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10 Best Unique Party Themes For College Frats, Sororities, & Young Adults

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College Frat Party Themes

You’re getting tired of writing papers and dragging yourself to class way-too-early in the morning. You need to blow off steam and want to have the unique party themes for college for your next bash. You and your friends need to have some college party fun! Follow these tips to have the best unique party themes for college. While some of these ideas need some extra materials and others don't, you'll create a party that nobody will ever forget — No matter how crazy things get.

Funny and Sexy College Party Theme Ideas

It's hard to think of some great parties so here are some easy ones:

  • One of the unique party themes for college is to have a photo booth! The best thing about having a photo booth party is that you can mix it up with a ton of different themes. Here are a few ideas to below and you can also see the best photo booth props for a party.
  • Stoplight Party - tired of "talking" to someone only to find out that they are taken? Have people wear the color of clothes that represent their relationship status. That way greens can go hard and mingle so that there's no confusion.
  • At the Beach Day Party - change things up with a day party and day drinking with a beach theme. You can have jello wrestling and a lot more fun drinking games with this

Frat Party Themes

  • Boats and Hoes - another naughty-cal themed party, but with a very different connotation. The idea of this name comes from the movie "Step Brother." An awesome classic.
  • That's so 70's - again another title inspired from a popular media. That's 70's show is a classic that propelled Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to success. Have people dress in 70's clothes and rock some 'fros for mad fun.
  • Jungle Theme - need we say more?

Sorority Party Themes

  • Damsel in Distress - ladies dress up as your favorite princesses, and men can dress up as barbarians or knights. Just be careful not to let the gentlemen get too possessive!
  • Slumber party - Pajama parties are one of the best unique party themes and are great for photo booth opportunities. Who doesn’t want to see their crush in flannel PJs and fuzzy slippers? Perfect for fraternity and sorority merger parties.

Unique party themes need Instagram memes:

  • It’s easier to floss with barbed wire than to admit you like someone from your High School
  • I said school starts tomorrow. I never said I would actually be there.
  • High School: Where people ask stupid questions.
  • You can’t take my body, you can’t make my soul— But you can make my textbooks.

Costume Parties Themes

  • Anime parties - these obviously appeal to a more Asian crowd but can be fun if you're into cosplay. Personally, one of the best parties I've been to had a cosplay theme. Not everybody dressed up, but there were some AWESOME games and a bottle of Ciroq for the best costume!
  • High school stereotypes/yearbook flashback— Get a cheesy backdrop printed. You know, like the same background you had in every yearbook picture. Bring back memories and tell everyone to wear their hair the same way they did back in High-School. They’ve also got to wear the same kinds of clothes; even if the same sizes don't necessarily fit ;) It'll be a riot when you get to see your besties as a jock, geek, cheerleader of band uniform tuba player. Tell everyone to bring the proper accessories too. If you want to learn more about the ultimate party planning— Check this out!
  • Super hero themes - come see some of your frat bros and sorority friends dress up as their favorite super heroes - with a risqué interpretation of course. Tights and spandex are always fun.

Weird Party Themes

  • Anime parties (yes this belongs on both lists!) - these obviously appeal to a more Asian crowd but can be fun if you're into cosplay. Personally, one of the best parties I've been to had a cosplay theme. Not everybody dressed up, but there were some AWESOME games and a bottle of Ciroq for the best costume!
  • Mustache party — On a budget? Get some mustaches, sexy red lips on a stick and Instagram frames printed with your fraternity, sorority name or a unique Instagram hashtag just for party goers. People who have to study on Saturday night are going to be super jealous of the fun they’ll see on your Insta.

Bougie theme — This ultimate unique party theme is when you can show off your homecoming formal best. Or it will give you a reason to go shopping for a fancy dress or suit. Wear the most expensive thing you own. And if you don’t have expensive clothes, buy some fake gold change, and some knock-off sunglasses. These are good party theme ideas and memes:

  • Bad and boujee
  • Bougie girl
  • Jealousy is a disease. So, Get well soon.
  • Broke and bougie
  • Hungry and bougie.

Goth night — Pretend you’re emo in high school. Wear your most goth accessories, and if you’ve never worn too much eyeliner, this is the night to do it! Therefore don’t forget to wear all black and have some sort of skulls on your belt buckle. If you’re doing a photo booth backdrop add some fun props like bats or a creepy cemetery.

Or how about classy party themes?

We’ve come up with some not-so-classy themes. Now it’s time to class it up a bit! How about a 1920’s speakeasy party theme for adults! This kind of party will bring out the wild days of the wild roaring twenties. Make sure to tell your female guest to have plenty or fringe, sexy headbands and lots of long pearl necklaces.

Color theme party ideas for adults

Make everyone wear a certain color. You can ask all the men to wear pink and the ladies blue. Mix things up a bit! Or you could have a red-themed party. Or even a rainbow or Day-Glo party. The options are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. You decide! It can even be a non-matching party! Plaid shirt and striped pants anyone? When you all have something similar going on it brings a sense of community that people love! This is a sexy-fun party theme for college too. You want some more ideas too?

How about office party themes

I don’t mean a regular office party theme either. I mean “The Office” television show themes party. You know exactly who you want each person to play. Of course, every guy will want to be the snarky and stupid Michael Scott. Before the party begins, you can get text bubbles made with one-liners from this hilarious show. Here are some ideas:

  • Well happy birthday, Jesus. Sorry, the party’s so lame.
  • I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs.
  • If I don't’ have some cake soon, I might die.
  • Who is Justice Beaver?

Hilarity will ensue for sure at this college-themed party!

Here are some unique party theme ideas for cardstock text bubbles or Instagram frames:

  • It’s just a phase.
  • If you can dress like that without going to a yoga class — I can dress like this without going to a funeral.
  • Black is my happy color.
  • Freaks come out at night.

Almost all partygoers are going to love your unique party themes for college. You’ll be like a famous party engineer on campus — And get all the glory! Noteworthy parrot head party— Get a palm-tree and beach sea printed backdrop for this photo booth opp! Don’t forget to add in some beach balls and crazy big sunglasses. Make sure everyone is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, mumu, bikini or proper beach attire. This is a great way to have some summer fun with college mixer themes For that reason, you can even get a kiddie pool and fill it with sand for a hilarious effect! Don’t forget to get some cheap cardstock text bubbles here!

Here are some unique party themes for college for your beach theme text bubbles:

  • No one likes a shady beach!
  • Beach, please!
  • Salt in the air and sand in my hair
  • Resting beach face
  • Sun of a beach
  • Life is better in flip flops
  • What’s up beaches?
  • I like big boats, and I cannot lie

Sexy Farmers — Grab a few hay bales, pumpkins, and a cool tractor backdrop for a unique party theme. Have your guests wear overalls or cut off shorts and cowboy hats. Being in the FFU is hip. Future Farmers of your University! You’ll have a blast with these photo booth ideas.

You’ll need cardstock text bubbles for this too. Here are some fun party ideas:

  • I never knew I’d be a sexy farmer— But I’m killing it!
  • Farmers are all about them hitches!
  • Heading to the funny farm.
  • Chick magnet
  • Keep calm and talk to cows.

When you’ve got an awesome party to plan — You’ve got to check out the ultimate guide to party planning. You will look like a party super-star if you follow the secret tricks in the huge party blueprint that will wow your guests!


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