Custom Banners for Avid Yard Sale Connoisseurs

Custom Banners for Avid Yard Sale Connoisseurs | Printmoz

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Yard sales and estate sales are a great way to downsize and make a little extra cash for the seller. Likewise, for the avid yard sale connoisseurs, such common springtime events are wonderful opportunities to find rare gems and add to their priceless collection of furniture, vintage clothing, and more. That said, regardless of the type of yard sale, custom vinyl banners/signage and easy-to-follow yard signs are crucial components for a good or successful sale. The reason your signs matter is because the presentation is everything, and people are more likely to purchase your unwanted stuff if they can actually understand your sign and find your house.

Good Banner Design Is Crucial

Besides the old adage that presentation is everything, less is more for a well-designed yard sale sign or banner. As much as you want to promote or advertise all the items for sale, it's highly recommended that you resist the urge. Ask any yard/garage sale veteran, and they will tell you people are more likely to come to see what you have for sale simply based on curiosity. As a result, an uncomplicated sign with big clear letters that says, "Yard Sale" or "Estate Sale" is half the battle. In fact, the only items that could add to your sale banner or signage are an arrow, an address, and maybe a date, say, for instance, "Yard Sale Next Sunday." Of course, you might think this isn't enough information, but for your street corner sign or banner, it is.

Signage Saterial Matters

It may be tempting to save on overhead costs for your yard sale and purchase any old sign or poster board. But then, once again, to get the most for your belongings, you should have a quality sign or banner. Sure, you may not want to pay a little extra to have a custom vinyl banner or yard sign created for you, but it's important to remember that higher-quality signage can be used again. What's more, if you keep your main yard sale sign or vinyl banner simple, then it can be used for years to come in a variety of locations.

Combine Signage With Advertising

As a yard or estate sale expert, you know the value of a good sign, but good signage still needs to be promoted. The good news is that advertising or promoting a yard sale is fairly simple in today's world. With the Internet, sites like Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, and more, can draw your intended or target market to your garage sale with just a few clicks. Furthermore, you can add additional information to your ads or postings. As previously mentioned, adding the date and times, among other pertinent information, makes your vinyl banner or sign harder to read for people passing by. That's why it's so important to keep your overall message concise.

Install Lots of Signs

With sale hours posted on your subdivision's or community's online group page and an easy to see eye-catching corner vinyl banner, now, you can install inexpensive signage around the neighborhood (if permitted). If you can install yard signs or small custom vinyl banners every couple of blocks or near your street's major intersections, then, by all means, do so. Just remember to make sure that at least one of your other signs has your street address, so that people can find you easily. Also, double-sided signs are ideal for your nearby crossroads. This increases exposure, which is really the entire point.

Don't Forget the On-premise Signage

Along those same lines, you can't have signs and banners galore throughout your neighborhood, and then forget to put signs/yard banners in your yard. Not only will signs on your property help people find their way to your garage or yard sale, but on-premise banners/signs can also be used to keep things organized and save you the trouble of creating individual labels or pricing each item with hang tags. Think about it; tabletop signs that say, "All Costume Jewelry $10 per piece," "DVDs $5 Each," and "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" mean people know how much everything is without asking you. Furthermore, with "Buy One Get One Free Deals" clearly visible, people are less likely to heckle you about the price or try to negotiate you down. Note that if your neighborhood doesn't offer a lot of on-street parking, you may want to design some parking signs/banners.

Vinyl Banners Are A Must for Avid Yard Sale Connoisseurs

By now, it should be evident that vinyl banners and custom signage are must-haves for an avid yard sale connoisseur or estate sale expert. Ultimately, just as real estate signs, billboards, and retail window decals inform the public that something is for sale, yard sale signs and vinyl banners do the same thing. You can make a nice profit if you know how to design your signage and advertise your sale—there's no denying that. If you haven't invested in custom banners/vinyl signs already, now is the time. Moreover, if it's time to upgrade your garage or estate sale advertising approach, now, you know how.

Other uses

Lastly, you can use the tips mentioned above for more than just a yard sale. Try applying these suggestions to bake sales, charity events, community fundraisers/sales, and see the difference that well-placed sale/event banners and well-designed signage can make. Other events that can benefit from your signage know-how include birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, street fairs, and more. Remember, you can use other types of custom signage, too, like window clings, pole banners, and magnetic signs for a similar effect.

That said, your yard sale is like a business, and you need all the promotion you can get. High-quality custom vinyl banners and yard signs are the easiest and most efficient way to do just that - promote or advertise your sale. What are you waiting for? Get started on your banners/custom signage for your yard sale today!


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