Best Photo Booth Props for a Party

7 Best Photo Booth Props For A Party

colorful photo prop cutouts

7 Top Custom Booth Props

There are some things you can’t live without when it comes to having a party. First, you’ll need food and drinks— That’s a no-brainer. You’ve got to get the best photo booth props for a party— Of course! But without excitement and entertainment, your party would be boring. So we’re going to show you how to step up your party or event in a big way!

First thing first, pick a great theme. Check out these great ideas about the best photo booth props for a party! When you have a photo booth at your event, it will make the evening magical for you and your guests. How often do adults get to play dress up? Not enough! Make your party one to remember with the best photo booth props and let your guests live their fantasy at least for the evening! When you have a party, photo booth or are planning an event, there are so many things to do! We want to make your planning more manageable and want to show you the ropes, or I mean— Show you the photo booth props!

colorful photo props

There are seven must-haves when it comes to a having the best photo booth in the history of humankind (or at least in the group of you and your 100 closest friends)

Let’s talk about some parties or events you can have. Weddings are the first thing that comes to mind when there is talk about fun custom photography props. There are several things you must-have! The classic go-to for any photo booth is of course mustache and lip cut outs. You will want to have a wide assortment of sexy, ridiculous, and utterly obnoxious lips props for your photo booth display. There’s nothing better than seeing a bunch of friends and family having fun and taking silly pictures of themselves with mustache photo props and lips photo booth props. Your guests will keep these pictures forever! Every year on your wedding day Facebook will post “remember this” from last year funny pictures of you and all of your bridesmaids smiling wide with mustache props and an assortment of lips photo prop elements. There’s nothing much better than seeing your Grandma and Grandpa with a mustache photo props against a sparkly backdrop at their 50th wedding anniversary party. And before I talk more about another mustache photo booth prop, I want to bring up the thing that should be the start of your display for your photo booth.

funny photo booth couples

Don’t forget crazy hats, wigs and glasses and random silly props for more of the best photo booth ideas for your party.

  • Get a Cleopatra wig.
  • You’ve got to have a Swiss Miss long blonde braided wig (Guys seem to gravitate to this one for some reason).
  • 1950s cat-eye glasses (So sexy and fun!)
  • Giant sunglasses— You know the ones!
  • Glittery to hats (these are a hit with the ladies!)

What else should I have for my photo booth?

You can lead the way to your booth with custom printed arrows say:

  1. Fun this way!
  2. Follow the yellow brick road to the photo booth.
  3. Play here —>>>
photo booth set up

What are some ideas for my photo booth sign?

A custom printed coroplast sign or chalkboard that says something like:

  • Grab a prop and strike a pose!
  • Smile Big!
  • Photo Booth— Grab a prop (Insert your hashtag here).
  • Grab a prop— strike a pose— Smile— Click a pic— Post on instagram!
These will help people at your event know exactly what they’re are supposed to do when they get a pic at your photo booth. Photo booths are a fun way to get your guests engages at your party. Do you want to know how to make your photo booth even more spectacular?
photo booth backdrop

You’ll need custom party backdrops for your photo booth.

You can get custom printed backdrops or have a simple design. If you’re at a wedding, you can use cheap curtains with Christmas lights. Of you can splurge for your “big day” and get a personalized backdrop for party time. You don’t have to be getting married to have a spectacular backdrop. You deserve a custom backdrop banner for your office Christmas party or your daughter’s sweet 16 parties. According to Thumbtack photo booth rentals are $450-$500 for an event. Or you can make your own props and create your own photo booth! Having a custom backdrop in your photo booth will make your event extra special. You can upload a photo of a beach, a fancy background or a funny picture of you and you're significant other on your custom banner. But if you’re looking at marketing your business with your photo booth get wild and get a step and repeat banner for lots of Instagram worthy tagging! When people tag (or even if they don't’) P.S. You’re still getting your name out there on social media.

There is much more to a custom photo booth though. There are probably tons of things you’ve never even thought about before to make your photo booth spectacular.

Speaking of Instagram, getting selfie frame boards is another incredible photo booth option. There are thousands of designs you can create and upload to have a unique addition to your party. What is else is popular for photo booths?

photo booth social frame

Here are some ideas of Instagram photo booth props ideas you can use.

  • Giant customizable “Just Married” selfie frame.
  • Instagram cutout with your business logo.
  • Get your favorite sports team in an Instagram cutout.
  • A kid’s night at your restaurant is the perfect place to have an Instagram photo prop.
  • Another Instagram frame prop idea is for birthday parties.

Another thing you can do to jazz it up is to put Christmas lights around it for an extra bit of dazzle for your social media pics. Selfie frames are such a fun addition for any photo booth display that will make your party stand out from the crowd.

Speaking of cutouts— You’ve got to get custom cardboard cutouts for your party.

And you don’t have to be traditional. You can get creative with lifesize cutouts. You can get life-size cutouts or even bigger of your hamster, kitty cat or pooch. What are some more ideas for head cutouts for my parties?

  • Heart-faced emojis (Or any emoji for that matter)
  • Your favorite movie star
  • Your mom when she was a baby
  • Grumpy face
  • You husband-to-be
  • Einstein
  • The birthday boy or girl
  • Favorite band members

If funny head cutouts aren’t your thing then what is a better match for your event? What works if you would like something more severe or prestigious? If you have an awards ceremony for your sports team— Make a spectacular life-size cardboard cutout of your graduating senior sports team. Then they can take it home or to their college dorm. It’s even better than a trophy! Cardboard cutouts customs design ideas don’t stop there. Lifesize cardboard cutouts to your specifications can come in a variety of sizes. You can get them printed on cardboard (the most affordable option) to foam core or even super tough coroplast. Lifesize cardboard cutout options are a spooktacular addition for any Halloween party. Get lifesize cutouts of your favorite Hollywood monsters to get selfies with your guests at the yearly Monster Bash. If you’re party guests get spooked and are at a loss for words, you’ll also need a Halloween photo booth sign:

funny bubble quote props

Funny bubble quotes for your photo booth.

Adult photo booth props in the printed text bubble can be written on a variety of backgrounds with funny phrases to make your guests have a blast. Having good props for photo booth pics is crucial! What are some good funny bubble quotes I can use at my wedding?

  • Bride’s team
  • I didn’t do it! She did it.
  • Oh La La
  • Kiss me!
  • I Do.
  • Love
  • I came for the cake
  • They lived happily ever after.
  • XOXO
  • #Nodate
  • Kissing Booth
  • You had me at Open Bar!
  • My Bae
  • Trophy wife

How about text bubble quote ideas for my son’s graduation party?

  • Finally!
  • We never thought this day would come!
  • Smarty Pants
  • Party Crasher
  • Now What?
  • Most likely to rule the world.
  • If you think you’re excited— You should see your teachers!
  • Graduate. Can you believe it?
bachelorette photo props

What are some trendy phrases I can use for my bachelorette party's photo prop sayings?

  • Warning: Bachelorette party in progress
  • I’m next!
  • Bridezilla
  • Bride to be
  • It’s party time!
  • I’m still single.
  • Ladies night

These are just a few ideas for photo booth prop sayings. You can get just about anything printed on adult photo booth props. Try using trendy phrases for kids related to favorite songs, video games or toys for younger ones. You can keep it PG with your photo booth prop sayings unless you want to be a little wilder—

And use some creative party themes for college. A couple of ideas for photo prop sayings for a college party could be:

  • #1 Beer Fan
  • This is who I am, and nobody said you had to like it.
  • You can if you think you can.
  • Let’s party!
  • Will work for beer.
  • Go Cougars!
  • Don’t burst my bubble.
  • Limited Edition.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you’re not a unicorn.
  • You’re not the Google. Stop acting like you know everything.

There are some more ideas for a rocking creative party theme for college that are perfect for photo booth opportunities and incredible social media sharing for your sorority, fraternity or your group of friends.

  • Have a masquerade party– mysterious mardi-gras masks are one of the best photo booth props. People love glitter and sequins.
  • Toga parties have great photo ops too. Sheets and sandals allowed.
  • Pajamama party— You’ll get to see your friends in their favorite nights and fuzzy football slippers.

College party ideas might not be what you’re after but if you are, but if you’re on a budget an affordable way to make text bubbles or even mardi gras masks would be to use cardstock. If you’re in college, we’re guessing you don’t have piles of money floating around in your checking account.

What is cardstock good for in my photo booth?

Cardstock is super affordable for any small budget party. It’s lightweight and is suitable for at least one event. Getting mustaches or any other photo booth idea can be printed on cardstock. You can upload your design of masks, photo booth signage cut-out lips, and beards, or Instagram hashtags. Having a special wedding hashtag sign is popular for brides to be! A cardstock option is great for a one-time event, or if you want to have lots of options for guests to choose from, then cardstock is a great way to go. You will save money and can add sequins, glitter or gold spray paint to your custom cardstock cutouts to give it even more pizazz.

group of photo prop cutouts

What else can I get printed on cardstock for the best photo booth?

You can also get head cutouts on a stick for your photo booth on super-cheap cardstock. Or if you have a professional photo booth and want your props to last for years, you’ll want to get a more durable material like cardboard lifesize cutouts or coroplast. Coroplast for your speech bubble saying props or mustache and lips photo props will be the most durable compared to any other materials. They are lightweight, easy to pack into a portfolio for easy transporting and will last for years.

A special cut foam board Instagram frame prop can be used in a photo booth, or at any event without a photo booth. You can even take it to a football game out in the snow, and the high-quality inks will last and last. While we’re still talking about cutouts another fantastically fun option to show off in front of your party backdrops is to get custom big head cutouts. These are a blast for Halloween, politics, and favorite or your favorite coaches and sports players. You can make personalized big head cutouts with only a few simple steps, and it won’t cost any extra.

big head cutouts

How can I get a custom head cutout?

Here are the easy steps to get your custom big head cutout order in the works. Get a high-quality image first. If you’re using your phone, set it to the highest dots per inch or 300 DPI. Using a high-quality photo will make your big head cut out look professional and fun!

Here are a few more big head cutout tips:

  • A photo with more than 1MB in size is the best.
  • Don't send a screenshot. Why? Screenshots have a low quality that is not good enough for a high-quality custom head cutouts on a stick.
  • Take a close-up photo is possible. This way you’ll get the best quality.
  • Send your pictures to our customer service team to get an exact measurement.
  • If you send a group photo, make sure you tell us which faces you want on your custom big head cutout order.
  • Get a customized back (if you choose).

Big head cutouts are enormous and are a great way to celebrate at any sporting event or party. They give you an opportunity to have total creativity with photos.

We offer high-quality printing with cutting technology that is so precise even NASA would be impressed! Having a big head cutout will bring spice and lots of laughs to any party. You can order one of every employee at the office. You can place your order of 1 or 100! It’s easy and affordable. Take big head cutouts to your college game for the pep section. Maybe you and your friends will even get on the jumbotron if you upload and print a sizeable funny design for your custom big head cutouts. Custom head cutouts on a stick (usually printed on foam board) are great for weddings, family reunions or little league games. Getting a custom head cutout of your favorite pet is always a hit at any party or event. You can look like a bobblehead of Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, or your uncle, Bob. Who doesn't want to get their photo with a custom head cutouts on a stick of uncle Bob? Everyone does! It’s part of the fun! You can even get the back of the custom head cutouts on a stick printed on the back with the famous person’s name, so they’re easy to store and find for your guests. You can pair a big head cutout with your custom Instagram frame prop and get more bang for your buck.

Head cutouts on a stick are a hilarious way to bring awareness to your brand, political campaign or support for the top bowlers on your local league.

You might think you’ve got everything you need — But there’s more! Getting custom hashtag signs will make your social media hits increase like crazy. And the best thing about getting custom hashtag signs is there are so many ways you can get them created.

hashtag photo props

What are my options for custom hashtag sign printing?

You can get super affordable cardstock, high-quality weather-proof coroplast or PVC Sintra board. At our facilities, we have laser cutting that can cut out precise hashtag props to the letter. Having a hashtag cutout sign with your brand for your event will increase brand awareness as you never imagined. When people see a hashtag, what do you think they do? They grab it, get their photo taken with it and put it on Instagram or Twitter to promote your party.

When you have a hashtag cutout sign at your photo booth, you’ll get more tags, shares, likes and user engagement.

If you’re using hashtag signage for your wedding or graduation or corporate event you can have things like:

  • #JacknAmyLoveForever
  • #CollegeBoundBilly
  • #ConversionConference13

When you have a hashtag cutout sign, it’s easy to ask guests to get their photo with it. Hashtags signs for events, people will flock to the photo booth! When there are props available, people will gladly use them. Why? Because photo booth props are fun! Having an Instagram frame prop, with a giant head cutout, with a vast variety of funny hats and mustache props— The possibilities are endless!

Frequently asked Questions

What are photobooth props?

Photobooth props are items that you bring to a party so that you can capture those funny moments. A photobooth usually consists of a vinyl backdrop that is printed with some kind of theme. The props are items that might have something to do with the theme itself. If the theme is the 'Wild West', a backdrop could include the front of a saloon and maybe a hitching post. Props could be some large 'fat head' horse heads, cowboy hats and silly mustaches. A bale of hay could be another prop and also a place for someone to sit during the photoshoot. 

How to make a photobooth at home?

Making a photobooth at home is quick and easy if you know what to get and where to get it. The first thing you'll need to order is a vinyl backdrop. Try and stick with a theme and order your backdrop with a custom printed image that works well with that theme. Just visit the free Online Design Tool and select one of the thousands of free Stock Images to use as your backdrop image. You can hang your backdrop with some double-sided tape or use clamps to secure it to PVC pipe. Next head on over to the dollar store and pick up some cheap props that match your theme. 

How can I get my photobooth props in one place?

Do you want to save time and money on photobooth props?  Order them all in one place. Start with your backdrop, select a free stock image using our online Design Tool and customize with your text. Don't forget the tape to hang it!  Next head on over to the foam board for some silly 'fat head' signs. Don't forget the mustaches and eye glasses on a stick with styrene or cardstock (stick not included). And you can't forget the party banner! 

What is a fun theme for a bachelorette photobooth?

One of the most requested themes for a bachelorette party is the good guy vs bad guy theme. Who doesn't love striking a pose in front of a mug shot background. Get some handcuffs from the dollar store and mark up your PJ's with some black tape stripes and you're all set. Order some giant 'big head' signs of your favorite bad guys and put them on a stick. Don't forget to print some rap sheets! If you really want to go all out, print a life size police officer to pose with!

How do I make a red carpet photobooth with props?

Red carpet events are full of glitz and glamour so you want to do it right, but also on a budget. Start with a large step and repeat red and black backdrop. Then roll out the red carpet, or a roll of fabric or even a red sheet. Print some life size cutouts of your favorite movie stars so you can pose with them or pretend to interview them. Some props might include some fancy dresses or costumes from a second hand store. And make sure to stop by a dollar store or clearance isle for any other props you might need. 

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