The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Tablecloth for Tradeshows

Choosing the Perfect Table Covers for Tradeshows

When setting up your tradeshow booth, including a table cover is important. Not only does it give your display a professional look, but it also serves as a branding tool by drawing attention and creating brand recognition. By incorporating your company logo and colors, well-designed trade show table covers immediately communicate your brand identity and differentiate you from competitors.

Moreover, a table cover is helpful in concealing any storage or personal items underneath the table, ensuring a clean and organized appearance for your booth. Overall, tablecloth covers and throws contribute to a cohesive and welcoming environment that attracts visitors and encourages them to engage with your products or services.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Table Cover for Tradeshows

Many wonder how to create the perfect trade show booth, and choosing a custom tablecloth or table throw is the first step in making your display stand out. There are many factors to consider when choosing to design your tradeshow table cover, and our guide can help you choose the perfect custom-printed tablecloth that reflects your branding.

Types of Trade Show Table Covers

Printmoz offers a variety of trade show table covers to give our customers styles, options, and the ability to design their vision and express their brand. Our tradeshow table covers and table throws are perfect for indoor or outdoor events and can add to your booth presentation by creating an inviting space that potential customers will never forget.

Think about your booth location at each event, and this can help you determine which cover to choose. There are many options, including budget-friendly tablecloths for any occasion if you are concerned about price. Depending on your style and how you want your trade booth to look will determine which type of trade show display cover or table throw will work best.

Custom Printed Tablecloths: Branding at Its Best

Designing your own custom-printed tablecloth using bright colors to display your logo or company message will drive traffic to your booth and grab the attention of customers. Our custom tablecloths come in multiple sizes to fit any table and can help you highlight your business.

Print in full color on all sides, or select our 3-sided tablecloth to allow for easy access and storage underneath. Make your brand recognizable with slogans to set you apart from others. Your tablecloth is the first thing they see when they walk up to your booth, and making a statement will set the stage for success!

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Stretch Table Covers: Sleek and Professional

Try a custom stretch table cover if you are looking for a sleeker, fitted look for your trade show booth. This type of cover fits tight around the table, and no fabric hangs off the sides. Stretch covers are perfect for those busy expos, trade shows, or job fairs where you will have a lot of traffic moving around your display.

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Fitted Table Covers: Streamlined and Tailored

Fitted table covers are another popular choice and look traditional but are custom sized to fit your table and eliminate any extra material that may gather on the floor. These can also be customized with colors and business logos to help draw attention to your display.

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Blank Table Covers: Versatility and Functionality

Blank table covers are made of quality material, giving an event a professional appearance. If you are on a budget, this option may cost less compared to custom tablecloths. Many customers use this type of tablecloth for occasions such as weddings or conferences. If you have multiple tables in your trade show booth and have already designed a custom cover for your main table, blank table covers are perfect for any other tables in your display.

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Custom Table Throw Tablecloths: Easy and Effortless

Custom table throw tablecloths are an easy way to display your trademark or slogan and add that extra color and attention to your presentation. Table throws are modern and attractive and can be thrown over both a round or rectangular table.

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Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Trade Show Table Covers

When you decide to invest in your company and choose a custom trade show tablecloth, making sure the tablecloth is made of a quality fabric is important. Most coverings made by reputable printing companies are made out of 4 oz polyester, are wrinkle-resistant, and are machine washable.

Each option varies in price, so consider that when deciding on a tablecloth. Depending on the events you plan to attend will help you determine which fabric is right for your business.

Durable Polyester: Long-lasting and Wrinkle-resistant

If you plan to use your custom-printed tablecloth for multiple trade shows, choosing a durable polyester can help make your cover last. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant and can be washed easily, making your tablecloth clean and ready to go for the next event.

Stain-resistant Spandex: Easy to Clean and Maintain

Choosing a stain-resistant spandex material is great for companies around products that may stain or spill on the tablecloth. This material is also wrinkle-resistant, making it a great choice for busy schedules. Spandex can be cleaned easily, and this helps to maintain the quality of your tablecloth and allows the tablecloth to be used for multiple events.

Premium Linen: Sophistication and Elegance

Premium linen material is flawless and clean, and crisp looking. This durable and stain-resistant material makes it versatile and easy to clean and reuse. This material may wrinkle more easily compared to others, so this should be taken into consideration when deciding on a tablecloth material.

Flame Retardant Fabric: Safety and Compliance

If you attend many weddings, conventions, banquets, or trade shows, a flame retardant fabric can ensure you are in compliance with safety requirements. In addition, this material helps to keep the tablecloth in good condition.

Design and Branding Considerations for Your Trade Show Table Cover

The perfect table space at a trade show or convention is prime real estate and gives a company the opportunity to have an eye-catching logo or story to promote a business. When designing custom-printed display table covers, it is important to consider your booth's location. Use your tablecloth or display table cover throw design to make sure your booth is noticed.

Logo Placement: Maximizing Visibility

Placing your company's logo in the right location when designing your tablecloth will maximize your advertising space and ensure potential customers can see your logo from all angles. People will remember your logo if it is visible and eye-catching.

zoomed circle of side branded table cloth

Color Scheme: Reflecting Your Brand Identity

Your color scheme and graphics will help reflect your brand identity and create a polished look that stands out. Attract customers and print vibrant colors and patterns that will bring traffic to your custom table and maximize your advertising abilities.

choosing color scheme

Graphics and Text: Clear and Eye-catching

Make your message and graphics clear and easy to read or remember. Keep it simple and concise, but get your point across with vibrant colors that will gain the interest of potential customers and generate leads. If you need help with a design, most printing companies offer graphic designers to assist you in the process.

close up of tablecloth design

Consistency with Other Marketing Materials

Ensure your message, graphics, and text are consistent with other marketing materials, such as printed materials or cards you will be using at the trade show or special event. Doing this will grab attendees' attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

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Size and Fit: Ensuring a Professional Look

Before you design your trade show tablecloth for a trade show or other business event, you want to think about how your cover will be displayed. Imagine the details and how your design will make a lasting impression and reflect your company's style and message. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. Ensure your logo gets noticed the most amongst all the other displays around you.

Standard Table Sizes for Tradeshows

Most standard trade show tables are either 6ft or 8ft and are 2ft wide. When ordering your custom tablecloth, think about how much fabric you want to hang over the sides, the size needed, and if you want three sides only or a full table cover. Consider if you will be using throws or any other items in addition to your cover. If you want to dress up the table a bit more, add a skirt or a runner to complete the look you envision for your business.

custom tablecloth sizes

Tablecloth Drop Length: Full or Partial Coverage

The drop length on custom tablecloths can offer full or partial coverage. Choosing this option depends on your personal preference and style and can vary in price. Think about the vision for your organization, presentation, and what coverage works best.

A 6ft table cover will provide coverage to the floor on all sides of the table. If you are using an 8ft table, the cover will reach the floor on both the front and back and then have a shortage on either side. A three-sided tablecloth will only cover the front and sides of your table, leaving the back open to store other marketing and business materials. All of the options look professional and are perfect for conventions or special events.

three sided table cover

Skirts and Runners: Completing the Look

Complete your look with dramatic table skirts or table runners that can add that extra pop to booth displays. Table runners can create a layered effect and can be draped over custom-printed tablecloths easily! Skirts can be added to a table and held on by clips or velcro and can be pleated or tucked depending on the style you prefer.

close up of table skirt

Using Table Cover Trade Show: The Best Way to Make a Lasting Impression The Conclusion

Ensure the spotlight is on you with an unforgettable trade tablecloth or table throw. How you display your logo, colors, and slogan will affect the traffic driven to your table and helps to market your brand and company message.

Make a lasting impression with custom table covers that people will never forget using our tips in this guide. To get started, visit our product pages at, and begin designing a tablecloth that will give you an edge over the competition!

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I customize the tablecloth with my company logo?

Yes! Our tablecloths can be fully customized to include company logos, print colors, graphics, and messages. We offer multiple sizes and even round covers! If you need help designing a logo, we have graphic designers that can assist you and help your vision come to life!

How do I ensure that the tablecloth fits my booth table perfectly?

We recommend discussing the table size with your event coordinator. Most of our standard tablecloths fit both a 6ft and 8ft table. If you have a question, our customer service representatives can help you order the perfect size for your event.

What fabric is best for preventing wrinkles and stains?

Printmoz offers a variety of materials for our custom-printed tablecloths and table throws. Our polyester material is great for those that do not want to deal with wrinkles or stains. This material is durable, wrinkle and stain resistant, and can be machine washed and ready for your next occasion!

Can I use the same tablecloth for multiple tradeshows?

Our table coverings are made of quality materials and are meant to be used for multiple tradeshows. The tablecloths are wrinkle and stain resistant and are machine washable. When your event is complete, follow the cleaning instructions and fold your tablecloth to be stored and ready for your next trade show table!

Are there any eco-friendly tablecloth options available?

There are eco-friendly tablecloth options made from biodegradable or recycled materials. We do not offer eco-friendly options at this time. Please continue to check our website for new products and styles!


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