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The Christmas season is over and it's time to welcome the sparkling New Year with friends, colleagues, and family. Big or small, New Year’s Eve parties are always a fun way to say hello to the new year with great enthusiasm. If you’re throwing a house party or you’re in charge of your office decorations, we have a few DIY banners we think you should try out. 

If you want them done for you at professional-grade we recommend mesh banners for outside banners and vinyl for indoor use.

1. Tassel banner 

Hello! if you’re reading this post in 2020 and if you’re in the further future you can customize this DIY banner to synchronize with the year you’re entering. The tassel banner is quite simple to make, and it does not require a bunch of tools or supplies.

Things you’ll need:

  • Assorted glitter cardstock pack
  • Cricut
  • Hot glue gun
  • Embroidery floss
  • 12 jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Strong grip mat 


Tassel banners

For this tutorial, you’ll need a Standard Cricut Mat. Put the cardstock on the Cricut Mat and load it into the Cricut Machine. If you’re using an Explore, ensure to change the dial to ‘Custom’. By clicking on Custom, you’ll be able to choose ‘’Glitter Cardstock’ from the options when you’re about to cut. If you’re using a Maker, then select ‘Glitter Cardstock’ when specifying your material type.

Take a black cardstock and use glue to stick the silver glittery cardstock on top. Then place the gold numbers on top of the white.

It’s time to add your tassels. Tassels make this banner a bit more fun. Wrap the embroidery floss around four fingers. Use a jump ring and run it through the top of the floss. Cut the floss on the opposite end of the jump ring and tie it off with at the end of the floss.

Once that’s done, trim the edges to all match. Loop another jump ring through the top ring and tie a circle of floss through that jump ring. Make your look about 1.5 inches. Use hot glue to attach the tassel to the back of each number. Use a hole punch on the side of the banner numbers to loop more embroidery floss to hold up the banner. All you have to do now is hang up the banner and get ready for the new year. 

2.Gold Happy New Year Eve Banner 

This banner is printable and requires little effort. All you need to do is print it out and hang it up especially if you’re doing it last minute.

Things you’ll need:

  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Glitter 
  • Twine or string 
  • Clothespins/pegs 


Black and Gold Happy New Year Eve Banner

Download and print banner templates from your computer. You’ll generally be able to find templates with letters already on, so you can skip using glue to stick letters on. Print the letters on cardstock. This banner should be 12 letters that spell Happy New Year. 

Next print out the year. The banner of the year should be on a different color of cardstock. Use a stick glue on the numbers and pour a bit of glitter on the numbers. Wait for it to stick.

Next use pegs to secure the Happy on twine or string, on the other level, just beneath the Happy, peg the New Year on a twine. Right beneath the New Year peg the year on a line of twine. Leave at least 1.5 inches between each line. 

3. New Year Chalkboard Banner

This banner is reusable, chic and fun to create. Re-decorating your home or office every single year can be quite tasking especially when you’re on a budget. So, try out this long-lasting DIY New Year banner. 

Things you’ll need: 

  • Circle chalkboard tags
  • Bakers twine or jute cord
  • Chalk pen 
  • Jewelry tassels
  • Rusted Jingle Bells 
  • Paper Punch
  • Adhesive Gold silhouette vinyl


happy new year design

You can get pre cut chalkboard tags from craft stores or you can make your own by simply painting thin plywood with chalkboard paint and leaving it to dry out. Once the chalkboard is dry, drill holes at the top left and right corner. If you buy pre-cut chalkboard tags, they usually come with holes already on each side. 

If you own a paper punch, use it to cut out snowflakes from gold adhesive vinyl. This makes it easy to decorate the rest of the circle chalkboards. You can make as many of the snowflakes as possible. Next, take tassels either from an old chandelier or old jewelry.

Pass the just cord through the chalkboard tags and add the snowflakes. Use twine to tie the tassels to the jute cord. This should be done in between each snowflake. Use the chalk pen to write out the year, and you’re done!

4. Foam Board Happy New Year Banner Images

Foam board is one of the most readily available materials to use for school projects, building model structures, buildings, and a New Year banner. This is perhaps one of the most creative banners on this list because it shifts away from cardstock and chalkboard banners to foam core board. 

Things you’ll need: 

  • Gold ribbon 
  • Sheet moss
  • Glue gun
  • White felt
  • 2 wreath hangers
  • Fabric glue
  • Foam core board
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Hot glue gun


 Foam Board Happy New Year Banner Images

First thing you’ll want to do it cut out the phrase letters- Happy New Year- on a foam board using an X-ACTO knife. You can print the letters from your laptop in a font and size of your choice and trace it on the foam board. Or you can draw your own letter directly onto the foam board. You can make your letters about 5”- 8” tall, depending on how much real estate you have on your wall or door. 

Use a hot glue gun to glue the letters (right side facing down) onto a piece of sheet moss. Use a pair of scissors to cut around each letter when the glue dries. 

Next, cut out a large rectangle shape from your felt that is 17” wide and 6” long. Cut a triangle at the end of the rectangle to make it look like a proper banner or you can leave it squared.

Use fabric glue the ribbon down the center of the banner. Use a hot glue gun to secure the moss letters to the ribbon. Hang your wreath hangers 15″ apart over the door with the hook sides facing inward instead of out. Drape your banner over the top of the door, adjust how low you want the banner to hang, and glue the banner onto the back of the metal hangers. Add new year banners clip art for extra pop and visual appeal.

5. From Christmas card to Happy NYE Banners

During the Christmas period, chances are you have a bunch of Christmas cards that you’ve stacked away and you have no idea what to do with them. There’s a very easy way to reuse these Christmas cards and you’re basically saving the planet.  

Things you’ll need: 

  • Christmas cards
  • Scissors
  • Hot gun glue
  • Twine or hemp twine
  • Ruler 


 Christmas card and Happy NYE Banners

Use only the white side of the card that has no writing on it. Use a ruler to cut out a triangle, draw a little box to the top of the triangle, it should look like a Christmas tree. Cut out the tree like triangle. 

The little box on the top will be folded over to hold on to the twine. With the colorful part of the Christmas cards, trace and cut out the phrase “Happy New Years” designs, make round circles after each word. Use hot glue to adhere the letters to the white triangles.

Fold the box at the top of the triangle, so that it forms a sort of hook. Use hot glue to adhere the two halves of the box to the twine. Once all the triangles are glued to the twine, you’re done!

Hang up your New Year banner and enjoy the New Year.

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