Custom Vinyl Banner Printing for Step and Repeats

Things You Need to Know About Custom Vinyl Banner Printing for Step and Repeats

step and repeat banner

Custom vinyl banner printing for step and repeat banners may sound like something super technical and complicated. However, the truth is vinyl repeat banners are practically an everyday occurrence. Moreover, custom vinyl banner/sign printing, when done by professionals, is a quick and easy way to add a little flair and sophistication to your next blockbuster event. Of course, if you wonder what these particular banners are, you've come to the right place. Here's a quick overview of everything you ever needed to know about custom vinyl banner/sign printing for step and repeat banners.

What's a step and repeat banner?

As briefly suggested, this particular type of banner is also referred to as a media wall. Typically, at any event, you'll see step and repeat signage/banners or backdrops. The most common occasions for these vinyl banners are actually movie premieres, award ceremonies, red-carpet affairs, and other similar events. Here, if someone is sponsoring the event, which they typically are, then these particular types of banners are a great way to get additional advertising.

What are step and repeats used for?

These banners/custom signs are a great way to get a message across because not only are live cameras focused on the people in front of these banners, but pictures from the event itself will also likely have the backdrop in it. As a result, you can find these types of vinyl retractable banners or signs at fundraisers, sporting events, trade show events, college events, grand openings, concerts, and film festivals. Obviously, the purpose is to promote your brand or sponsor. It's not too surprising that company logos are repeated on these vinyl banners for maximum exposure.

Vinyl retractable banners for events

That said, even if you're not putting on star-studded events, custom banners/vinyl signs can still be used at a variety of events or special occasions. Moreover, with such a focus on social media platforms and selfies, there really is no reason you can't utilize vinyl banners such as these to promote a specific product and business, as well as add a little something extra to non-business-related events. For example, you'll find these banners at store openings, weddings, trade shows, and in stores as a way to get people to take Instagram-worthy photos or as simple decoration. These pop-up displays or banners can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, they can be double-sided.

How to design

Now that you know a little more about what these banners are and how you can use them, there are a few tricks of the trade that will help you effectively design your step and repeat signs/banners. Typically, there are five aspects of these high-quality banners you need to focus on—purpose, location, material, installation, and overall design.


When it comes to step and repeat signs or custom banners, the most common purpose is, first and foremost, promotion. Of course, there are several exceptions to the rule (as mentioned above). Nevertheless, it's important to have a clear idea or plan for your banners.


Equally important is the location of your banner. Not only do you want it to be easy to see, but you also want it to be used. Thus, it's highly recommended that you think long and hard about placement. This is especially true if you choose indoor banners over outdoor banners.


Another crucial choice you have to make when designing a custom banner is the kind of material you want to use. Depending on your event, you may prefer fabric banners, wall decals, pole banners, or retractable banners. Likewise, your signage may photograph better with a matte finish. Note that if you're leaning toward fabric banners, make sure your location is right for such signage. Other materials to consider include poster paper and other less commonly used options like plywood, foam core, and shrubberies.


Though there aren't a lot of installation methods when it comes to this particular type of banner, you should still consider how you'd like to position your backdrop. For example, if you're using a less common material, then the traditional banner stands might not do the trick. Alternatively, even with traditional banners, you may need to use banner poles or attach your promotional signage to a wall or part of a stage. Moreover, in these instances, you'll need zip ties and other banner installation accessories.

Overall design

To design a one-of-a-kind repeat sign or display, you want to make your banner stand out and grab people's attention. However, you also don't want to overpower, per se, the people standing in front of your banner, especially if it's for a red-carpet event. Other important design tips to keep in mind are the size of your logo and the possible glare of a shiny finish. A nice size of logo is usually 9 to 11 inches wide and 5 to 7 inches tall. Similarly, if you're going to use a lot of colors, then fabric banners are better for reducing glare from camera flashes or overhead lighting. However, if you're leaning toward a predominately white background, you can opt for vinyl banners instead, which is often the more affordable option. Try to stick to theme colors as well when creating your photo backdrops. Finally, you should try to steer clear of logos that are pixelated and make sure to use proper spacing. This may seem like a lot, but the devil is in the details, and photos of your promotional backdrop are going to last a lifetime.


At the end of the day, repeat and step banners are great investments that can be used more than once. Whatever the occasion, you should seriously consider custom banners and signs. Think about it; in our photo-crazed society, you're almost doing yourself, event, or business a disservice if you don't have photo backdrops or banners.


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