Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints - Comparing Photo Art Products

Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints - Which Is Best?

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Choosing the perfect print material to showcase your artwork is a big decision, and many photographers use both Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints to display their photographs. Both are extremely popular whether you are updating the space in your home or designing wall art prints for professional purposes.

We will discuss both types of prints and the advantages of both to help you decide which will fit your needs. Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints are both gallery-quality, sleek, modern products. Understanding the details of each before your purchase a product can help you select the ideal material.

Metal Prints Presentation and Appearance Comparison to Acrylic Prints

HD Metal prints are made using a dye sublimation process that uses special inks and a heat press to transfer the image onto the surface of the metal resulting in a clear vibrant photograph. Unlike traditional UV printing directly onto the material of choice, this photo print process involves great image clarity, making them easy to hang in any space. If you want a lightweight, more industrial feel to the photo, Metal Prints may be the right choice. Metal Prints are available in a high gloss or matte finish to help the artist further customize the photo.

Acrylic Prints are printed directly to the material, producing a lasting glossy and vibrant photograph. Both Metal and Acrylic Prints are easy to clean and durable, making either choice great for high-traffic areas. Your budget and personal preference can help you choose which material would display your artwork best.

Printmoz offers affordable Metal and Acrylic Prints that can be customized to help you design and highlight your photograph in the best way possible while using the highest quality materials and print technology.

Advantages of Metal Prints to Acrylic Prints

There are many advantages to Metal Prints. As with Acrylic Prints, this type of print offers extreme durability and strength with resistance to fading from exposure to sunlight. Metal prints can withstand outdoor elements, high humidity environments, and the metal material is scratch resistant. If you are looking for a print that is easy to transport, metal prints are lightweight and easily hung.
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Disadvantages of Metal Prints to Acrylic Prints

Metal Prints do have a few disadvantages compared to Acrylic Prints to be aware of. These prints are UV resistant, but fading can occur over time if placed in direct sunlight. In addition, when designing an hd metal print, photos must be carefully selected and of high resolution to prevent blurriness and ensure clarity and quality. Choosing the right photo will produce vibrant images that allow the colors to pop off the metal material.
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HD Metal Print vs Acrylic Prints Options

Acrylic and Metal Prints are both available in multiple print options. This allows the photographer to customize the print further and choose different finishes. Adding that last finishing touch can enhance the image further or add transparency to the photo.

HD Metal Print Options

HD Metal Prints are available in two finish options. Depending on the type of photo will determine if the glossy or brushed option will work best.
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High gloss finish

The high gloss finish option on a metal print is perfect for vibrant photos. This glossy finish allows the colors to stand out and works well with portraits or landscapes.
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Acrylic Print Options

When printing images, some companies print them onto high-quality photo paper and then attach them to an acrylic medium. However, at Printmoz, we take a different approach by printing your image directly onto the material of your choice using UV-cured inks. This process offers two distinct finish options: spot white and flood white, which can help elevate your image's overall look. The choice of which acrylic finish to use ultimately depends on the type of photograph you're dealing with.

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Flood White

The Flood White finish is best for photographs that have no transparency. This option covers the color areas of the photo with a white layer. The Flood White finish produces beautiful images that stand out on the acrylic material.
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Spot White

Spot White finish is used for photos that have transparency and involves placing a white layer down first before color is added. The color is then "spot printed" on the acrylic, and the results give the photo an opaque look that adds transparency.
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What Are Acrylic Prints, and How Do They Work?

Acrylic Prints are a stunning way to display your photographs and are either direct printed or face-mounted onto the acrylic material. The direct print method prints the image directly onto the acrylic. Face-mounted involves printing the photo on high-quality paper and then mounting that paper to the back of an acrylic sheet. Both methods provide clear, glossy, and vibrant images and reflect the colors of the photo off of the glass.

Other materials can not compare to acrylic's image quality and lustrous finish. Acrylic Prints are extremely durable and are perfect for heavy traffic areas. They can withstand the outdoors and are UV and scratch resistant. An Acrylic Print can be cleaned easily and is a modern and sleek way to display photo art both in a gallery or at home.

Advantages of Acrylic Prints Compared to Metal Prints

Acrylic Prints have many advantages that may help you choose this type of print over another. Knowing where you plan to hang the photograph and who will be around it can help you decide which material is best.

High-Quality Prints

Acrylic Prints are of the highest quality, give photos a 3D effect, and allow the image to really reflect off the glass.
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The durability of an Acrylic Print stands out from other materials. These prints last the longest and are resistant to UV damage, scratching, and general damage. Acrylic Prints are perfect for any high-traffic area, office space, or even home decor.
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Acrylic Prints are weather and water-resistant and can be placed indoors or outdoors.
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Easy to care for

The Acrylic Print material is similar to glass and makes these prints easy to dust and wipe down.
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Disadvantages of Acrylic Prints Compared to Metal Prints

Acrylic Prints have many advantages, but they do have a few disadvantages to be aware of when deciding on a material for your photo art.


Acrylic can scratch more easily compared to Metal Print; however, most Acrylic Prints are made today with scratch-resistant materials. Using a professional print company that is skilled in Acrylic Prints can ensure you choose a product that will last the longest.
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The glass material gives off a glossy glare which many people love. In some cases, the glare may be too much, depending on where the photo art is placed. To help with this, Acrylic Prints can be produced with anti-glare glass.
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Acrylic Prints tend to be more expensive compared to other prints due to the materials used and printing technology. Choosing a smaller-sized print can help, but overall when you choose an Acrylic Print, the gallery quality and longevity of the photo outweigh the cost for many photographers.
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Metal Prints vs Acrylic Prints: Durability

Acrylic and Metal Prints are both very durable and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Both are resistant to water, general damage, and UV damage. When transporting or shipping prints, Metal Prints are easier to move around and hang on a wall. They are more lightweight and scratch less compared to their acrylic counterparts.

Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints: Quality

Both HD Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints are quality products that will last for years of enjoyment. When it comes to displaying the photo's colors, acrylic provides a glossy brilliant color that is unlike any other material. Acrylic enhances the image and gives a 3D effect to the viewer, making the photograph feel like it is floating off of the wall.

Metal Prints give a more industrial feel to a room; the choice depends on your style and where you plan to hang the photo. A Metal Print may look better in a more modern interior décor space, while acrylic may look better in a gallery-style setting. It all depends on your style!

Which Has the Best Print Quality?

Print quality is a large factor when trying to decide on the type of print you want to purchase. A Metal Print produces the best quality images when the photo used is high resolution. This ensures that the photo is clear and helps to protect the photo's details and the image resolution.

Metal Prints have a sheen to them and produce a more refined look with sharp colors that can be added to any space. This print is a great option for those bothered by glare when light reflects off the image.

An Acrylic Print uses Ultra HD direct printing with UV-cured ink to create crystal clear images with a 3D appearance. Acrylic makes the colors of the photo stand out, and the glassy material allows the photo to reflect light. If you are looking for a sleek and showy way of displaying acrylic prints, and glare does not bother you at all, then acrylic is a great choice!

Metal Prints vs. Acrylic Prints: Pricing

Compared to other materials, such as Canvas Prints, both Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints are on the higher end of the price scale. Due to the high quality of these two types of prints and the technology involved, many do not mind the higher price point.

If you like metal and acrylic but want to save a little bit, then metal is slightly less expensive than acrylic. Think about what size print you will need and where it will be placed to help you determine which material will be best. Either way, Printmoz has you covered with versatile size options, quality printing processes, and other custom features to make your print affordable, whatever material you choose!

What About Size and Price?

Size plays an important factor when comparing pricing and print materials. Metal Prints and Acrylic are customizable and can be small or large depending on personal preference and where you plan to hang the photo. To help with the cost, smaller prints will generally save you money.

Larger prints in both metal and acrylic will, of course, cost more due to the additional materials needed to produce the print. If you still aren't happy with the price after sizing down, consider another product, such as Canvas Prints or Paper Prints. Just understand that other materials may not be as durable as an Acrylic or Metal Print.

Acrylic vs. Metal Prints: What Types of Photo Art is Best?

The type of photo can help you choose if a Metal Print or Acrylic Print is best. If you have a high-contrast photo, lots of colors, or a photo taken at night, Metal Prints give you a sleek and industrial way to display photos. Prints must be high image resolution to ensure the print is clear and detailed. An experienced printing company can help ensure your photo will work with the metal material.

Acrylic Prints work well with family photos or photos that are full of vibrant color. The acrylic glass and finish options can make the image pop. Acrylic is smooth and glossy and can highlight contrast well. If you love a museum-quality photo that reflects light in a room, then acrylic has a slight edge.

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Frequently asked Questions

Are metal prints worth it?

Absolutely! Metal prints offer several advantages over standard prints, including durability. Metal is an excellent choice for long-lasting and high-quality prints. The silver tones of a metal print provide a modern and sophisticated photo appearance while accentuating vibrant colors. Therefore, metal prints are undoubtedly a great option.

Are acrylic or metal prints better?

Metal Prints provide a sleek and modern feel with finishes that allow the silver of the metal to shine through against the vibrant hues of the photograph. They are durable, light in weight, scratch resistant, and can easily be hung outside or inside, depending on your preference. Metal Prints are budget friendly and can give you a stunning high-quality image!

Acrylic Prints are extremely durable and give photos extra gloss and shine, allowing the image to float off the wall. Acrylic reflects light in a way that enhances the photo and provides a 3D effect that is not found with other materials. This material is more expensive, but many don't care about the price because the image quality is worth it! If you want a sleek gallery-style photo that can be hung inside or on a patio and is resistant to moisture, acrylic is the way to go.

Do metal prints fade?

Although Metal Prints are weatherproof and resistant to fading, prolonged exposure to direct sunlights UV rays and other environmental factors can cause them to fade over time. However, modern metal materials are designed to prevent fading, and it takes years before any noticeable fading occurs. This ensures that your Metal Print remains long-lasting and retains its quality for years to come, even if displaying your metal photo outdoors.

Are Acrylic And Metal Prints Archival?

Yes! Both Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints are high-resolution art, and both are archival due to their waterproof and UV-resistant materials. Metal Prints use a process called dye sublimation that transfers inks onto the metal surface for a durable, quality, and long-lasting print.

Acrylic Prints are directly printed using HD photo print quality technology. This process creates a photograph that is also extremely durable, highly UV and weather resistant, and designed to last for decades.


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