Best Laptop & Computer Vinyl Sticker Decals
Best Laptop & Computer Vinyl Sticker Decals
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Express yourself and add style and pizzazz to your laptop, computer, or notebook with custom laptop stickers. College students across the nation have embraced the opportunity to personalize their primary electronic tools. They choose a way that speaks to their values, quirks, favorite sports teams, funny smackdowns, dreams, and aspirations. Computer stickers tell the world about ourselves.

While college students initially popularized laptop decals, they have become must-haves for high school students, professionals, retirees, and more. A nondescript laptop that looks like everyone else’s is far more likely to walk away in a coffee shop than one that makes a party out of self-expression.

Whether you want to beautify your computer, make it funny, add inspirational quotes, or simply make it an expressive extension of yourself, custom laptop decals from Printmoz are the way to go!

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Designing Cool Laptop Stickers
One of the most used electronic devices is the laptop. So, why not decorate it to make it your own? With custom vinyl stickers, your imagination is your only limitation. The design, shape, size, color, and content are entirely up to you. If you can dream it, we can print it!

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can create the best laptop stickers for you. Since the top of your laptop is always facing outwards and it is the largest single, smooth surface of the device, it is the ideal place for applying laptop decals. But you can design cool laptop stickers for any location you choose. You can even create your own keycap stickers to customize your keyboard.

Some people prefer a minimal look with a single, thoughtfully chosen laptop decal design. For instance, you might create a simple silhouette or a skyline. Many make clever use of the Apple logo on their Macbook as a feature of their design. A Mickey Mouse hand reaching out to hold the apple is a fun look. Another is a giant Pac-Man getting ready to eat the apple with additional dots for munching they add behind the logo.

Other people enjoy a large laptop sticker with a fantasy-inspired scene. Choose one from The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or from your own imagination. You can create a miniature world of swimming dragons and flying unicorns if you wish. You spend so much time working and plating on your laptop; why not decorate it with your own inner world?

Another approach to creating cool stickers for computers is to go for a graffiti-style combination of many smaller stickers overlapping in vibrant colors. The only rule to designing custom laptop decals is that you follow your own rules.

You can choose your favorite sports team or the latest meme that made you laugh. You can select a photo of your pet, your best friend’s selfie, your child’s drawing, symbols of your favorite hobby, your favorite band’s artwork, or anything at all that speaks to you can be the inspiration for your custom laptop sticker designs.

The best part about it is that you have the power to choose what feels the most like you.

Are Stickers Bad for Laptops?
While it’s great that laptop stickers are so fun for people, are they damaging to the laptop? Not at all! When you design and print your custom computer decals with Printmoz, you will get a quality product that will not harm your computer or its case. You can remove the stickers, too, without scratching the surface, and a bit of rubbing alcohol takes care of any residual adhesive.
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What about overheating? As long you do not cover any heat vents, your laptop stickers will not cause any temperature issues.

Computer stickers are totally safe to use on your devices. Laptop decal stickers are resistant to water and food. Stop pouring your PSL on the keys (yes, we saw you!) and decorate your laptop with a picture of your favorite latte instead. In fact, using large or plentiful laptop stickers can prevent scratches on the case.

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Custom Laptop Decals vs. Computer Stickers

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and to design your own cool custom computer decal stickers — but which do you want? Decals or stickers? They're related, but quite different products that yield different results. Check out our deep dive into the difference between decals and stickers for a thorough understanding of each.

For now, let’s summarize it this way: If you are designing a single, cohesive design with no transparent portions, a laptop sticker will do all you need. It works perfectly for a design that is just 0.75” square, up to the size of your laptop cover, and beyond. You can design a round sticker, square, triangular, star-shaped, heart-shaped, or any custom shape you choose.

However, if you want to create an intricate graphic with portions of negative space where you can see and feel the laptop through, that would be a decal. For instance, let’s say you want to turn your signature into a decoration for your laptop and the only part you want to affix to the computer case is the signature itself. That would require a laptop decal.

Laptop decals are typically more complex in shape than computer stickers, though both can be cut into any shape you choose. If you choose to design and decorate with cool decals for your laptop, check out our guide to applying vinyl decals.

Custom Laptop Stickers for Business, Gifts, and Fundraisers!

Laptop stickers and computer decals are so popular that they don’t have to be just for self-expression. Consider using your company logo or tagline as the sticker design. Branded laptop vinyl stickers make a terrific promotional giveaway that keeps your company name top of mind.

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Dazzle your friends and family with a thoughtful gift that shows you care and goes easy on your wallet. Design a custom laptop decal with their favorite band, musician, or movie as inspiration!

Instead of selling chocolate or baked goods for a fundraiser, only to hear a chorus of “But, I’m dieting!” try selling fun laptop stickers. Design one with the school mascot or motivational phrases or simply offer a Love, Laugh, Live option. As always, with computer stickers, whatever you can imagine, we can print!

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Take Laptop Stickers Off and Change Them Up

When you’re getting tired of your laptop stickers, you can always take them off and change them up!. This is one of the major benefits of having laptop stickers. You aren’t tied down to the stickers you first chose.

When you take the computer stickers off, carefully, peel them at an angle. This way, you won’t risk leaving all the remnants on your laptop cover if your sticker is stubborn, use some adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol to get the job done.

If there is still some residue, get a razor and start scraping at an angle. Once this process is finished, you can start brainstorming all-new laptop stickers to refresh your old laptop cover.

What Makes a Laptop Sticker Stand Out - Your Imagination & Our Expertise!

When your laptop stands out, it can be a positive outlet for your imagination. Custom laptop stickers provide a way for you to become your own artist. No training required! All you need to do is think about all your interests.

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We want your laptop to stand out by turning your ideas into durable computer stickers. Since our stickers have top quality and print, you can have the best of both worlds. Unleash your creativity and count on these stickers to last you a long time.

Use your imagination to create a cover full of color and personality. You can bring your laptop to life at the click of a couple of buttons. Just choose your stickers or decals, and set the size and shape. Then use our free online design tool and release your creativity! Your laptop can stand out wherever you go!

Frequently asked Questions

Are vinyl stickers safe for laptops?

Yes, vinyl stickers are completely safe for your laptop or computer. Vinyl stickers are made with a smooth vinyl material that can be printed in any color and cut into any custom size. Order your vinyl sticker with a laminate coating to give it added protection. 

How should I decorate my laptop?

Decorating your laptop is fun and easy with custom printed stickers and decals. You can print in full color or just a simple black and white logo. Show off your favorite band or even a favorite quote. Let people know what your interests are without even saying a word. 

What kind of decal should I put on my laptop?

There are many decals to choose from depending on how long you want it on your laptop. Removable decals are great if you want to change out your decal every once in a while. Static clings are perfect when you want to change out your decals more often. You can also select a clear static cling and show off a new one every day! 

Are laptop stickers unprofessional?

Laptop stickers can look very professional if that's the look you are going for. You can custom print your favorite work of art or motivational quote. You can also order a custom shape to emphasize your company logo or brand. If you are going for a professional look, try and avoid subjects that might offend people. 

How can I make my laptop stickers look good?

The best looking laptop stickers are usually printed in full color with a clear image or photo. The first step is to sketch out what you want to put on your laptop sticker, including the dimensions. Are you going to design it or just upload an image? Is the image high resolution or pixilated? The next step is to decide what sticker or decal will work best. Do you want to keep your sticker on for a long time? Do you want to change it out once in a while? Or do you plan on changing your stickers more often? Select a sticker, upload your artwork and have your sticker printed in full color fast!
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