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When you’re starting a small business, often budgets are tight. If this is the case, first of all, magnetic signs for cars are one of the most affordable advertising methods. Besides that you're probably using your personal vehicle as your work vehicle if you're just getting started.

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For that reason, magnetic signs for cars are the perfect advertising solution for small businesses that have one vehicle

If you’re going on vacation or the yearly gala, you might want to be incognito. With this in mind,  a great benefit besides affordability is custom vehicle magnets are easy to remove. Stick it on and take it off any time of day or night.

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What are the benefits of custom magnetic vehicle signs for cars?

Furthermore, custom vehicle magnets are easy to remove (which our customers love). However, there are some limitations.

When your thinking about getting a magnet decals for cars, there are a few limitations. We’ll get to that a little later. First I want to talk about a significant benefit, and that is the low cost.

Magnet decals for cars are the most affordable and best advertising method for vehicles

At printmoz, you can get a 10” x 12” for about the same price as a grande latte at the coffee shop. Think about how much money you could make if you just invest a little in your business.

If you don’t buy your coffee for 2 days you can start advertising If you make your coffee at home instead, you’ll have almost instant advertising on your car for your business with magnet decals for cars.

They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes at Printmoz. You can get large magnets for large trucks or vans up to 38” x 70” that’ll make a huge impression.

They are easy to customize — here are some good ideas for custom shapes

You can get just about any size you want in any shape you desire. We not only have the standard rectangles with rounded edges. You can get circles, triangles, or even a hexagon shape or a molecule cluster if that's in your branding.

You can get just about any size you want in any shape you desire. We not only have the standard rectangles with rounded edges. You can get circles, triangles, or even a hexagon shape or a molecule cluster if that's in your branding.

These custom car magnet shapes are called diecut magnets. If you have one car or a fleet of trucks or cars truck magnetic signs are the best deal in town for your business. Get your personalized shape to promote your biz!

All of our truck magnetic signs are made with durable 30-millimeter magnetic sheets that stick to many metal surfaces. Every meal doesn’t work with magnet decals for cars. So we want you to make sure you know if your vehicle panel is compatible with our custom vehicle magnets.

A list of uses for magnetic vehicle signs:

  • Real Estate Magnetic Car Signs
  • Small Businesses
  • Food Truck advertising
  • Magnetic Van Signs

Here is a list of vehicle metals that will not work with magnetic car signs:

Aluminum, plastics, fiberglass or body repair fillers. Check your car manufacture specs.

Before you place your order of magnetic signs for cars test your surface first. Some cars like corvettes don’t have enough metal density in the body to accept a magnetic sign for a car.

A simple solution is to try a magnet from your refrigerator first. Get one off your fridge or your phone book.

Frequently attorneys or funeral homes will place thin magnets or calendar magnets on the front of the yellow pages book. Even if you don’t use the phone book, you can use the advertising magnet on the front to test if it sticks to your car.

That’s a simple solution for a common problem. There are also a couple of other things you might want to consider before you buy.

There are a few discussions online about how fast is too fast to drive with car magnets

At Quora, some people say they can drive 75-90 mph. Hopefully, you’re not driving that fast, because nobody would have time to read your advertising, haha.

It not only has to do with the speed you’re going but the aerodynamic design (or lack of it). This design could also potentially make your magnets fall off.

If you plan on breaking the speed barrier at the Autobahn go for car decals instead. There are a variety of factors that can affect whether your custom vehicle magnets fall off or not.

Many times customers have their magnets for a long time. There are several things you can do to ensure your magnets stay on for as long as possible.

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Here are a few simple solutions to issues a few people have had with their magnetic signs for cars

Clean your vehicle surfaces before you apply your truck magnetic signs. This will as a result ensure there are no particles of dust or road salt to keep the magnet from sticking properly. A damp rag or window cleaner or car cleaner will usually do the trick!

Apply your magnet decals for cars on a flat surface

If there’s a ridge in the panel of your car door, certainly move it somewhere else. If you place your magnet decals for cars on any body lines, air can slip underneath and grab your magnet. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure your outdoor business signs on your car stay put. 

Keep your custom vehicle magnets clean, I'm begging you!

If you dropped your truck magnetic signs in your yard, or parking lot, as a result, they could have all kinds of stuff stuck to them. Due to pieces of grass, dirt or even metal flakes on the underside can keep your magnet from sticking.

Make sure you wipe it clean before you place it on your car. If there are any metal shavings on your magnet, it could also scratch your vehicle. Don’t let this happen either!

Use a squeegee or credit card on your magnetic signs for cars

Therefore, getting the magnet as flat as possible is the best way to keep it on your car. This will ensure to get out any air bubbles instead of becoming a car magnet wind tunnel.

Do not leave your custom vehicle magnets on your car forever

Chemistry happens. If you never remove your magnet and moisture is underneath for too long, as a result, it can mess up your paint job. Make sure to disassemble, clean, dry and restick it occasionally to keep your car safe.

Another benefit of taking off your magnetic truck signs sometimes will keep the magnet from bonding to your car. When metal is on metal in the elements, this can happen if your car magnet is neglected.

We know you probably love your business and your car. Hence, we want to make sure you take the right steps to keep your car magnet doing its job — the right way. You may also be interested in metal signs for business too.

Magnetic signs for cars near me

You may want to find magnetic signs for cars near you, but there are also plenty of other options online at your fingertips. You won’t even have to leave the house to get magnetic cars signs delivered directly to you for cheap.

When you get large magnetic signs . . .

Going with a printer that has larger printing machines will help you get what you need (and you’ll probably get your car signs at an even lower price). Some smaller local companies won’t have the capabilities you need to get your business signs printed for a good deal and quickly!

You can get blank magnetic signs and print them off at home

But many home printers won’t have the quality you need. When you get a professionally printed sign, it will make your business look like a pro (even if you’re a newbie!). Why get a blank magnetic sign when you can get a custom magnetic sign that has brilliant colors and is engineered to be put on your vehicle.

Fun car magnets can get you more attention as well

Instead of going with a traditional sign with your business name you can also be a little off the wall. This is true especially if you want to build your social media followers or even launch a new product.

Don’t be afraid to be a little different when it comes to your car advertising. It will make people pay attention to your car when you’re driving around town. You can also get your fun car magnets cut into custom shapes. This will make it really stand out!

Magnets are removable for more than one reason, so keep yours moving

When you make sure that you’re magnetic cars signs aren’t nailed down you’ll keep your investment in good condition. So you can attract more customers. Before signing off, I have one more tip.

When buying magnetic signs for cars you get them from the best! With Printmoz, most importantly, you’ll get quality at a great price. Consequently, every order is guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, we’ll make it right! 


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