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Vinyl Car & Truck Lettering

Quick Installation | UV Protected & Weather Resistant | Damage Free Removal

Create custom cut lettering on durable 2.5 mil vinyl online. Designed for long-term use indoors or outdoors, car and truck lettering's self-adhesive will not damage the window or body of your vehicle. Bright, vivid, and Affordable! Read more

  • Standard Cut Vinyl $15.00
  • Reverse Cut $15.00
  • Black $0.00
  • White $0.00


Does your personal or business vehicle fleet need an added flare with customizable vinyl decal lettering? Companies everywhere rely on vinyl lettering on their vans and trucks to market and promote their business names and phone numbers. Our free online design tool gives you creative tools you will surely enjoy utilizing. We have over 50 fonts to choose from to incorporate into your innovative vinyl design. No matter the style you seek, if you have a van, boat, race car, jet ski, glass, window, or banners that need to relay information with custom vehicle lettering, then Printmoz has you covered.

What is Vehicle Lettering?

Vehicle lettering works amazingly for several applications, such as cars, vans, SUVs, RVs, race cars, ATVs, motorcycles, dirtbikes, boats, jet skis, large trucks, company vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Vinyl vehicle lettering is perfect for installing on windows or your vehicle's body as it will not damage painted surfaces.

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black building construction vehicle lettering

Design Custom Vinyl Lettering Online

Vehicle lettering works amazingly for several applications, such as cars, vans, SUVs, RVs, race cars, ATVs, motorcycles, dirtbikes, boats, jet skis, large trucks, company vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Vinyl vehicle lettering is perfect for installing on windows or your vehicle's body as it will not damage painted surfaces.

Two Ways To Order

Easy to Use Online Design Tool

building construction design in printmoz design tool
  • Free & Easy to use Online designer

  • Choose from black or white

  • Easily add text and font; over 50 fonts are available to select from.

Upload Your Own Graphics

building construction vehicle lettering being uploaded into design tool
  • Vector files are required (All fonts and unique shapes must be outlined)

  • Accepted File Formats: (.AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS, .PDF, .SVG)

  • An additional art set is required; learn more.

Uploads Custom Design

Need help with your file, uploading a graphic, or maybe a custom design? Ask about our in-house graphic designers that are on standby waiting to help!

Why Choose Printmoz?

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Same Day Production

Orders are placed by 8 AM PST, and we'll ship your vinyl lettering as fast as the same business day.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All printmoz products include our 100% satisfaction guarantee; rest easy knowing we've got you covered! Learn More

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Free Online Design Tool

Create professional lettering layouts to promote your brand and drive your business to the next level.
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Vinyl Vehicle Lettering Features

black building construction vehicle lettering install

Easy Install

Our custom vinyl lettering comes ready to install pre-masked with transfer tape to secure all elements pre spaced safely to paper backing. Masking transfer tape allows for accessible high quality installation on a smooth surface.

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built to last 5+

Built to Last

Car and truck lettering is tough and durable 2.5 mil vinyl; expect to see 5+ years outdoors.
building construction vehicle lettering installed on back wiindow
uv protected & waterproof

UV Protected & Waterproof

No matter the weather conditions, your car and truck lettering will stand up to harsh rain, wind, snow, or intense UV rays from the sun without losing vibrancy or quality.
damage free paint and window icon

Damage Free Paint and Windows

Our vehicle lettering offers a self adhesive that is safe to use on the window or body of your car or truck without the worry about damage.

Product Specs


0.0102" (2.5 mil or 63.5 microns; About the same thickness as a standard sheet of paper)

UV Resistance:

With the proper care and maintenance, you can expect 5+ years outdoors without cracking or losing color vibrancy.


5+ years

Service Temperature

-40 °F to 180 °F

Install Method

Masking transfer tape; all at once, wet or dry installation safe.

Use Cases

Outdoor or Indoor. Installing requires a flat surface; windows, glass, or paint are okay along with the body of commercial vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, vans, or off-road vehicles.

Most Popular Templates

Creating your own Lettering has never been easy! Printmoz's user-friendly templates and online designer will help you design professional car and truck lettering for your company vehicle or business that customers love.

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How to Install Vinyl Car, Van, and Truck Lettering

Our standard and custom vinyl car and truck lettering decals arrive to the customer with their designs precisely pre spaced onto transfer, ready for installation.

microfiber cloth wiping dirt away
Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe away any possible dirt or dust to ensure a smooth surface.
masking building construction vehicle lettering
Use the necessary measurements and ensure your vinyl lettering is appropriately positioned. Then place a strip of masking tape along the entire top of the graphics and the intended final location. However, if your custom vinyl decals design contains 3 or more colors, individual layers will be marked on opposite corners to ensure precise placement.
peeling away paper backing from building construction vehicle lettering
Grab the bottom edges, lightly pull the paper away from the secured edges, and peel the transfer paper from the backing revealing the vinyl adherent.
credit card to apply pressure on building construction vehicle lettering
Grab a squeegee, preferably; if not, a credit card will do, and begin placing your design slowly onto the surface while making sure no wrinkles appear; if so, lightly pull the vinyl from the surface and reset the design. When using the squeegee, it is best to press down in a top to bottom and left-to-right motion.
pressing out air bubbles from black building construction vehicle lettering
Ensure all air bubbles are absent from the design by pressing and dragging your squeegee from the center of your design and out.
removing transfer tape from the black building construction vehicle lettering
Slowly remove the install liner, starting at the top corner. When transferring the design, the original masking tape will also detach.
pressing firm on black building construction vehicle lettering to ensure install to final location
Take the original back liner and press the squeegee onto the design firmly, removing any possible air bubbles and ensuring all design edges are firmly secure to their final location.

Additional Car and Vehicle Custom Decals

Printmoz offers a wide variety of vehicle decals that suit your needs. Design and create matching designs for each decal type to show off your logo or company vehicle, car, van, or truck in the most professional manner.

Full Color Lettering

Printmoz now offers full-color print on self-adhesive vinyl vehicle lettering. You can seamlessly match colors for existing branding and graphics without color limits. Design your own Lettering, numbering, or even your business logo cut to its unique shape and size.

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Clear Window Decals

  • Clear background

  • Full-color print

  • White ink option for spot colors

  • Inside mounting option

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super sale discount up to 50% clear window deca

Rear Window Graphics

  • Perforated material has a white background

  • Full-color print

  • Outside mounting only

  • 60/40 Micro-Perforation - allows for maximum visibility through material

  • Great to cover or wrap the entire rear window

Learn More

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blue sensible plumbing rear window graphic

Standard Vinyl Decals (Opaque)

  • White background
  • Full-color print

  • high tack adherent makes for a durable semi-permanent bond to flat nonporous materials

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die cut standard vinyl decals

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Frequently asked Questions

Will my vinyl lettering come in separate pieces, or will it all come in one sheet with transfer tape?

When you order vinyl lettering, your design will arrive pre spaced on one sheet with transfer adhesive tape per color. You will receive separate pieces if your vinyl lettering design contains 2 or more colors. If using two or more colors, gradients, or drop shadows in your graphics, use our full-color Lettering to maximize the power of full-color print.

Is there any difference between vehicle, car, and truck lettering?

Vehicle, car, and truck lettering are all the same material and setup process. With each vehicle type, it is important not to impair your intended area's visibility. At the end of the day, all our custom lettering designs are pre-cut and pre spaced onto transfer paper and backing and ready to begin to install.

What is the difference between sticker and decals?

Stickers and vinyl decals are different products that require different methods to install. A sticker contains one paper lining to protect the adhesive layer until its placement. Decals will arrive with precisely pre-cut vinyl adhesive designs on transfer paper and backing, requiring a more focused approach.

Is car and truck lettering printed or cut?

Our car and truck lettering decals will arrive cut precisely to the dimensions specified in your digital proofs. The cut vinyl is then covered with masking tape so the design can be transferred onto its final location with the transfer adhesive binding approach. However, if you were looking for customizable printed vehicle decals, we also offer those.

What is weeding or picking?

Weeding or picking refers to the process in which the unwanted vinyl material or negative space behind the intended custom lettering is removed. The weeded vinyl is removed from the paper backing, and only the remaining vehicle lettering remains. Transfer paper and binding are then added to the front of the graphics allowing for a professional one piece installation.

Are car lettering and car decals the same thing?

Yes, car decals and car and truck lettering are the same things. Car decals are printed onto white vinyl, cut to size, and can produce custom designs with drop shadows and gradients. Vinyl car lettering is not printed but cut from solid color vinyl. Ultimately, they are both custom vinyl and can be used for vehicles. Car and truck lettering is for standard vinyl colors, and custom decals offer much more color spectrum and versatility.

What type of material is used for vinyl lettering?

We use durable vinyl lettering that is perfect for numerous business vans, trucks, cars, windows, etc. Vinyl is a highly versatile plastic used for many reasons like piping, wiring, and flooring, and for a long time, the music industry sold all their music via vinyl records. Vinyl is an incredibly durable and affordable material that many companies use in their products to uphold their integrity and reputation.

How big should my Lettering be?

The size of your custom vinyl lettering should fit the task at hand. For example, if you display your business name, logo, and phone number, the design should take most of the available dimensions. If you display small numbers for fleet vehicles or any other regulation purposes, those dimensions are typically very small compared to a vinyl lettering marketing approach.

Where can I find out more information on the specific car and vehicle decals types?

Each product page above has a "learn more" option, which will take you directly to the corresponding product page to get pricing.

How do you create vinyl lettering?

Just click on the "get started" button to the required vehicle decal type – we provide an easy-to-use design tool to help create your own vinyl lettering online. Customize from scratch and add business graphics, your company logo, or a solid light color. The pallet is yours when designing your custom lettering with Printmoz!

How is vinyl truck lettering made?

Once you've submitted your digital proofs, the design dimensions are received by our cutting machines and cut precisely. The vinyl lettering design is hand weeded by a quality control specialist, then covered with masking tape to be lightly squeegeed, and then hand cut for delivery. From production to customer installation, vinyl decals require patience and concentration but are certainly worth the effort.

How much do vinyl letters cost?

The cost of vinyl lettering starts at $15.49 per sqft and can be as low as $11.72. Pricing is based on the order volume; most orders receive an sqft discount, which starts at 15 sqft and maxes out at 2500 sqft.

Are there any laws regarding vinyl lettering for cars and trucks?

Depending on the state or county in which you or your business are, there could be regulations concerning window decal placement. Research your local laws concerning vinyl decals and window vinyl lettering. Most states have completely banned front windshield decals, with the one exception being the lower corners, and some states have banned rear windshield decals, so be careful!

Is Vinyl lettering reusable?

Your vinyl adhesive decals can be removed with an easy process however decals cannot be reused once set. If you intend to remove your decals from the window tint, be careful not to damage your tint. A reusable product that is similar in presentation to our static window clings might be a suitable option for you.

Will my vehicle lettering work on tinted windows?

If your intended façade happens to be tinted windows, then your decals will install your decals with the same installation process. In fact, most vehicle window decals and Lettering are installed onto tinted windows. If you wish to remove your decals damaging your tint is a concern, so in that case, simply refer to an online video showing a step-by-step removal process.

Will my vehicle lettering damage my paint?

Vehicle lettering is surprisingly sufficient at preserving the paint underneath the decal itself. In many cases, if the vehicle paint is rougher, the paint around the decal will weather much faster, leaving a better-looking patch of paint if the decal is removed. Essentially vehicle lettering and decals are harmless to your vehicles.

Can Lettering be used outdoors?

Vinyl decal lettering excels incredibly well when facing the elements. Vinyl lettering is responsible for labeling many outdoor items we interact with almost daily. Considering vinyl typically lasts 5-7 years outdoors, this is an incredibly cost effective and versatile product.

What does vinyl truck lettering stick to?

Vinyl truck lettering has a sticky adhesive ready to bond to any clean window, vehicle, or smooth surface. Vinyl decals are a very thin product which means they can technically bond to most surfaces, so be careful you do not let your adhesive touch an unintended surface. If you have truck lettering you no longer wish to use on a truck, perhaps another vehicle or banners would be fitting.

How to order vinyl lettering online

  1. Sign in and create an account on our site.

  2. Subscribe to our email list to get promotional discounts

  3. Your online security is important; read our secure shopping policy (we don't sell your information)

  4. Select a car and truck decal material and begin to upload your design, or click "start designing" on the specific product you'd like

  5. You can search from our vast selection of fonts and logos that can help you make vinyl lettering signs create an appeal that is sure to guarantee results.

  6. Make sure all lettering & signs are saved to your cart to get an instant price.

  7. Once the cart is filled, you can move forward to enter your address and billing information.

  8. You are on the home stretch! Now, check out and complete your sale

  9. View your online proofs and send them to print!

  10. Orders smaller than 2,500 sqft ship within 48 hours (2 business day production)

Where can I find more information on the specific additional car, truck, vans, and vehicle decal types?

Each product page above has a "learn more" option, which will take you directly to the corresponding product page to get an instant price, look at product preferences, and get shipping prices all in one location.

How fast can I get my car and truck letters?

Most customers orders ship within 2-3 business days, but for an additional cost, we offer next day & same day production as well as next-day shipping. No matter how tight the deadline is, Printmoz can always get your order out on the same business day!

Do you offer door lettering kits?

No, we do not offer any type of premade lettering kits. Lettering kits are great for small DIY projects and convenient to quickly order however, there are limitations to font types or even decals with multiple lines. Lettering kits are premade cut vinyl letters ready to ship; Printmoz offers print on demand, so your custom lettering is made exactly how you want it and ordered when you need it. Who needs pre made lettering kits when you can virtually create and customize lettering online and receive them the following business day? Forget the kits and order with Printmoz today!

Can you use vinyl lettering to cover my old signs?

Yes! You can use vinyl lettering on old signs or used signs. Using old or weather signs, you must clean the debris sign board material; the lettering will bond well and last long outdoors. Additional compatible common sign board material includes the following:

  • Yard signs (coroplast)

  • Dibond or Aluminum composite material

  • PVC board and Sintra sign

  • Wooden signs with painted finish

How do you remove old van decals?

Removing decals from cars trucks, vans, or office building windows is all the same process. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to remove old decals from vehicles.

  1. Start by cleaning the surrounding unwanted vinyl lettering with a cloth and wet rag.

  2. Next, use a heat gun to head up the old vinyl lettering to disrupt the adherent bonding properties.

  3. Begin to remove and peel away the unwanted decals

  4. Use isopropyl alcohol or a product like Goo Gone to remove the sticky residue that may be left behind. The longer a decal is left on trucks, cars, and vans, the more likely you'll have to use an abrasive product to remove the adherent bonding agent.

  5. Now clean and dry off any wet liquid left behind.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until happy with the results.

How many fonts do you have for use? What can I do if I want to use a font that you do not have?

No problem at all! Our online designer offers over 50 fonts to help you create and customize your car and truck lettering. However, we would never limit our customers to the typeface available on the site. Feel free to create your own print-ready file in vector format; all shapes and colors must be outlined and be created full-scale 1:1 ratio.

How long does car and truck lettering last compare to bumper stickers?

Both have the same lifespan as long as proper care and maintenance are applied. Both are decals and last between 2-3 years, depending on weather conditions and the amount of direct sunlight. If you have to choose between the two, car and truck lettering will give a more unique look and feel as you drive around, making your vehicle stand out.

How do you get free ground shipping on car and truck lettering?

Most orders qualify however, all car and truck lettering or decal orders over 100$ ship ground for free. This offer lets you order more and save money by creating lettering online. The more you buy, the more you save, so create your company lettering with Printmoz today!

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