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Oversized Checks

Print your own oversized check design on direct to foam board with Printmoz.com, your one-stop online print shop & more!

  • 36 x 18
  • 48 x 18
  • 60 x 30
  • Gloss $0.30
  • Matte $0.30
  • Dry Erase $1.25

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Oversized Giant Novelty Checks

When looking to make your promotional, charity, or marketing event more engaging, oversized checks are a standout option.

At Printmoz, we print giant checks (sometimes called printing large check) for every occasion you may need them for. In fact, we offer full customization so it looks and feels the way you want it to. We print at 1000 DPI, so you can trust in the printing resolution. Above all, we focus on quality so the giant check adds a measure of excitement and fun for your event or giveaway.

The truth is people love receiving money. They love it, even more, when that money is announced on a check that’s bigger than they are. Especially to promote your business or to make a donation more exciting, a giant check is one sure way to make an impression. Furthermore, you can reuse a dry erase big check. All you have to do is wipe away the marker.

Oversized Checks Benefits

  • You get a dry erase big check
  • Add a special touch to events & charities
  • High-quality and reusable
  • Easy to customize
  • Truly a big check size

Custom Giant Checks

Our big checks can be totally customized with your choice of logo, image, colors, and text. In other words, you can design your giant check to match your business's look and feel. People who see the check, even if they aren’t the people receiving the money, will take note of what it looks like. In this way, it becomes an advertisement.

Whether you’re looking for a winner check, an oversized check, or simply a giant blank check, we print it all. Depending on the what you’re looking for, we can mount the oversized check on foam board or gator board for a more durable option. furthermore, we can laminate the check with a protective finish so you can fill out the check with a dry-erase marker, erase, then reuse it.

We can print anything on your customizable dry erase big check. All you have to do is upload your graphics and resize them as needed. With your personalized winner check, you can make events a bigger celebration.

Big Checks Quality Guarantee

What’s most important to us is our commitment to quality and satisfaction. We use state-of-the-art technology to increase the visual appeal of your big check. With precise, edge-to-edge printing, you won’t have any unsightly borders or image flaws. Additionally, we make printing large check fast and efficient. Once you buy the oversized check online, we can get it to you as fast as you need. We offer a standard 3 day turn around, next day turn, as well as same day production options and overnight shipping!

Another benefit of digital printing is our high level of automation. Besides securing print quality, it allows us to offer you a reasonable and competitive price for oversized checks. Affordability is key to Printmoz’s mission so that you can receive a printed product without breaking the bank. Especially since many giant checks are only used once, we don’t want to you feel like it’s a loss when you give them to their recipients.

A customizable dry erase big check is reusable for multiple events or giveaways. Just wipe away the writing, and you’re ready to go.

Personalized Oversized Checks Online

Our efficient web to print platform makes it easy for you to customize and print oversized checks. In short, you save time and money when printing large check. When you’re ready to order, you can do it all online. First, choose your size, materials, and other options. Then buy the dry erase big check and upload the artwork. Within a few minutes, your winner check will be ready to print.

If you decide you need some assistance with customizing your big check size, let us know. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Our oversized checks are printed at our California facility and shipped to you all within a few days. Buy your customizable dry erase big check today! For more information on oversized checks and the history of how they came about, click here!

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