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we said yes wedding banner

Everyone loves weddings, perhaps the reason we’re so obsessed with the royal wedding. It's white, pristine and we’re celebrating love.

If you’re thinking of DIY wedding banners to put up during your wedding or your friend’s wedding, we’ve got you covered with these awesome and unique DIY wedding banners that are affordable and easy to make. Alternatively, you can opt for professionally done banners to save time if you really want the messaging to pop.

1. Burlap “We Said I do” Banner 

Burlap is perhaps one of the easiest things to turn into a banner. It is rustic, chic and honestly affordable.

You can make as many banners as you want, as long as they look cute and blend with the wedding décor. 

Things you’ll need: 

  • 1 yard off burlap fabric
  • 12 feet of twine or more
  • Acrylic white paint 
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Printed letters
  • X-ACTO knife


we said yes wedding invitation

Print out the letters on a normal piece of paper. Print out nine (9) letters that spell out “We Said I Do”. You don’t have to print out the letters that appear twice like D and I, you can simply print one out, however, you can print out double letters if you want to. 

You’ll also need to print out the ampersand (&). A preferable font would be the Poor Richard because it lends to the aesthetic of the burlap. 

Cut out the letters with an X-ACTO knife. Cut the burlap squares as big as you want it to be, it has to be visible to all the wedding guests. For the Mr & Mrs banner, you’ll need 6 squares. You can adjust the size as big or as small as you like. 

You can either use the standard brown rustic burlap or the white burlap, it all depends on what you’d like the result to look like. Iron out the 10 x 10 squares with an iron with heavy steam. Burlaps are very prone to creases. 

Place the cut-out letters on the burlap squares and use tape to secure it. Take the acrylic paint of your choice, preferably white paint. Be generous with the amount of paint you use on the burlap squares; you want the paint to be as bold as possible.

Wait for the paint to dry, should take about an hour. Once dry, attach the twine to the burlap. You can weave the twine into the burlap squares leaving one inch. You can also use a hole punch to create holes at the top of the burlap squares. 

Add three brown beads before adding each letter to form a nice beaded burlap banner. To add a rusty look, remove a few straps at the sides and bottom of the burlap squares. And your banner is wedding ready.

2. “Just Got Hitched” Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is one of the simplest ways to make a customized wedding banner design especially if you have a Cricut machine, but this can work with mesh banners as well if you want to hang these banners outside. If you own a Cricut banner cut file, you can easily add your choice of shape from the tools in Design Space. Drag the file to a size of your choice and save the canvas.

Simply duplicate the tile as many times as you can to make them the exact same size. For the letters, start with the largest letter. Move to fit the banner tiles, take note of the font size and save the canvas. Proceed to type out the full saying “Just Got Hitched”. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Cricut machine or vinyl cutter
  • Patterned vinyl 
  • Pop dots
  • Tape 
  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon or twine


just hitched banner

Use cardstock to cut the larger banner tiles, use vinyl to cut out the smaller banner tiles. Cut the letters out of a darker cardstock to make them stand out. 

Design the banners in a way that makes the patterns of the vinyl pop. Adhere the vinyl banner tile stickers to the top of the cardstock banner tiles, they should be about ¼” larger than the marble vinyl. This allows both pieces to pop.  

Now its time to add the letters, carefully remove the letters from the cutting mat and add them to each of the banner tiles using Pop Dots. 

Use either tape or hot glue to adhere the twine or ribbon to the back of the letters. Once all the banner tiles are stringed together, you can now hang up your vinyl banner! 

3. Happily Married Felt and Fabric Banner 

This banner is mostly fabric and felt and you’ll need a sewing machine to join all the pieces together because glue may not be helpful for this marriage banner.

Things you’ll need:

  • Banner template
  • Felt
  • Fabric
  • Embroidery floss 
  • Thread
  • Pearl beads (1/4” wide)
  • Double fold bias tape (1/2” wide)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


happily married decal

Print out the banner template first. Cut the scalloped triangle and use a pencil or sharpie to trace it on your desired color of felt. Trace and cut out one for each letter you’ll have. In this case, you’ll have about 13 letters. Replace "happily married" with "congratulations" or any other sayings that fit the wedding best.

Cut out the triangle template and trace this onto your fabric. Cut out thirteen fabric banners. Face one of the fabric triangles down on the table, fold one of the sides about 1/2", and iron out the crease. Do this on two of the sides. You’ll have the tip of the triangle folded over to one side. 

To perfect the tip, open both sides back up and fold the tip of the triangle up, and iron this in place. Fold both sides. 

Once you’re done with that, place the fabric triangles on top of the felt scalloped triangles. Line up the tops of the fabric and felt pieces, and then sew the fabric in place using the backstitch in the embroidery floss to match the color of the fabric. Only side down the two sides and not the top. It's preferable to do this on the sewing machine.

Cut out all the thirteen letters on felt and place each of them in the center. To secure them in place, simply sew it down the middle of each of the letters. If you prefer to do another technique, you can use glue to adhere all the letters to the fabric. 

Once the letters are secured to the fabric, sew the pearl beads into each of the scallops. Now sew all your pieces together, pin all the pieces together to hold them in place. 

Place the bias tape over the edge of the fabric and sew. And your banner is ready for the wedding reception! This banner is quite difficult, but it is mature and stylish.

4. Here Comes the Bride Watercolour wedding banner

Unlike the third banner, this banner is relatively easy to do and should take you about an hour or less to get done.

Things you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint in three or four colors
  • Cotton fabric’
  • Plastic trays
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wooden dowel or twig 
  • Ribbon


here comes the bride invitation

Cut the banner to your desired size. 12 inches wide by 20 inches long should be enough, and you can either make it bigger or smaller. Drop the paints in water and mix to create a watercolor effect. It is preferable to start with the lighter colors and then build up the tones with the darker ones.

Dab some darker colors here and allow to bleed to form a cooler effect.   Leave the banner to dry. Lightly sketch out the “Here Comes the Bride” or print out a letter template and use as a stencil. 

Use metallic paints or acrylic paint to make the traced letters bolder. Then color in the letters with the acrylic or metallic paint. Take the dowel wood and wrap the top of the banner around the wood. Secure with hot glue. To finish off this rustic watercolor banner, tie a ribbon on both sides of the dowel wood and hang it. 

This is probably the fastest and simplest banner, yet it makes for an incredible banner. If you just recently got engaged and are still planning a bachelorette party then consider some of these banner ideas.


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