How To Hang Your Banner URL — [10 BEST WAYS]

Vinyl Banners: A Great Means to Share Your Message Inside or Outside


10 Best Ways To Hang A Banner For Any Occasion 

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You can have cheap vinyl banners large and small. But after you get your work of art to promote your business or service you need to know how to hang your banner correctly. There are many techniques you can use for banner hanging. And the best part is when you learn how to hang a banner the right way on the wall you don't have to buy expensive tool and accessories. There are also some ways you can hang banners with things you already have lying around your house or office.

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When it comes to hanging banners from fences, brick walls, ceilings, windows, or even tables at a trade show, banners are one of the best options for businesses. In this guide, we're going to cover a lot of ground. From how to hang a banner on a table, to vinyl fence hooks and the question “What is a banner grommet?”. Learning how to hang banners the right (and easy ways) will make your life easier!



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How to hang your banner


When it comes to hanging banners, there are lots of options and it depends if you have pole pockets, grommets or not. There are also some accessories that can make the process a little easier. The first thing you'll want to notice is if your banner has grommets or not. If you haven't ordered your banner yet, you’ll want to consider adding grommets to all four corners of your banner. If your banner is more than 2’ x 4’ you may also add a grommet or a few spaced out in the middle.


First, what is a banner grommet?


According to Wikipedia, a grommet is “A ring or edge strip inserted into a hole through thin material typically a sheet of textile fabric sheet metal or composite of carbon fiber wood or honeycomb. Grommets are generally flared or collared on each side to keep them in place.”


You've probably seen grommets before on other banners or tarps. A small grommet is also known as an eyelet. An eyelet would be where you would lead your laces through a boot or rope through a tarp. But let's get back to using grommets on your banner.

How to hang a banner with grommets


When it comes to hanging banners with grommets after you choose you're hanging accessories of choice — you’ll want to make sure the banner is straight and pulled tight from all four corners.


If you fail to make your banner tight, it can have wrinkles and bumps and doesn't look professional. Having the right sign or banner a trade show craft show or a brick and mortar store is one of the easiest and most practical ways to promote your business.


What are the great things about having a banner with grommets?


They’re easy to take down and put up. Grommets also keep your banner looking good, So when you hang it from each corner, the grommets protect the vinyl or whatever material your banner is made out of, such as vinyl or fabric. When your banner is secured using one of the following methods, it will keep your banner looking great.


Now let's move onto the variety of accessories and scenarios you may encounter when you hang your banner. In this section of the article, you can decide which type of banner hanger is best for you, depending on where you would like to hang it. It could be on a pop-up tent or even on a chain link fence.

Here’s how to hang a banner on a canopy with rope


Many times when you're hanging a banner on a canopy or pop up tent outside wind can pose a problem. So you want to make sure that you're a banner is securely fastened. In this section, I'm going to go over how to use a rope to secure your vinyl banner.


These are the first steps of hanging a banner on a canopy using rope and quick links and zip ties


First, you want to buy some rope (Or grab some rope out of your garage). Quarter inch nylon rope usually is a good choice. However, if you have a colossal banner, you might want to use up to a 3/8 of an inch rope instead. To stop the rope from fraying, you can put some tape where you are going to make the cut, so it keeps the rope from tattering.


To hang your banner with grommets, you can use some 3/16 and quick links For each grommet hole in your banner. You can add the quick links to each grommet hole. Then you’ll want to tie your rope between the top two back legs. This will create a solid anchor for your banner.


The final steps of how to hang a banner with grommets on a pop-up tent


Next clip your quick links onto the rope from the top grommets. Then use zip ties on the top grommet holes onto the rope. Make sure to leave them slightly loose for now. Then tie another section of rope about a foot and a half below your banner from back leg to back leg. Attach the bottom of the banner with quick links to the rope, and you zip ties again. Lastly, adjust it to look even then tighten zip ties on each grommet. Trim the zip ties. Easy! There are more ways to hang a banner besides using rope though.


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How to hang vinyl banner on brick wall


Decide where you want to place your banner. Get one or two people to help you hang your banner to make sure it's level. Have two people hold it up against the brick wall and mark hole placement with chalk or pencil. Next drill holes with the appropriate drill bit into the brick. Then use a driver bit and drive brick screws into the wall. Attach your sign at each point. What if you’re renting and can’t do any drilling into a brick wall? Lucky for you there’s an easy method.


How to hang on a brick wall without drilling


You can use an accessory called a brick clip also known as a brick wall hanger. They're pretty simple to install if your bricks hang over the grout a little bit. If they don’t you can scrape out a little grout.


Next, you can place the spring part of the clip onto the lower part of the brick. Then push up on the clip. Let the top edge of the clip’s teeth grip on to the upper part of the brick. Hang enough brick wall hangers for each grommet in the appropriate place. If you want to remove a clip simply press until the spring releases and pull it off the brick wall. So simple and no holes!


boy zip-lining with ropes and carabiners

How to hang banners with carabiner bungee cords


Carabiner bungee cords are often used by backpackers and outdoor lovers. They are also a simple solution to help you hang your vinyl banner. I suggest getting a carabiner bungee cord assortment that has several sizes.


Then you can simply wrap a bungee around that one top corner and attach it to your vinyl banner grommet hole. While holding the banner slide your hands to the other side of the banner. Then follow the same steps for the other top corner. Lastly, do this for the bottom lower corners. This is one of the quickest ways to hang a vinyl banner in a canopy.


How do you hang banners with eyelets using vinyl fence hooks?


Make sure you find vinyl fence hooks that are small enough to go inside the grommets on your banner. Just slide the lower hook part into the grommet then the other part onto your fence, grid wall, or even a ladder. Whatever you're using in a trade show or craft show display. If you would like to secure it, you can also wrap zip ties and tighten them around the fence and hooks.


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How to hang a banner on a table

One of my favorite ways to hang a banner on a table is super easy if you have a tightly fitted tablecloth. You can merely get office binder clips otherwise known as banner table clips. And attach them to your vinyl banner and the corners of the tablecloth. For a little more anchoring you can attach a couple clips to the center top of your banner as well.


You can use a rope to attach your banner to the table legs and then drape a tablecloth over the top. You can also use Velcro, heavy-duty double-sided tape, or even safety pins.


Now you know how to hang a banner with grommets on a table as well as a banner without grommets. If you're desperate and don't have grommets on your banner and don’t have clips or rope, you can also set something heavy on each corner of your banner and have it slightly on top of your table. In a pinch, a heavy rock or a brick will do the trick.

How do you hang a banner on a wall?


There are several ways you can learn about how to hang a banner on a wall. However, there are some things to take into consideration. What kind of wall do you want to hang your banner on? Is it smooth or bumpy? Do you want your banner to hang there temporarily or permanently?



The most permanent way of attaching a banner to the wall is to drill holes first


Do your drilling in the appropriate places for the grommet holes so they are level. Then to make it really solid, you can hold the banner tightly to the wall using screws and washers. If you drill holes make sure you have the correct drill bits for the right type of surface. Wooden walls need a less heavy duty drill bit than concrete walls. Also if you're drilling into a concrete wall, you may need to use a hammer drill. Hammer drills are much more powerful.


Here’s how to attach fabric to a wall without damage or any type of banner


One simple way to hang your banner is to use velcro strips on your banner and wall if you don't have grommet holes. How to hang fabric on a wall you can even use small tacks or nails for something more permanent. That is if you don’t mind holes.  


But if you do have grommet holes in your banner, you can simply use command hanging strips. They have tiny hooks but easily slide into the grommet of your banner. Make sure to hold your banner up to the wall it's the right height, and make sure it’s level. Mark your spot and then hang your hanging strips. Just slide each grommet onto the hook. These are great for temporary use. Just make sure you have the correct size hanging strips for the weight of your banner.


Banner hooks or S-hooks are also very popular at trade shows and conventions when there are curtains


These hooks are often used indoors when there are backdrops in your display. Many festival coordinators will have backdrops with pipes and drapes behind your booth. Please make sure to check with your vendor coordinator before you rely on using banner hooks.  


When using banner hooks, it's essential to have enough grommets on your banner, so it doesn't sag. Just place the hook bottom into one corner of your banner. Then attach it to the pole that holds the drapes. Do this for every grommet hole. Please make sure to use a step ladder and not a chair in this process.



How to hang a banner without damaging the wall


You can you use Velcro, command hanging strips double-sided, banner tape, or suction cups if you have grommet holes and the wall is very smooth. Hang tabs are also available as well as banner hanging kits.


Be sure to test an inconspicuous area on the wall if you are using tape to hang your banner. Sometimes if there's a matte finish, it can take the paint off of a wall. If you're hanging it on concrete, you should be good to go.


banner hanging from pole pocket

Some banners have pole pockets instead of grommets and it’s a different way to hang your banners


Many times pole pockets are on step and repeat banners. They are also found on banners that your main street or local university might use on street lamp posts. These customizable banners have pockets on one or two sides that easily slide onto a pole. It’s that simple! But you need to make sure you have the right pole.

While you probably know that vinyl banners can help with market your brand, we hope you now know everything there is to know about how to show them off. You’ve probably gotten your fill of learning the variety of ways you can hang your banner. When you follow the steps laid out in this article your banner will look fantastic for customers to see. If you still need help with the appropriate accessories or any questions on hanging banners, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer support.


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