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Creative Sign Ideas For Enhancing Your Wedding

Your Big Day celebrates an enormous milestone for you and your spouse-to-be, and it represents your first opportunity to host family and friends as a married couple. The key to being a good host is seeing to your guests' comfort. This includes keeping them informed about what's happening, where to find the restrooms, and what is expected of them. This is where custom wedding signs come in.

Custom wedding signs do more than inform your guests. The fonts, colors, wording, and styles you choose help set the theme for your wedding and reception. Wedding signs can express your personality and give glimpses into your relationship through favorite quotes, poetry, and song lyrics. Get creative with your signage, and it will play a big part in the success of your hosting! First, let's look at our top tips for your signs, then at the many types of wedding sign ideas to consider.

Wedding Signs Top Tips

  1. Choose your wedding signs to enhance your guests’ experience. Start with the flow of the wedding day from your guests’ arrival, through the ceremony, any unique rituals, moving to the reception, dinner, etc. Include clear directions and instructions to minimize stress for your guests. Think through every step of the day, making a comprehensive list of all the custom wedding signs you want to use before jumping into the design.
  1. Have fun with your wedding signs design. Consider creative ideas like using chalkboards, carving on driftwood, painting pallets, a series of custom labeled jars with artisan honey or homemade jam to make your sign. Use your shared hobbies and interests to personalize your custom wedding signs.
  1. Acrylic wedding signs add a chic, contemporary note to the festivities. However, signs printed on clear acrylic can be set in front of a rugged wine barrel or old, peeling farmhouse door, allowing the rustic beauty to shine through.
  1. No matter what font, color, or design scheme you choose, be sure the lettering is clear and large enough to be read easily. No matter how beautiful the wedding sign is, it needs to be readable!
  1. Plan ahead for your wedding signs. A month should be plenty of time to plan and execute your designs.

Welcome to Our Wedding Sign Ideas

With these considerations in mind, let’s take a look at the types of custom wedding signs:

welcome wedding sign

Wedding Welcome Sign

A wedding welcome sign includes the bridal couples’ names to identify the wedding the guest is looking for. As the first wedding sign encountered, it sets the theme of the entire event.

multilingual wedding sign

Multilingual Wedding Welcome Sign

If members of the wedding party, family, or guests speak different languages, a multilingual wedding welcome sign is ideal for celebrating diversity and making all guests truly welcome.

groom bride sign

Restroom Directions

Seeing to your guests’ comfort is paramount, and directions to the restroom are important wedding direction signs that also cut down on repeated questions.

ramp access sign

Sign Directing to Ramps

As hosts caring for your guests’ well-being, don’t overlook family members or friends with wheelchairs or other special needs. A wedding direction sign advising of the location of ramps and other amenities makes people feel genuinely welcome.

unplugged wedding sign

Unplugged Wedding Sign

If you want people to be fully present and not glued to their phones, consider asking nicely with an “unplugged” wedding sign. “Heads up, Phones down, Hearts open,” or wording that appeals to you.

guest book sign

Guest Book Sign

Use wedding signs to clearly indicate what you want your guests to do. Unique guest books that ask for your guest’s thumbprint or to sign a Jenga tile may not come off without some direction.

schedule of events

Schedule of Events

A wedding sign that explains the scheduled events helps your guests to know what to expect.

unity ritual instructions

Unity Ritual Instructions

Use custom wedding signs to inform your guests how to participate in any unity ritual you have planned.

find your seat wedding sign

Find Your Seat Wedding Signs

Whether you want your guests to wait for an usher to guide them to their seat or to seat themselves, a wedding sign to communicate this is a good idea. A“Pick a Seat, Not a Side” wedding sign is a fun style for self seating.

reserved seating sign

Reserved Seating

If guests are to seat themselves, clearly designate reserved seating for close family with a reserved seating sign.

wedding isle sign

Wedding Aisle Signs

Wedding aisle signs are a perfect opportunity to include the couple’s favorite quotes, poetry, or song lyrics.

reception seating sign

Reception Seating

A wedding sign clarifies seating with a seating chart or announcing where to find guest place cards or escort cards.

table number sign

Table Number

Wedding reception signs including table numbers help keep the reception relaxed and enjoyable.

bar sign

Bar Signs

Keep your bartender making drinks rather than answering the same questions over and over with a menu of available beverages.

buffet table signs

Buffet Signs

Buffet traffic moves better when you have wedding signs indicating which table offers what, including information about vegan or gluten-free dishes.

wedding hashtag sign

Wedding Hashtag Signs

Wedding signs with your event’s hashtag encourages guests to use it when they post their photos.

photo opportunity

Photo Opportunities

Create a fun photo op with a photo booth or a step-and-repeat banner. Your guests will love it.

grand exit sign

Grand Exit Sign

If you have a Grand Exit planned, a wedding sign explaining the plans and directing guests to the sparklers, confetti, glow sticks, etc., is helpful.

Printmoz: Your Partner in Wedding Signs

Of course, there is no need to include all of these custom wedding signs in your event. Just use those that make the most sense for your specific plans. But for the comfort of your guests and the success of your shared celebration, never forget the wedding signs!

Whether you’re looking for fun and creative wedding signs, or you prefer a traditional approach, Printmoz is ready to help you to make your wedding the memorable occasion of your dreams! We can make every sign on your list and tie it in with the theme of your wedding. Let’s get started!

Frequently asked Questions

How much should you spend on wedding signage?

Wedding signs can cost anywhere from $25 to $300 or more. For example you can order table name tags in acrylic for a little over $1, but if you ordered that same acrylic sign in a 36" x 48", it's going to be about $240. The key is to know how much money to spend on which product and in what size. You can get that same 36" x 48" sign in foamboard for only $95 and it will still look amazing! 

How do you display a Wedding welcome sign?

Welcome signs are one of the first signs you see at a wedding, after the 'Parking' signs. You want to make sure your welcome sign is placed where people can see it after they park their vehicles and start walking towards the venue. The welcome sign should be large enough to be noticed with text that is easy to read. If you are on a budget, foamboard and gatorboard are two excellent choices. If the weather calls for a chance of rain, then you'll want to select a waterproof sign like PVC, aluminum or even acrylic. There are a couple of great choices when it comes to the types of stands that can hold your welcome sign. An easel is a great choice to prop up a welcome sign. Another good choice is a retractable banner stand which actually comes with a custom designed vinyl banner welcome sign installed. 

Are wedding signs necessary?

In one word, YES! From the moment you arrive, you will need to be directed to the parking area, so you will need a sign for that. You also want to make sure you are at the correct venue so make sure there is a large Welcome sign announcing the wedding and who the bride and groom are. There are usually signs for ceremony seating within the venue as well as name tags for seating at the reception. A good wedding includes signs around the venue with photos of the wedding couple and fun facts about each of them. Childhood photos of the couple are always a big hit at a wedding. 

How do I make personalized Wedding signs?

When looking for a place to design and print your personalized wedding signs, you want to make sure they have a Free Online Design tool to help you design your sign. Having free templates you can use is always a bonus! You also want to make sure they have a Graphic Designer on staff to help with any detailed designs. You need a business that has great customer service that you can reach out to by phone, email or chat. And most importantly you want to make sure that they print quality products and ship ON TIME! If you do all of the work only to have your signs arrive after your event, then it won't matter how great they looked. Make sure the business you choose checks all of the boxes and you will have amazing signs in time for your wedding!

How can I thank the guests at my wedding?

A wedding is one of the biggest expenses of your adult life, aside from a mortgage. And including the most important people in your life is a must. The guests most likely will be taking time out of their busy lives to attend and incurring costs associated with traveling, babysitters, pet sitters, new outfits, gifts, hotel accomodations and much more. So, how can you show your appreciation for these special guests? It all starts with the invitations. You want to make them feel special right from the start. They were selected to join you in one of the most important events of your life. Making special accomodations at the venue for anyone who has special needs is one way to show how much you care. Creating small keepsakes with the date, the names of the wedding couple as well of the name of that particular guest is sure to be treasured for a long time. Printing photos of fun memories of you and your friends or family and displaying them at the venue is yet another way to make your guests feel included. One of the most important ways to thank your guests personally is with a meaningful 'thank you' card. Create your custom thank you cards online and get them shipped before the wedding so that they are ready while thoughts of the day are still fresh in your mind. This is the time and place to write a thoughtful letter to each guest, thanking them for their presence and gift. Mention a special memory of the big day with them, but also include a thought or two about your relationship with them. 

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