out our full line of signs, banners, custom decals, flags, and more.  

Foam Board Printing

Foam core is ideal for mounting colorful images and displays because they stay vibrant longer. We add a moisture barrier during the laminate process that helps prevent the board from bowing and warping because of the high-quality materials we use.

It complements other advertising mediums such as canvas, mesh, vinyl banners, and vinyl stickers. You can display an image on almost any size with foam board printing from Printmoz. One popular technique is to split an image into 1, 2, 3, or 4 sections, forming a tryptic. 

Foam Core Board Prints Order Process

Add your artwork and order foam poster board in four quick steps to create the best marketing materials. As you adjust the details of your order, the price will update if you change the size. This allows you to perfect the design and stay within your budget when you decide to print your posters with us.

Due to the lightweight material, foam signs are easy to install, take down, and move. This makes them convenient for business presentations, trade shows, and fair displays for any marketing needs. You can hang them up, place them on a table or easel, or even lean against the wall.

Foam Board Printing In Custom Shapes

You’re probably used to seeing foam core signs in the usual rectangle shape. You can find those at any craft store and business. But we want your message to stand out in a sea of boring white rectangles. People are sure to notice your custom-cut prints. 

You can select any unique shape on your custom order for your sign —  just choose the shape, and we'll print it! Get started by adding foam poster prints to your cart today. After you check out, you can easily upload your design, and we’ll get started on your order!   We can assist you with the designs as well.

Foam Core Posters Benefits

  • Customizable artwork (upload and save your own custom graphics)
  • Versatile signage - options in size and thickness
  • Very affordable sign
  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality
  • Print any custom size
  • Complements banners, stickers, and decals with branding power
  • Good labels help with branding.
  • Banner replacement

Common Sizes 

  • 12” x 18”
  • 16” x 20”
  • 18” x 24” 
  • 24” x 36” (24” x 36” and larger is great for indoor usage)
  • 36” x 48”

Special Finish Options

Foam board finish options are additional features that can give you an added benefit for hanging, rounded corners, semi-gloss or matte finish, and finally, even cut into a unique shape other than a square or rectangle.

Rounded Corners

Below is the radius of the automated rounded corner options we currently offer for foam boards at this time. If you need a more dramatic or specific rounded corner, you can select the "special cut" option and include a Dieline/ cut path in your art file. Our CNC machine will run the cut path in your artwork. Here are the instructions on how to prepare a cut file.  

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners

Foam Poster Board Cut Options

Cut options allow you to choose unique shapes other than a square or rectangle.

  • Halo Cut (contoured cut) will give you a unique shape but will also include a white border around the design itself.  
  • Circle Cut produces perfect circles. 
  • Oval-Cut is the option that would create perfect ovals from the uploaded design. Our system will cut the oval based on the height and width of the file submitted. 
  • Special Cut (also known as Die Cut) directs us to cut exactly to the edges of the special shape.

Grommets Placement

Grommets on foam core board are a great option if you want to hang the board from hooks or rope. The grommet goes through the board and adds support to hang on a wall or fencing. The grommet size is #2 ⅜," the inner hole is 3/8" and the grommets’ exterior size is .75". When you select grommets, they will be placed .75" on center from each corner of the board.

Grommet Placement Options: 

  • Top Corners
  • Top Bottom & Center
  • All Corners (only)
  • Top Center

Foam Board Printing Coating & Finish Options

Coating options allow you to control of the type of finish you have with the end product. If you'd like to have your design finished with a gloss, matte, or even dry-erase coating on your board. 

  • No Finish
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Matte 
  • Dry Erase

How to Display Your Foam Board Signs

Displaying your signage is very important. These are the most common ways to show off your signs! 

  • Adhesive-backed easels 
  • Utilize wooden easels
  • Grommets
  • Adhesives strips to hang on a wall

Graphic Design Advice for Signs

To ensure your message has the most significant impact, we recommend that when you design your foam board poster, you:

  • Reduce text for effective messaging
  • Use high-quality photos, or there will be poor pixelation, and the foam board signs won't look as good.
  • Choose vibrant colors to make the product pop.

Order Foam Board Photo Prints with Printmoz

Make your graphics pop and your message stand out with custom printed foam board posters from Printmoz! Our free online design tool makes it easy to create the design of your dreams. Then, we’ll make it a reality, and ship it to you ASAP! Order, design, and complete your masterpiece entirely on our website. Join a live chat or call us for expert assistance; we’re happy to help!

Custom Cut Foam Board In Any Shape

Our automation software runs a CNC machine that allows us to manufacture any unique custom shapes on foam board with ease.

Reviews for Foam Board Printing

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Verified Buyer
a month ago by (CA, US)

Excellent service and quality products. And FAST delivery!

Verified Buyer
3 months ago by (AZ, US)

I wish the prints where a little higher resolution. Otherwise, fantastic job.

Verified Buyer
4 months ago by (CA, US)

Verified Buyer
7 months ago by (AZ, US)

Verified Buyer
8 months ago by (NE, US)

Love ordering from Printmoz. I order signs for stores across the country and I always receive quality items. Ordering signs is a breeze and I know that my signs won't get damaged during shipping due to its thoughtful and secure packaging. The signs almost always magically show up days before their expected delivery date which makes me a happy designer and many stores a happy receiver.

Verified Buyer
10 months ago by (CO, US)

Frequently asked Questions

Foam board is a glossy white material that is great for printing indoor wall decor and business signs.

Yes, printing on foam core board looks amazing, especially in full color.

Foam poster board is not waterproof and should only be used indoors and in dry places.

Foam core board comes in large sheets. The foam poster board goes through the printers and ink is then applied. Once the ink dries, the foam board is cut to the specifications in the order.

The smallest size you can order is 4” x 4”, but foam board can be ordered in any size larger than that.

Foam core board comes in three different thickness levels: 3/16”, 1/8” and 1/2” The 1/2” is the thickest foam board that is printed.

Foam board is sold by the square foot. A 3’ x 3’ foam poster board is 9 square feet, so if the price is $3 per square foot the foam poster board would cost $18.

You can print any color on white foam core board. Custom foam poster board printing in full vibrant color looks amazing on the glossy white material.

Foam board is sometimes called ‘poster board’ or ‘foam board poster’. It is also commonly called foamboard.

Finishing options are options that are unique to each product. Typical Finishing Options for poster board include Grommets, Round Corners, and four types of Cuts.


If you already have your artwork sized exactly to your foam board product you can complete your purchase. Once checkout is complete you can upload your artwork and view and approve the proof. If you need to finish designing your artwork you can still complete your purchase and come back later to upload your artwork file.


You can also use the free online Design Tool. Once you complete the design just add it to your cart and complete your purchase. You still need to view your proof and approve it before it goes to print. If you need help uploading your artwork you can chat, email or call us directly!

Once your order is complete, you must view and approve a proof of your uploaded artwork on the website.

Approval means that you have checked to make sure that your artwork size matches the exact dimensions of the product you ordered, the resolution is correct for the size being printed (preferably 300 dpi for better quality) and the color mode is CMYK. The best way to be sure of quality is to check your artwork at full size (100%). Is it crisp and clear? Or is it pixilated? Once you approve the proof your foam board product will be printed!

Foam poster board is light enough to be hung with some double-sided tape but also durable enough to not fold over onto itself. Unless you are physically trying to bend the foam board in half, it should not break. Be careful not to set anything on your foam board or bump it into anything as it may leave dents in it.

Foam core board is a lightweight material that is mostly used indoors. If you are planning on using your board outside, you need to keep it away from the elements (sun, wind, rain, heat, etc). If you want to display it at an outdoor venue put it somewhere that is covered (patio cover, etc) and has no wind.

One option is to use the FREE online Design Tool. There are thousands of free Stock Images to choose from to help you get started. A second option is to select one of the many free Custom Templates to select and edit with your personalized information. A third option would be to contact one of an amazing Graphic Designer at and let them do the work for you!

Depending on what size and how thick your foam poster board is, hanging most foam core board products is fast and easy with double-sided tape or double-sided tape with velcro. For smaller prints like our 18”x 24” and 24”x 36” you can usually place the double-sided tape in just the corners (on the back of the board). The larger the print, the more strips of double-sided tape recommended.

You can store your foam sign board prints in a cool, dry place that is not too hot or cold. Try to avoid high humidity areas as well as direct sunlight. Storing your poster on its side against an interior wall also helps to keep you from accidentally setting anything on the board.

Cleaning is easy since it only involves a soft, dry cloth and a light touch. Never get your foam board wet, it is not waterproof. foam core board prints can last a long time with the correct care.

Yes, foam board can print on both sides of the material with full color. You can also order your board with top grommets in the corners and hang it at an event or trade show to maximize exposure.

Full, vibrant color is always included for free with your purchase. The UV protected ink comes in four colors: CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Our foam board is a glossy white material and the UV inks have more of a semi gloss finish. If you are looking for a matte black finish then take a look at Gatorboard!

Everything is done in house so overhead is kept down and prices stay lower than the competition while still providing top quality products.

The printing process starts the moment you approve your artwork and send it to the printers. Exclusive software reads your file and prints your order to your exact specifications. Uploading the correct artwork in CMYK, sized exactly to your product’s dimensions, using a resolution of 300 dpi or higher and saved as a Vector PDF is the best way to achieve optimal results.

Since foam board is lightweight, customers feel comfortable hanging 24” x 36”, 36” x 48” and 48” x 60” with just double-sided tape with velcro. The 48” x 72” is a popular choice for menu boards. And 18” x 18” is really popular for creating ‘Big Head’ signs for events.

Each order is custom made using the details you enter and the artwork file you upload. The automated system reads your order details and sends them directly to the printers.

Custom shapes can be cut in any shape, depending on which cut you choose. When it comes to foam board, there are four different cuts; Halo, Circle, Oval and Special.

Large Format printing, or Grand Format printing is the process of printing large material. Very few professional sign shops have the ability to print large sizes and still keep prices lower than the competition.

Poster boards can be displayed at trade shows in almost any size. You can create a minimalist look or go for a really dark edgy look just by changing your artwork. foam board is so versatile you can even cut it out in shapes and hang them. This board can also be propped up on easels.

With proper care foam board can last years. This board is printed with UV coated LED ink that resists fading. The ink, just like the foam core board material it is printed on, was selected because it holds up well over time.

The clarity of an image on foam board depends on the artwork you upload. If your image is high resolution with at least a 300 dpi (dots per inch) and sized to the exact measurements of the printed photo, it should look great! Images on foam core board look amazing and so realistic!

Yes, of course, you can! We can print a single or multi-sided board, even in special unique shapes!

A banner is something you can hang and can be made of vinyl or mesh. You wouldn't put labels on it - the messaging would be printed on the banner itself. They can be medium-sized to very large, depending on your use case. They are also often best-used ni the outdoors.

A board is hard and other than foam core, can be made from plastic and wood. Labels can be slapped on easily since adhesives are good with boards as long as the format of the board makes sense with it. 

Matte has no shine, while gloss has a more finished and shiny look from the liquid coating.

Yes, you can. Make sure to trace or stencil it out for the best results. To make sure the writing sticks to the material use a permanent marker.

Yes, you can get circular foam signs and additional custom shapes. If you have questions on how to do this, you can get in touch here.

Yes, you can put foam core signs on a window, but the adhesive you use may leave behind a sticky residue. It is probably more effective to put it behind a window with a stand, rather than mounting it directly on the glass. Window decals are better to use on windows.

You can use foam board signs outside, but they won't last as long. They don't have a lot of protection, so they will fade relatively quickly if there is wind or water. For better signs to use outdoors, we recommend our yard signs. Yard signs are made to last outdoors and are weather resistant. Window decals can also be used outside, but they are more like stickers than actual physical signage.

Yes, you can stick foam boards to walls. Use 3M adhesive stips that won't damage the wall and sign. Alternatively, you can use double-sided velcro tape.

Yes, you can! Grommets are an option however, we do not offer drill holes on foam board as an automated option. You can order a "special cut" finish option and add as many holes in the exact places you like. Just include cut paths in your art file, follow these instructions to set up cut paths like a pro!

Yes, Foam core prints are one of the best types of products to use for posters! 

No, foamcore boards are not retractable. For retractable banner stands, click here.

We recommend checking out these canvas wrapped signs.

At checkout, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of turn around time and shipping options. In some cases, you can get your ordered products within 1 business day. It's best if you reach out below to our customer service to see how fast we can get your ordered business signage to you. 


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