5 Great DIY Ideas for Virtual Baby Shower Games

5 Great DIY Ideas for Virtual Baby Shower Games

virtual baby shower

As thrilled as we all are to see life getting back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the many improvised solutions to living under lockdown were really positive and should be embraced as we move forward. More home-baked bread, parents home with the kids, and virtual baby showers can only be a good thing!

While online baby showers were a way for people to come together during social distancing, they wound up doing so much more. Imagine hosting a baby shower with less stress and no hurt feelings over the invitations! With a virtual baby shower, Grandma three states away can easily attend, as can your kid sister who’s away at college and your perpetually over-scheduled friend from school. So, don’t discard the online baby shower ideas as no longer necessary. The inclusivity has so much to recommend it!

While we’re discussing inclusivity, it is high time we make baby showers more welcoming to dads. We know that the family is healthier and happier when dad is fully integrated into the child care, so why, oh why would we ever want to exclude a new dad-to-be from our celebrations of pre-baby excitement and preparations? Virtual baby showers are a great, low-stress way to include dad in the festivities. Why not let the father-to-be pick out some dad-centric items for the baby gift registry? For example, a masculine-style diaper bag or wearable baby carrier helps show him how vital and valued he is in the coming baby’s care.

How to Plan the Perfect Online Baby Shower

Don’t consider a virtual baby shower a poor substitute for one held in person. Instead, re-imagine it as a fuller embrace of your child’s extended family! There are many ways to make the occasion fun and memorable, including some genuinely fun virtual baby shower games! Let’s see how to run a stress-free online baby shower that everyone will enjoy.
join zoom live

Choose a Virtual Baby Shower Host

Similar to a traditional baby shower, you’ll want to have the mother-to-be join her best friend, sister, or mom for help with a virtual baby shower. Next, choose your virtual gathering host, i.e., Zoom, Google Hangout, Facebook Live, etc. Make the event easy for yourselves and your guests and choose Zoom — it is purpose-built to bring people together virtually, and it’s the only thing they do. Likely, that’s why it offers more integrated engagement and an easier-to-navigate interface than the other options.

Some quick facts about Zoom:

  • Host up to 100 people for free
  • Accessible from smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet
  • The host can mute and unmute guests as needed
  • Recording the entire even is simple
virtual baby shower invitation

Send Invitations IRL for Virtual Baby Shower

Choose and send genuine cardstock invitations for your virtual baby shower. A fun invitation sets the theme for your event and makes crystal clear that your online baby shower is a “real shower”! And some guests (we’re looking at you, Grandma) will enjoy having the physical invitation as a keepsake. When you design the physical invitations for an online baby shower, be sure to include:

  • Date and time
  • Guest of Honor
  • Who’s Hosting
  • How to Join, with the shower link to follow by email
  • How to RSVP
  • Gift Registry information
baby shower decorations

Decorate for the Virtual Baby Shower

Just because most of your guests will attend virtually is no reason not to decorate the room where the expectant mother will be for the shower. You can skip the top-to-bottom cleaning, and the guests will take care of their own food. But festive decorations like balloons, streamers, flowers, and a vinyl banner or colorful sign that coordinates with the shower theme, hit the perfect note, welcoming one and all to the celebration. Zoom offers free but festive virtual backgrounds if you’re pressed for time, money, or energy!

Provide Real Prizes for Virtual Baby Shower Games

Make your virtual baby shower games more fun with real prizes! Gift cards make terrific prizes, and most can be sent by email with immediate delivery.

Virtual Baby Shower Games Ideas

Do you still play games for a virtual baby shower? Absolutely! Games help guests mingle, relax and enjoy the party. Because the party is not in person with shared food and beverages, aim for your online baby shower to run 45 minutes to an hour and a half. That gives plenty of time to celebrate the new parents-to-be and to play a couple of virtual baby shower games!

alphabet coloring book design

1. Baby's First Book

The first is less a virtual baby shower game than a cooperative group gift, but it's sure to be a big hit. Using our free online design tool, create 26 different coloring book pages, one representing each letter of the alphabet. Design each file as 8.5" x 11", and save each as a seperate PDF file. Email one to each guest and ask them to print it and use it as an adult coloring sheet to be mailed back to mother-to-be. Then, he can combine them into Baby's First Book! It is a gift she will always treasure.
virtual mad libs

2. Virtual Baby Shower Mad Libs

This fun online baby shower game idea can become hilarious for all the guests. Choose a paragraph or poem about babies. Then, remove one word for each guest, making note of what part of speech it is, (noun, adjective, verb). Next, ask each guest to give a kid-friendly word for each part of speech you removed. Replace the missing words with your guest’s contributions, and read!

celebrity children charades

3. Celebrity Parent Charades

This virtual baby shower game is a great way to get everyone loosened up and laughing! Look up a list of celebrities who were creative with their baby names! (Names like Apple, Cricket, North, Hopper, and Blue Ivy). Then, assign each celebrity and their child’s name to a different guest. Each guest introduces themselves on camera, saying “My child’s name is ______”, and continues to speak and act like the celebrity without saying the name. The guest who guesses the correct celebrity most often, wins!

man telling lie

4. Two truths and a baby lie

Ask each guest to come up with two true statements and one lie about themselves as babies, the more outlandish, the better. Take turns having each guest sharing their statements, with everyone guessing which is the lie. This fun virtual baby shower game will keep them laughing long after logging off!

new dad illustration

5. What did Dad say?

This playful virtual baby shower game tests how well each guest knows the dad as well as the mom-to-be! Before the party, ask the dad-to-be questions about the much-anticipated baby. Try questions like “Who will cuddle the baby more?” and “What part of being a dad are you most excited about/”. See which guest gets the most right (or most hilarious) answers.

Most of all, have fun with your virtual baby shower, and cherish the people who celebrate with you!


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