custom mesh banner

Custom Mesh Banners

Custom Mesh Banners

Our mesh vinyl banner options are so versatile — It’ll blow your mind! These high-quality mesh banners are exactly what you need for your business, family picnic, sports team or non-profit organization. has the vinyl mesh banner that is perfect for you!

We offer outdoor custom mesh banners that are the highest quality available today. They are resistant to ripping, tearing and fading. Our mesh banner printing has the most vibrant colors for massive attention-grabbing design elements.

Printed Netting vs. Vinyl Banners

The lightweight mesh vinyl banner decreases the weight of the banner and is also perfect for outdoor advertising and events. Instead of catching the wind— It will pass directly through your mesh banners. Our mesh banner printing is perfect as a fence printing banner to post for sports teams, sponsors or your business. Get on the road advertising on any fence that is durable and scratch resistant.

How Do I Install Fence Banners?

You can hang your mesh vinyl banner just about anywhere. Between posts, or metal fencing, or in your pop-up tent, or attach to a building. You can use string, zip ties or bungee cords or on poles for temporary fixtures. You can and also opt for pole pockets instead of grommets.

custom mesh banners

Grommets vs Pole Pockets For Outdoor Mesh Banners

Grommets easily attach to almost anything— Quickly and easily. Pole pockets require additional poles or rope that you run through the 4" pocket so the banner can attach to the fence to be displayed.

Mesh Banner Care

It’s easy! Use luke-warm soapy water with a soft cloth. Gently scrub any places on your mesh banner that accumulated grime from passing by cars or mud splashes. If you are putting your vinyl mesh banner away for the season, make sure to air dry before it gets rolled up for storage. You can gently roll it up, and secure with hook and loop closures, zip ties or string. If there are wrinkles when you open it back up, just let it warm up in the sun for a couple of hours to soften the vinyl. It will flatten out and look like a million bucks!

Will Mesh Banner Printing Look Different Than A Traditional Vinyl Banner?

It will look different, yet the small holes won’t decrease the vibrancy of your colors or design. It will stand out and the mesh weave gives a high-tech look to any business display. Get your mesh vinyl banner today for your indoor or outdoor events!


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