50th Birthday Party Decorations Guide

50th Birthday Party Decorations Guide

50th birthday yard sign and banner

Turning 50 is no small feat. Celebrating half a century of someone’s life is a big deal and, as with most important life events, the pressure to pull off the perfect 50th birthday party can be pretty intense. Luckily, Printmoz has been helping people create the perfect 50th birthday celebrations for decades, and throughout this time we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating the perfect 50th birthday decorations.

If you’re looking to nail your upcoming 50th birthday decor, we have the perfect guide for all things decorating for a 50th birthday. Whether you’re looking for 50th birthday decorations for him or 50th birthday decorations for her, we have everything you need to create the celebration that your friends and family deserve.

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50th birthday banner

50th Birthday Decorations: A How-to-Guide.

Decorating for a 50th birthday is unique, fun, and crucial to executing the perfect 50th birthday celebration. Whether you're looking for decorations for a 50th birthday for a sports fan or you’re trying to create the perfect blend between sentimental and comical, with Printmoz you can design the perfect personalized party decor for the 50th birthdays in your life.

The best part about Printmoz is that we have a team of design experts to help you with whatever you need to get started, assuring you’re not alone in this process. With our easy-to-use, user-friendly site, uploading photos and designing personalized 50th birthday banners, signs, and invitations are all simple, easy, and fun.

The following 50th birthday decorations ideas will demystify all things 50th birthday celebrations, giving you the ideas and tools you need to execute the 50th birthday decor for your upcoming celebration.

50th birthday yard sign

50th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas:

  • 50th Birthday Banner: Nothing says “welcome to the party” quite like a customized 50th birthday banner. Now, there are many ways to make a happy 50th birthday banner festive. Some of our favorite 50th birthday banner ideas involve placing photos of the birthday boy or girl from childhood on one side of the banner and contrasting it with what they look like now on the other. Some customers turn their banners into a photo montage of the guest of honor throughout different stages of their lives.

  • 50th Birthday Signs: 50th birthday sign ideas can be hard to come up with, but once you have one or two, it’s easy to make these signs your own. 50th birthday signs can be placed anywhere and give your planned 50th birthday event a festive and happy look and feel.

We love signs that feature the birthday boy or girl’s favorite hobbies, pets, people, or places. Choose a sign that depicts happy memories throughout your friend or family’s life; moments from a kindergarten graduation, first college football game, first lost tooth, etc.

50th Birthday Yard Signs: 50th Birthday Lawn Signs greet guests as they arrive for your planned 50th birthday party and help set the tone of the event right away. Since 50th birthday yard signs are literally the first thing that people see when they walk up to a house or venue, many people choose to make them bright and festive. We love when people incorporate the guest of honor’s hobbies or interests, like making a football-themed sign for a sports lover or a flower-themed sign for the gardeners in your life.

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50th Birthday Decorations: Do’s and Don'ts

While there’s no wrong way to decorate for a 50th birthday, there are definite ways to excel at the task. 50th birthday decorations have one primary purpose: to make 50th birthday parties fun, special, and personal. Whether you’re creating 50th birthday decorations for him or 50th birthday decorations for her, here are some tips to ensure that your 50th birthday decor is everything that you want and need it to be.

• Don’t overcrowd your happy 50th banner, 50th birthday signs, or 50th birthday yard signs. While it can be tempting to load your banner or sign up with lots of images and text, the less you crowd your 50th birthday decor, the easier they are to read, and the more effective and cheerful they become.

• Choose your fonts wisely. Whatever font you choose for your happy 50th birthday banner, happy 50th birthday yard signs, or 50th birthday signs, make sure that it’s easy to read, clear, and large enough to be seen from across the room. You can never go wrong with Garamond or Times New Roman, but many of our customers tend to get a little creative and experiment with cursive options or cartoon-heavy fonts.

Whichever font you ultimately choose, make sure that they’re enhancing your 50th birthday decorations and not making them harder to see, read, or understand.

• Personal is always best. 50th birthday party decorations are NOT the time to skimp on personalization. 50th birthdays are big life events, and people deserve to have their lives and interests reflected in their 50th birthday party decorations.

Colors also matter, and some customers choose to select a color scheme that matches the birthday boy or girl’s favorite sports team, color, or alma mater. Whatever theme or aesthetic you ultimately pick, just make sure that it reflects the guest of honor’s hobbies, interests, and life.

Printmoz: Your Source for All Things 50th Birthday Decor

At Printmoz, we’re much more than happy 50th banners, 50th birthday signs, and happy 50th birthday yard signs. With our easy-to-use, user-friendly site, it's easy to create invitations and other party essentials. From large prints of the birthday boy or girl to digital art displays that help tell the story of their life, there’s not much you can’t do on our site. Simply upload photos and images, consult with our team of design experts, and walk away with 50th birthday party decorations that you can feel good about.

Better yet, we use the best materials and latest technology, giving you products that we are proud to put our name behind.

Better decorations lead to better birthdays. Order now!


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