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How to Put a Sticker on Your Car

Have you ever wanted to add some spark to your car? The best way to do so is through stickers! How to put a sticker on your car may seem complicated. However, it’s an easy process! All you need to do is choose car stickers of your choice and apply them using our guide.

These stickers for cars can come in an endless array of colors and shapes. Customizing your car can reflect your unique self! Continue reading for more information. You can follow these same steps to place stickers on a golf cart.

How to Put a Sticker on Your Car

car sticker applyingBefore you begin your placement process, you want to determine your location. This is important because if you want to add more designs to your car, you want to space it out evenly.

Hold the sticker against the vehicle to get an estimate presentation of how it’ll look. The process is similar to window decals because you can assess the overall position to see if the sticker will look better at another location.

During this process, keep the protective backing on the sticker to ensure secure placement.

Once you mark the location, you want to make sure the surface is clean. Our team wants to ensure a smooth finish. We’ll go into more depth for each step as you continue reading. If your designated placement is completely clean, place the sticker accordingly.

Choose One of the Car Stickers Designs that You Like

many various stickers on the white carDo you ever get bored of your car design? Car sticker designs are one of the best ways to incorporate a sense of self. You can reflect your shared interests by showcasing your favorite sports team or a family portrait.

You can get as creative as you want. This is a great way to express your imagination and showcase who you are as a person. There’s a wide range of fonts and colors that you can use.

Commonly, you can go for a collective theme to create a cohesive design. Whether it’s a bold graphic pattern or a simple lettered font, continue to experiment and see what best suits you.

Positioning Stickers for Cars

Positioning the sticker on the blue carYou can have all the cool custom decals you want. However, without proper placement, it can look out of place. Positioning stickers for cars is one of the most important parts of the sticker process.

Beforehand make sure you know the exact measurement of the sticker. This will help you get a better idea of where to place the sticker. Once you have an estimate idea of the placement, mark the location with masking tape. This tape will be the mainframe for your sticker.

You want to add a masking tape that isn’t too sticky because it can cause excess scratching on your car. You can test it out on one part of your car to prevent surface damage.

Cleaning the Car Window Stickers Desired Place

Once you assessed the main placement of your car window stickers, its best to start with a clean surface. This step will prevent your sticker from having weird bumps. All you need is a soft cloth or a cleaner to get started.

Begin by purchasing or making a cleaning mixture. If you can find rubbing alcohol in your medicine cabinet, this works too! It guarantees strong cleaning action and a smooth finish. Make sure that the area is completely dry after you clean it because if it’s wet, it can possibly ruin the sticker.

When the liquid soaks up the dirt in the area, all you need to do is wait. If there are remnants of dirt, try to begin the process again. Before applying the sticker, use the cloth one more time to make sure it’s a clean surface.

Removing Vinyl Stickers for Cars Backing

black lines on a red carHave you ever got bored of your vinyl stickers? It’s ok because you can easily remove them! You can start by cleaning the area around it. To further clean the decals, use soapy water or rubbing alcohol. It’s best to ensure that there is no grime or dirt around.

The removal step is started once you warm the decal. You can use a hairdryer because it’ll release the stickiness of the adhesive. Once this happens, you can remove the backing with gradual pressure.

Slowly, scrape under the sticker and use a card to peel it away. If there are little pieces left, use your fingertips or a razor to get it all off. Be careful when you’re using a razor. You want to use it at an angle to prevent any cuts on your finger.

Applying the Car Vinyl Sticker

The series of steps is the same process of installment. You want to clean the surface and make sure that there is no residue left behind. After you decide on the location, you can outline where you would want the vinyl sticker to go.

Applying the car vinyl sticker to a designated location will help the car to look more personalized and modern. Once you have the exact place, peel the backing slowly. Make sure not to touch the decal because it can make it dirty.

Position the image and smooth it out, according to your liking. Only remove one-third of the backing in case you want to switch or trim any parts of your stickers.

Removing the Car Decal Film

A man holding a bottle and a sprayer in his handsSometimes when the car decal film is placed on for a long time, it can have a stubborn adhesive. This can make it even harder for you to take it off. After you do the window cleaner, try to incorporate Goo Gone, which is used to remove sticker residue.

If that still doesn’t work, continue with the heat method with a hairdryer. Try to maintain patient because depending on how long the decal was there, it can be hard to come off.

Continue to heat the decal until the edges begin to loosen. As it heats up, you can scrape up the sides with a detailing razor. This will help you fully remove all the particles of the car decal film.

Making Sure the Car Sticker Decal Has No Air Bubbles.

When you get a box of stickers, it can be an exciting time; however, if you rush the process, you can be left with excessive air bubbles. Take your time when applying the car sticker decal. There are two main methods when it comes to removing air bubbles on stickers.

The first is to spray some Windex on the side of the decal. This will be helpful because when you peel away the backing, you can use a squeegee to squeeze out any excess Windex from the decal. Once you wipe away the excess, you can let it dry and be satisfied with the results.

If the stubborn air bubbles won’t go away, heating is another option. You want to be careful with the level of heat and time you’re using the hairdryer. Since you’re not removing the sticker, you want to only aim at it for only one minute. Press the bubbles towards the sides to smooth it out or pin them to let the air out and even the decal gently.

Now that you have them on don't forget how to remove them from your window or glass!


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