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You may have stumbled onto this article while checking out our blog. Bandit signs maybe something you've never even heard of before. You're probably wondering what it is. So in this post, we're going to cover all the details about bandit signs, cheap bandit signs, what are bandit signs? And what kind of events and promotions can benefit from this kind of signage? If you're into gorilla marketing, keep on reading. Even if living on the edge of advertising scares you even a little bit, there are things you can do to be on the up and up.

What Are Bandit Signs?
A bandit sign is basically the same thing as a yard sign. They're generally made of durable weather resistant coroplast which is corrugated plastic. Cheap bandit signs are an easy way for different types of businesses to market their products and services. Cheap bandit signs are often used on the sides of the road, at intersections and on telephone poles.

Where To Buy Bandit Signs
You can order bandit signs cheap at your local brick-and-mortar print shop or online. But they usually won't give you wholesale bandit signs pricing. If you want wholesale bandit signs with no minimum order requirement printmoz is the place to be.

What Do Bandit Signs Cost?
Not all bandit signs are made alike. There are top quality bandit signs, and then there are cheap bandit signs. Luckily all of our high-quality bandit signs are also cheap! Sounds crazy, right? There are tons of places to buy bandit signs cheap, but with us, you can get wholesale bandit sign prices straight to your office or home with the best quality. You. Even if you don't have an Ein or tax ID number you can still order wholesale bandit signs through us.

If you want to order a hundred cheap bandit signs at bulk signs prices, you can usually get a better deal on them. But what if you're a small business that's just getting started and you only work once order 3 or 10? With us, you can get bandit signs for only a $1.85 per square foot?
That's less than a cup of coffee! We say a good idea is to make coffee at home for a week and you'll have more than enough money to advertise your business!

Wholesale Bandit Signs Are Great For Your Side Hustle or Full-Time Business
If you have a side hustle business and you're not making money, there's something you can do about it. If you have trouble getting traction and your gig seems like it's a waste of time, you might need to invest a little cash into cheap bandit signs.
Bandit signs cheap can help get your business recognized fast!

Why People Respond To Bandit Signs
Art Markman Ph.D. over a Psychology Today spoke to a friend who asked local neighborhood people to put a political yard sign in their yard. After his canvassing, many of the yards displayed candidate's bandit signs.

Bandit signs are often used in real estate and political elections. There are psychology studies that show if you ask a person to do an easy task ( like posting up a bandit sign in their yard), they're more likely to do something that even cost money at another time. So somebody puts up your bandit sign in their yard they're showing a commitment to your business. And they could potentially become a customer.

Real Estate Bandit Signs Do's and Don't
It’s the same in the bandit signs real estate department. If it's a friend or someone you just I met is willing to put bandit signs real estate and they're well-manicured grass, their friends and neighbors will notice it. So, bandit signs real estate can help promote your home for sale. Whether you're a realtor, investor flipping houses or have a home for sale by owner.
Even if your home is under foreclosure, someone could use a bandit sign to promote it at an auction.
Instead of a realtor driving a fancy car (which many of them do) people like the down-home feel of bandit signs. There are other reasons bandit signs real estate work. We want you to do the right things.

They seem relatable
A seller using a bandit sign seems down to earth
Bandit signs can be written in easy-to-understand language
A buyer might think they have more negotiation possibilities
There are things you need to know about when you create your bandit yard sign.

Great Design
Great design doesn’t mean getting fancy. What are the most important things when you're using a bandit sign is to keep things simple? Get to the point. And make sure you have a call to action. Also make sure you have your web address, phone number, or email. People need to know how to get in touch with you.

Eye-catching Marketing
When it comes to catching someone's eye with your marketing, it's always good to tap into a consumer's emotions. Think about how your business can help your potential customer. If you’re a landscaper, think about the frustrations, people have with their fast mowing grass. You can tap into their past experiences of people who don't show up saying things like reliable lawn care. Great references!

Selecting Bright Colors
Make sure you have complimentary contrast in your graphics, background, and lettering. Your sign needs to be easy to read. Think about how Coca-Cola has a specific red they always use. And McDonald's has that well-known color yellow. People can recognize your business from bold colors in lettering and background.
Significant Legible Texts and Fonts
One of the biggest mistakes advertisers mistakes are creating advertising in capital letters or fancy scripts. You can break things up with simple fonts that are easy to read from afar. Keep your capitalization consistent. Using a bold font will make it easy for people to see from their cars or while they're walking by.

5 Instances To Use Cheap Bandit Signs For Marketing
You can use dirt cheap signs for your community yard sale. Another example of dirt cheap bandit signs it's for a pop-up store. Dirt cheap bandit signs are also a great way to advertise your handyman business. Using dirt cheap bandit signs is an easy way to promote your local art show. Dirt cheap signs are one of the easiest ways to show off your estate sale. Don't forget about using dirt cheap signs for any kind of business where you want to save money and make money.
Directional Signs
Bandit signs are a perfect way to send customers in the right direction. You'll need a directional sign, especially if you have an event and you want to lead the way. Make sure you have arrows pointing in the right direction.
Brand Awareness
Bandit signs are a cheap and easy way to promote brand awareness for your business. They're easy to put up and take down.
Garage or Estate Sales
If you need to get rid of stuff fast using a bandit sign for your garage sale or estate sale is a no-brainer
Promotions and Weekend Sales
Let's say you have an appliance store and you have a big Memorial Sale this weekend. Putting up bandit signs one of the easiest ways to get your special noticed.
Open House Signs For Real Estate
Almost every realtor uses open house signs. There's a reason for this. They work!
However . . .

4 Reasons Why Bandit Signs Can Bring Problems (How to Avoid Them)
#1 They don't call them bandit signs for no reason. They're illegal. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself.
Ask Property Owners Permission To Post
You don't want to just post your bandit sign in some random person's yard. You need to get approval.
Legal Counsel
If you what to play it safe, we suggest you talk to an attorney.
Ask The City The Rules and Regulations on Signposting
Another thing you can do is go to your city to check out sign regulations. Pretty much every city in the country has zoning laws where some signs are okay, and some signs are not okay. You could get a hefty fine if you don't follow the rules.
Leave Them Up Through The weekend ONLY.
A guerrilla marketing tactic some people do is to put up their signs on the weekends. The city probably isn't checking after Friday at 5 through Saturday and Sunday. We are not telling you to break the city laws. But every guerilla marketers make sure to take their signs down by Sunday night before business hours on Monday.
#2 Some Locals do not like them and may resent your eagerness to spread your message
If You Put Them Up, Also Take Them Down (Up On Friday Down On Sunday)
Make a map of where your signs are located. Another sneaky trick to use is to create a map for every place where you put your bandit sign.
We're sure you've seen signs for events weeks or even months after the actual event occurred. Don't do that! It's annoying.
Replace Them Often (If Sun Faded)
If you do have funds that can stay up for a long time such as a lawn care service make sure they look their best. If it’s been out for three years and is faded definitely get some new brightly color signs printed
#3 Your bandit signs will fall down or be TAKEN down.
Sometimes people in the neighborhood will take the signs down Even if they're legally posted. Or Mother Nature can have a hand in removing your signs for you. If you think you're getting traction, make sure your signs have not blown away in the wind and if they have put up another one.
Post Them On Private Property
If you ask a homeowner or business owner to post your bandit sign on their property with their permission, you're more likely to get more value for your Bandit sign, It’s less likely to get taken down by surprise.

Place Them HIGH Up!
Another way to guarantee their longevity is to place them up high where people can't reach them easily. If someone needs a ladder there less than likely to try to remove it. You can . . .
Use a heavy duty staple gun to post them (sign-stapler)
Zip Ties Can Help Anchor Them Cheap And Safely
An easy way to hang up your banda sign is to use strong zip ties. These things will keep your sign in place for a long time to come.
#4 Not generating leads for your bandit signs

Location, Location, Location
If you feel like you're not getting any traction from your bandit signs, you might want to move them around. Location matters. You can also look around your town to see where other people put Their Advertising Signs. Bandit signs are often used at intersections with stop lights. This gives people a chance to actually see your sign while they're sitting in traffic.

The Bigger, The Better
Think about during a political election. Some people use small little signs. The ones who get the most attention are the big ones. So if your budget allows go up a few inches so you can have a larger font to get your message seen.

Bold Message Copy
Make sure you use a bold fought with your message. No skinny script letters, please! These are hard to read!

Bright Background
Having a bright background on your bandit sign can get your brand noticed fast. Things to remember about using bandit signs
Track your leads with your signs. When you get a customer, ask them how they heard about you. Keep a spreadsheet to track phone calls. Or use a landing page to capture customer's name and email address. Add them to an email autoresponder and keep them engaged by emailing them educating information and special deals for subscribers. Build your list and take care of the people on it.
dirt cheap bandit sign on poster board

Things To Remember About Using Bandit Signs.
�Track your leads with your signs. When you get a customer, ask them how they heard about you. Keep a spreadsheet to track phone calls. Or use a landing page to capture customer's name and email address. Add them to an email autoresponder and keep them engaged by emailing them educating information and special deals for subscribers. Build your list and take care of the people on it.
Bandit Signs Definition
Bandit signs are considered illegal. They're often posted on street signs (which is a big No-No!) telephone poles, or on private property without permission. Usually, bandit signs are less than 6 square feet. The best ones are made of corrugated plastic. The ghetto ones are made of cardboard, plywood, or even poster board. It's also the same thing as a yard sign. So to protect you and your business, please check with your city, an attorney and the property owners before you post any signage.

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