What Is Styrene? | The 411 On Styrene Mounted Prints And Signs!

What is Styrene?

So, you must be wondering about styrene, or you wouldn’t be here. What the heck is styrene? And why should you care about it in the first place? Well, from my point of view styrene is a fantastic option for affordable printing.

Styrene signs have many benefits. But first, I’m going to cover what styrene is, and the reasons why it’s an excellent substrate to use for many of your printing needs.  We know you care about your business and want to get the details on which kinds of custom business signs are right for you.


Let’s first answer the question, what is styrene?

styrene structure

Styrene is a liquid hydrocarbon and a derivative of benzene. It’s also known as ethenylbenzene, phenylethene vinylbenzene, and styrol. No wonder someone came up with the shorter name benzene so we can all pronounce it and sound like we know what we’re talking about. These are the componds that make up styrene signs.

Styrene signs are also categorized as a vinyl. It’s also considered an aromatic hydrocarbon. When you use it for advertising, instead of noticing the fragrance of your sign, you smell the sweet smell of success!

Styrene is used as a flavoring ingredient, and also ends up in food from packaging. But it’s primary use is for polystyrene resins and plastics. It can also be used for insulation, pipes, and posters.


I want to put my focus on styrene signs here and a little more about the history of styrene


Polystyrene comes from styrene. It is an excellent signage option. Styrene is a clear colorless liquid. Styrene is a liquid. While polystyrene, is a solid.

But in the printing industry we often call both compounds styrene. So in this article styrene mounted prints, styrene signs or polystyrene all mean the same thing. Whether you call it styrene or polystyrene, it doesn't matter. In the printing world, these words are interchangeable. Polystyrene or styrene in this case are considered flexible plastic you can get printed on with your images and branding.

Tradeshow displays are created easily with styrene signs, but have many other uses as well. Styrene printing is a durable way to get weather resistant affordable signage.

One resin that can come from different kinds of plants is known as styrene. According to Wikipedia, the resin of liquidambar trees is the primary source. Styrene is found in small quantities in coal tar, coffee beans, peanuts, and even cinnamon. No wonder styrene has a sweet smell to it.


Now I’m going to get to the reasons why styrene signs are an excellent idea for your signage


?First of all, styrene signs are inexpensive. Who doesn’t want a reasonable price on their styrene signs? Not only is it affordable, polystyrene signs are also light weight. Save money on shipping.

save money with styrene signs drawing\\\\n

Styrene is an expanded plastic polymer that has incredible flexibility as well. This allows you to roll it up quickly, and keep it protected in a shipping tube. This is especially helpful if you’re going from the warehouse to tradeshows or conventions.


Polystyrene signs (is another word for styrene) look stunning at conventions


Styrene signs have a high-quality finish, and are also easy to store and transport. You’ll look like a seasoned pro even if you’re just starting out with this durable modern advertising.


Getting a styrene sign is excellent if you need something weather resistant


Styrene signs can be used indoors or out. There are several options available for styrene printed signs. 20 mil styrene which is actually .020 inches thick, and this is the standard thickness. You can also opt for a higher-quality .030 styrene as well. However, If you want something more rugged see Sintra PVC signage.


Styrene printing is not only weather resistant, it’s also waterproof!


Your sign won't get smeared even in a downpour. Your outdoor business signs will look great, no matter what! Another bonus of 20 mil styrene is that you can get both sides printed for any advertising or product promotions.

polystyrene signs are great for rainy weather


Can I get polystyrene signs glossy?


Semi-matte finish is available. Becuase it is the most popular. request. You also don’t have to stick to a traditional rectangle or square sign either. You can get creative when you use styrene. Instead of getting rollable posters.

Styrene mounted prints can be cut to any shape your little heart desires. This scratch resistant plastic can be cut into circles, hectagons, pyramids, or even an amoeba shape if you like. When you upload your design, you might also want to check out how to set up a bleed in photoshop, so your poster looks like you’ve imagined.

Are polystyrene signs are easy to install?


You betcha. To hang, you can use double sided tape to hang on a wall with no fuss. Another option is to request holes drilled on each corner if you want to install it for more long-term and don’t need to roll it up often for travel. Or you can also mount it on foam core if you want something substantial that doesn’t need to be rolled for transport.

Styrene printing is basically an affordable plastic sign that is an excellent option for restaurant menu boards, retail displays, and any kind of advertisement in your shop or warehouse. You can lead the way with well-priced 20 mil styrene or the thicker 30 mil styrene that is a little more durable.  

Here’s are the incredible benefits of styrene signs in an handy bulleted list

  • Flat, smooth surface
  • Easy to roll up
  • Stored easily
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality look
  • Variety of thicknesses
  • Unlimited shapes
  • One or two side printing
  • Eye-popping vibrant colors that stand out
  • Semi-matte finish that stands out


Whether you’re using 20 mil styrene or 30 mil styrene, You’ll be satisfied with the high-quality look to make your business shine. When in doubt, get styrene mounted prints for your business inside or out.

Now we’re going to backtrack, get real nerdy and talk about styrene production

Styrene is generally produced by ethylbenzene (or EB) technology. First, EB is made by a catalytic alkylation of ethylene and benzene with new zeolite catalysts are aluminum chloride. This reaction can be liquid or vapor.

Secondly, EB is dehydrogenated to styrene over iron chromium oxide steam or zinc oxide catalyst with some reactors. Oh my goodness. I think I’m going to stop on this chemical production process for now. Let’s get back to talking about your styrene sign possibilities.

When you get a styrene sign thankfully you don't even have to know how it’s made.

At Printmoz, we source the very best styrene signage for you, so you don’t even have to think about it. When you get a styrene sign printed, you know it will be top-quality, and you’ll get it delivered with prompt service that you’ll love.

You’ll get the added advantage of our propriety software that will save you money when you get a styrene board or poster. The technology is top-notch!

You can check out how our styrene sheets are printed and cut below in the video


We use these crazy high-tech Esko Kongsberg C 64 Cutters. That is if you really want to geek out! We hope you’ll consider styrene sheets for your business. You won't be sorry!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive sign option that is durable and is tough against wear and tear, plastic styrene is a great option. These signs are not only easy to hang, they’re lightweight and will get your message out affordably.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Styrene printing?

Styrene is one of the most affordable plastic outdoor signs. Styrene comes in two thickness choices: .015 and .030. Styrene is one of the thinnest choices for plastic signs. It's also weatherproof and durable. There are many popular uses for Styrene printing

What is Styrene used for?

You can use Styrene printing for any indoor or outdoor signage. Styrene looks awesome in full color. Need an outdoor scoreboard to keep track at little a league game? You can print large numbers on Styrene and keep track of the score. Styrene is a thin flexible material that is one of the most economical choices for plastic signs.

What options does Styrene come with?

Styrene is a lightweight, thin, plastic material that is flexible and weatherproof. Styrene comes with a lot of finishing options to really customize this product to your needs. You can choose Rounded Corners with five seperate options. Styrene also has four different types of custom cuts you can choose from; Halo, Circle, Oval and Special. There are three different drilled hole options you can select for Styrene. And four different grommet placements, including a custom placement anywhere you want. 

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