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Professional custom giant checks made from 3/16" foam board with dry-erase. Great for fundraisers, charitable functions & marketing events! Read More

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Giant Checks - Best Uses

Gestures can be expressed in one of two ways: small and light-hearted or showy and spectacular. Create from scratch using our online design tool, or decide from an easy-to-edit giant check template. Trust us when we say that nothing says spectacularly like a good old giant check. Sometimes, a big check can represent something showy and exciting (winning some cash on a game show) or a staple that something somebody has done is meaningful (think donating a large sum of funds to charity). They're no doubt some of the more unique things people give out. Regardless, they are given out daily and have become a significant part of our ceremonial culture.

multiple common size giant check options with dollar symbol money bags

Giant Checks Common Sizes

If you're out trying to find a nice big check, then one of the most important things you'll need to have is a sense of size. Though, they're just gator boards with a giant check mount. Extensive presentation checks are quite multivariable regarding how big or small they can be. Thickness, weight, what event they're for, and material are factors that come into play.

Typical Common Sizes:

  • 36x18”

  • 48x18”

  • 60x30”

  • 72x30”

The most popular giant check size of all is typically the 24 x 48 inches, big enough to still be showy (it's 2 feet by 4 feet, which is still sizable) but small enough to be cost-effective. Speaking of which, the most inexpensive sizes tend to be the 18 x 36 inches cheques. These are most commonly used for small ceremonies or child charities. They are big enough for a child to hold without much difficulty.

But if you're looking for big and showy, then the 30 x 60 inch and the 30 x 72-inch cheques can carry a whole lot of digits, so if you're ordering for the next lottery winner, this may be for you. Smaller checks are made of lightweight materials, often not solid, while larger presentation checks are made from foam and are considerably thick. A flimsy giant check will still look good for the camera person if multiple people are holding it. If not, you'll want to get the ones made of more stable foam, which gator boards are perfect for.

Giant Checks

Big Check History and Where They Came From

Where and when did the giant check even become a thing? Since the beginning of American currency, any material that could be used as a check has provided the correct credentials. In some instances, throughout history, this even meant using the backs of fruit. As long as the banker can read the check, it can be cashed. But the giant check itself dates back way further than the American bank.

paper and quill icons blank the national bank check

Origins Revealed

The Romans, often credited as pioneers regarding money, were the first to create checks. Carrying a lot of money over long distances was very dangerous in Roman's expansive empire. Instead, they would inscribe the value on checks that represented the large sums of money placed elsewhere in the empire. However, it wasn't until 1700s England that the standard, reliable, and exchangeable check we know today came to fruition. Now where banking is involved, the giant check is still obviously a viable exchange of currency. But it is really about a lot more than its actual value. It's all about showiness. That's why the first photographed picture, including somebody receiving a big check, was taken of Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda for Adolf Hitler in the Second World War, where he received 200,000 Deutschmarks.

The big check in this context makes sense when handed to somebody who crafted the public image as a job, as the big check signifies that the transaction was important. Since then, large checks have been presented for more pleasant occasions ranging from hospital openings to massive sums of money being donated to charity to winning equally large sums of money. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that it became synonymous with the idea of “winning money.” Publisher's Clearing House was the first to send out giant checks to the winners of the many contests they would hold annually. They would bring the checks to the winner's front door, and the reactions would then be recorded and posted in the newspaper the next day. That's what the big check is all about, showing that whatever the event, it's essential, and everyone witnessing said transaction has got to know it.

When to Use Them

The big check is meant to symbolize the significance of a transaction, so it’s probably not hard to imagine what types of events they would be presented at.

Big checks

Donations and Charities

The biggest and most obvious scenarios are big donations. Regardless of the motivation behind it, big checks are a good way of motivating people to donate. You give a big check, maybe get a photograph taken of you, and the world recognizes your efforts. It's also a good way of thanking somebody for their contribution. It offers recognition for your efforts which is why they're so prominently used at charity events.

Big Wins Like Lottery Prizes

Also mentioned previously, they can signify that you have won something big, which is why they're often used for lotteries. Using big checks does two things: one, it instills a great sense of officiation and joy in the winner, and two, it advertises the prize itself to others. When people see a lottery winner holding up a huge check reading 10 million dollars and a look of pure joy on the winner's face, it encourages others to buy lottery tickets. Because of its showy nature, it's also a great marketing tool.

$1,000,000 lottery winner check

Game Shows or Anything Showy

Speaking of winning money, it's, of course, often used on game shows. Spin a wheel and get $100,000. Here, the big check is also for functionality purposes. Of course, you can't actually have $100,000 of cash given to the winner, and you can't just give a small check because the audience at home won't be able to see that. So a nice giant check does the job quite nicely. It also makes it great for presentations since it's very showy and “extra” - it REALLY stands out. Celebrate these occasions with us!!

Oversized check printed on printmoz larger format printer

Oversized Giant Novelty Checks

When looking to make your promotional, charity, or marketing event more engaging, oversized checks are a standout option.

At Printmoz, we print giant checks (sometimes called large novelty checks) for every occasion you may need. We offer full customization, so it looks and feels how you want it to. We offer full color at 1000 DPI, so you can trust the printing resolution. Above all, we focus on quality, so the giant check adds a measure of excitement and fun to your event or giveaway.

The truth is people love receiving money. They love it even more when it is announced on a check that's bigger than they are. Especially to promote your business or to make a donation more exciting, a giant check is one sure way to make an impression. Furthermore, you can reuse a dry erase big check. All you have to do is wipe away with wet erase markers.

large clip board with woman standing next to a checklist

Oversized Checks Benefits

The benefits included:

  • Add a special touch to grand openings, special events & charities, or ribbon cutting ceremonies.

  • durable and reusable

  • Easy to customize

  • Truly a big check size check arrives

  • Glossy finish

  • Photo quality direct onto paper foamboard

  • Reach a larger audience

multiple editable giant check templates

Custom Giant Checks

Our giant checks can be customized with your choice of logo, image, colors, and text. In other words, you can simply add your giant check design to match your business's look and feel. People who see the check, even if they aren't the people receiving it, will take note of what it looks like. In this way, it becomes an advertisement.

Dry erase markers with dry erase check to out your company logo on

Dry Erase Checks

If you plan to preserve your check for use later on, dry-erase laminates are reusable for writing on using dry erase markers. The board covers are laminated to make it easy to write anywhere on it to clean them and re-use them. They are ideal for a business or organization planning to give multiple gift presentations. What size checks are suitable for the presentation? The appropriate size of the check will depend on the number of people present during the presentation or the distance from the photographer. The 18x36 check size is the best size and fits the check.

Whether you're looking for a winner check, an oversized check, or simply a giant blank check, we can do it all. Depending on what you're looking for, we can mount the giant check on foam or gator board for a more durable option. furthermore, we can laminate the check with a protective finish so you can fill out the check with a dry erase marker, erase it, then reuse it.

We can print anything on your customizable dry erase big check. All you have to do is upload your graphics and resize them as needed. With your personalized winner check, you can make events a bigger celebration.

quality guarantee thumbs up icon with multi colored checks

Big Checks Quality Guarantee

What's most important to us is our commitment to quality and satisfaction. We use state-of-the-art technology to increase the visual appeal of your big check. You won't have any unsightly borders or image flaws with precise, edge-to-edge printing. Additionally, we make printing large check fast and efficient. Once you buy the oversized check online, we can get it to you as fast as you need. We offer a standard 3 day turnaround, next day turn, as well as same day production options and overnight shipping!

Another benefit of digital printing is our high level of automation. Besides securing a print quality, it allows us to offer you a reasonable and competitive price for big checks. Affordability is key to Printmoz's mission so that you can receive a printed product without breaking the bank. Especially since many giant checks are generally only used once, we don't want you to feel like it's a loss when you give them to their recipients.

A customizable dry erase big check is reusable for multiple events or giveaways. Just wipe away the writing, and you're ready to go.

oversized checks size options Upload / Design now

Personalized Oversized Checks Online

Our efficient web-to-print platform makes it easy for you to customize and print oversized checks. In short, you save time and money when printing large check. When you're ready to order, you can do it all online. First, choose your size and other options. Then buy the dry erase big check and upload the artwork. After your size check, your winner check will be ready to print within a few minutes.

If you decide you need some assistance with customizing your big check size, let us know. We're here to help you every step of the way, from online chat to help with checkout. Our big checks are printed at our California facility and shipped to you within a few days. Buy your customizable dry erase big check today!

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Appropriate Shipping Method

Selecting the appropriate shipping method will ensure your order arrives promptly within the estimated arrival date. The Printmoz default shipping option utilizes UPS ground shipping; however, additional shipping options are available from the shopping cart when you select the button “Get it Faster.” Shipping options will be displayed for viewing to select the appropriate shipping method for the required in-hand date.

Take Away

  • It is the customers responsibility to allow sufficient time to purchase time-sensitive materials.

  • Cut off time for artwork for standard turnaround is 10 am PST, and 8 am for Next-day & Same-day turnaround options.

  • If you, your company, or someone from your organization are not satisfied with the online proofs, please chat with us, contact or write customer support with written concerns at

  • The price to ship your order is the actual price to ship your items; at this time, we do not offer free ground shipping.

Big Checks Conclusion

In short, the big check results from our primal desire to show off. Big and shiny is nice, but bigger and shinier is better.

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They look excellent, background is sharp with great image quality for uploaded logo's graphics etc. Online tool made it extremely easy to create/edit and view proofs.

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Frequently asked Questions

How long will my oversized checks last?

Oversized checks are designed for temporary and one time use events. However, the material will last years if the proper care and storage protocol is followed. Take a look at our dry erase options for oversized checks that can be easily reused.

What material are giant checks made of?

Printmoz Giant checks are made from paper faced foam board and offer a matte, semi gloss or dry erase finish.

how much do giant checks cost?

The cost for all three standard sizes before shipping are listed below:

  • 36x16" - $49.43

  • 48x18" - $65.91

  • 60x30" - $137.31 (Giant Check Size)

where to buy giant checks?

Buy them from Printmoz, of course! Create giant checks online from a vast selection of easy to edit templates or upload your own custom graphic, shop printmoz today!


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