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What's The Differences Between Foam Board & Canvas Prints?

Before deciding on which prints to buy, it is best that you find out as much information about them as you can. This includes their advantages as well as disadvantages. Having relevant information will not only help you cut costs, but you will also be able to come up with products that are durable and of a high quality. Here is more information on prints that will enable you to decide on the best option.

What Are Canvas Prints?

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric created with hemp. But recently, cotton and linen have replaced hemp. While most of the canvas prints available are normally made out of either cotton or polyester, they are all different in terms of color and durability. Cloths made with cotton fibers absorb colors evenly. That’s why cotton is ideal for a better, long-lasting print, Canvas and foam board prints can be used for various displays. For either professional photography services or a display of your family or school photos, canvas prints are more presentable and provide an attractive look. Their ability to lighten up spaces and images makes them an extra and an artistic option to use for any interior décor upgrade.

Split Canvas Print

A simply designed canvas prints of any image, whether nature, animal or building is capable of adding a tasteful look to your home’s décor, like in your living room above a couch. You can easily use any image to upgrade your home to make it stand out. It also helps you add some class to the interior of a room. Any form of artwork printed on canvas gives it a painted effect suitable for different décor styles.

What is Canvas They Made Of?

Canvas is mainly a plain, woven fabric of high quality, making it durable for printing work. The plain weaving of canvas is what enhances its durability. Because of its durability, it is mostly used to make backpacks, tents and other products that can last for a long time without wearing or tearing. With time, the durability of a canvas print has made it a popular product. It is now common to find most images and personalized photos printed on canvas. In the past, traditional canvases were made from hemp. Nowadays, you will find canvases made from fabrics like cotton and linen. More printing industries are utilizing the use of canvas and its use is set to rise over the years to come. This increases the popularity of canvas among printing industries and other industries.

Canvas Prints vs. Foam Board Prints

When comparing canvas and foam board prints, it’s important to note that each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you would like to achieve. But in general, they are both great to use. You are the one who has to decide on the print that best fits you depending on the durability of the painting, how you would like the final product to look and effect that you want to achieve. Their prices also differ. How you intend to use your printed material should also be a guideline since it might have many uses.

Printing Artwork on Canvas

If you are looking for quality, then canvas printing is the best option to go for. Because of the high quality of canvas printing, it is more durable. It also helps to accentuate the look of any interior where you place the final print, giving it a luxurious appeal. Due to its durability and the ability to work well with humid conditions, most canvas prints can be hung in bathrooms and kitchens. Canvas printing does not reveal reflections and is great for galleries. They will add a certain touch of authenticity to your design, making it look stylish and alluring, especially when you are considering a gallery presentation. The professional appearance of a canvas print gives any image or photo more focus on the details. It also saves you the cost of buying a frame since you can use canvas without a frame for your images. It will still give the painting or photo a beautiful look and do it the justice of a stunning display. You can choose a preset canvas or make your own with custom artwork software.

Foam Board Prints

Foam board printing, also known as a board print, is more common than canvas printing, due to its cheap cost. It also displays a beautiful appearance when used for photographs although you might have to mount the image on a frame. Foam board prints, however, do not look as refined as canvas prints because their surfaces are not uniform. Most people, therefore, use foam board for casual artwork purposes in projects such as business displays or presentations since they are an affordable medium for photo board prints. If you are looking to purchase in bulk or are on a tighter budget then these are great options, and you can order them or get more information here.


As pointed out, both canvas and foam board prints are great to use. Which one to go for depends on your preferences, whether you want to use them for fun projects such as DIY or if you are looking into a profession which requires prints. Cotton prints can also serve a similar purpose if you are looking for an alternative to canvas prints. Polyester is also another option that you might want to include in your list. A lot of décors are greatly enhanced using canvas, bringing out a modern and contemporary design. For the best experience, try using different prints and then determine from the final look which one to choose. As a beginner, you can start out with one photo or make a gallery of images using high-quality images. But start with small prints and then slowly advance to large prints. It will give you ample time to learn, use and apply different printing techniques. You can order custom canvas prints here and custom foam board prints here.

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