What is Duratrans & Backlit Film? - [Buy Backlit Film Cheap]

What is Duratrans & Backlit Film? - [Buy Backlit Film Cheap]

Duratrans is the trademarked name for backlit film.  It's the same kind of thing if you ask someone for a Kleenex. Kleenex is a trademarked named as well. But all Kleenex are tissues. If you ask somebody for a duratrans or backlit films, some people know what you're talking about. We sure do!

Obviously, it's a similar case. If you want to order backlit film and you tell our customer support you want to know more about duratrans printing, here at Printmoz, we know what you need. Basically, you want backlit film for your project.

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Duratrans printing was an invention created in the 1970s by the Eastman Kodak company. So Kodak went to the US patent and trademark office And filed the duratrans name to have the little TM beside it. If you want to get something in your business with an official trademark to protect yourself, that’s the place to go.

So if you say you want duratrans printing at Printmoz, you'll get the high-quality alternative to duratrans backlit film instead.

bus stop light boxes

Duratrans Material 

Duratrans material is transparent. This means you can see through duratrans until the images is printed on it. However, when you have a light shining behind backlit film, it will light up your entire duratran print.

Well, there's not much of a difference but there are some subtle things that set them apart we'll get to the differences soon. Duratrans material is a synthetic material that makes advertising look great. You can use duratrans material for crisp full-color advertising that can be used in a light box. Duratran is best used with light behind it in a light box.

Duratrans Mounting Options (3 best options)

You're probably wondering about how to hang duratrans film for your project. These are the kind of posters you often see in movie theaters. When the hottest new Hollywood blockbuster comes out, the characters are often shown on a backlit film poster. These are usually displayed in a backlit light box frame. This way, the colors are vibrant and extremely eye-catching.

However, if you are on a budget or are a DIYer, and you would like to build your own lightbox for your duratrans film poster, it’s pretty simple. Whether you have your own home theater, what to market your business was eye-popping duratrans film, we found some simple instructions to create your own duratrans film box. The materials are cheap and easy to find: LED bulb strips, simple box frame, HVAC tape and a couple of other things you can get at your local hardware store.

You can also place your duratrans backlit film poster into a pure digital light box. Simply get two pieces of acrylic and add standoffs on each corner with some LED lighting behind it. You can easily create LED light box panels for your backlit film masterpiece.

1. Lightboxes

Duratrans light boxes are often used with LED bulbs. There are also many benefits of using LED, we're going to cover.

You'll need to have bulbs in your duratrans light box to make it stand out.  Fortunately, LED bulbs can have up to 50,000 or more hours of light time if installed correctly in your duratrans lightbox. You'll also get an incredible color rendering of your poster with a duratrans light box.  

The truth is if you have a massive marketing campaign can you have LED lit duratran light boxes your bulbs are environmentally friendly (will save you money on your electric bill).  They also light up almost instantly, so there's no waiting time? And they're super sturdy. Another bonus is if your signage is outside, cold weather does not affect them in any negative way. Even if you're in subzero temperatures, your duratran light boxes will still light up the night.

Duratran light boxes with LED lights use up to 90% less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. You also save tons of money and bulb replacement ( because you barely have to buy new ones).  Regular light bulbs generally last only 1500 hours compared to 50,000+ hours of light time In an LED duratrans lightbox.

On a side note, you’ll often see a duratrans lightbox in subway stations, airports, bus stops, in shopping centers.

LED lightboxes

2. Mounted Between Two Sheets Of Acrylic

This is the most traditional way to mount custom duratrans film. When it's melted between two pieces of acrylic it will keep it protected and diffuse the light evenly throughout your poster. And this is only the beginning.

3. Rolled As A Table Top Centerpiece

More notably, a new thing that's trending with backlit signs is actually making tabletop centerpieces or lamp shades with your artistic flair. This will cause a significant impact at an event where you have places like dining tables or a tradeshow table.

backlit lampshade

Backlit Lamp Shade Instructions

Lay your backlit film flat onto a tabletop with a cutting mat underneath. Next, get double-sided tape and place on the edge of your backlit film. With a straight edge cut off any excess tape. The next step is to fold over the non-tape side to The tape side and connect the two ends together to create a tube.

But look— You can get a light base here. Or you can use battery operated twinkle lights inside the tube. You can also put in a simple led fake candle in the center. This translucent printing showstopper will wow anyone that sees your tabletop display!

Backlit Signs Top Trends

Now, you've learned about using backlit signs of the table top in a regular poster. The trade shows backlit film printing as a no-brainer. Light attracts eyeballs. As a further convenience, using semi-transparent backlit posters and your display will make you stand out against your competitors. When you're creating your backlit signs, take into consideration your brand, in the message you want to portray with your backlit posters.  Keep in mind your color scheme and your particular advertising goals.

Towns and cities are even implementing backlit signs for street signs. This is a good thing so drivers and pedestrians know where they're going! 

broadway backlit street signs

Want To Stand Out? No Problem!

You don't have to have standard rectangular backlit signs. Backlit film printing allows you to get really edgy  In your advertising. If you want modern sleek and not traditional backlit posters are an excellent way to display your message with a mesmerizing look. Instead of having conventional backlit posters, you can use backlit film printing that's around your table with your Brand's logo or message. You can also integrate classic backlit posters with backlit film printing on your table tops. Just make sure if you have any backlit posters on your furniture make sure you protect it with a thin layer of acrylic, so there's no accidental damage from people who like to touch everything.

Duratrans vs Backlit

When it comes to Duratrans vs Backlit, as we mentioned earlier, the differences go unnoticed. Backlit graphics will give you more than you bargained for! Our duratrans alternative boasts a 10 mil thickness that offers the best in translucent printing, while duratrans is only 7-8 mils thick. Shocking, we know!

We also print up to 1000 dpi (that’s more than you’ll need when it comes to printing duratrans vs backlit film).

We also offer the backlit film in any shape or size from 54 to 120 inches. So the sky’s the limit when it comes to going jumbo or even going minimal with transparent photo prints.

The truth is, your graphics will look great in backlit posters, banners, and signs. So if you want your backlit sign to last, we recommend keeping it behind acrylic for the most protection.

duratrans street sign

Duratrans Cost per SQFT

As you'll see, we’ve done a little digging and priced out duratrans backlit film. You might be surprised by the cost. We’ve done a cost analysis of duratrans cost per square foot from different printers.

Indoor Duratrans

This type of backlit film is recommended for indoors only costs $9.95 per square foot.

Outdoor Duratrans

If you want to use duratran outdoors, its cost is $10.95 per square foot.

Backlit Fabric

Another alternative is backlit fabric which is best for indoor use. It costs $14.95 per square foot.

And that's not all! We've also seen the price range of duratrans up to more than $20 per square foot! Thankfully we’ve got a better solution for you that will keep more money in your account.

Best Affordable Backlit Option

We don't stop there... Printmoz offers a flat rate of only $6 per square foot.  We print directly on to the 10 mil backlit film substrate. You'll only get the best quality. You can get up to 1000 dpi direct print on any of your back lit film orders. We're excited to help your business stand out! If you want a highly saturated color and a large size of backlit film we've got you covered. BUY Custom Backlit Film HERE!

In closing, if you've ever considered photo transparency printing for your trade show, retail store, or local theater we've got translucent movie posters and high-resolution printing for a high-end look for jewelry, clothing designers, architects, or fine art prints.

Are we crazy to give you this kind of price? We don't think so. We bring to you the most excellent backlit film material available today with the highest quality and lowest price. Easy to order online quickly. We offer wholesale pricing to consumers with no minimum order.


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