Feather Flag Setup Instructions

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Looks like you've got your feather banner you ordered from us, and now you're wondering how to assemble it. Below are the instructions on setting up your feather flag.

Step 1: Remove all the parts from the packaging and lay them down on a flat surface. Make sure you have all the necessary parts needed before you start to assemble your feather banner.

Step 2: Starting with the smallest pole first, piece together the poles one at a time. The skinnier pole will be inserted into the slighly bigger pole. The thickest pole will end up being at the base and the skinniest pole will end up at the top of the feather flag.

feather flag instructions

Step 3: Once poles are securely pieced together, unfold. your flag and lay it out flat. Starting with the skinny end first, feed the pole through the pocket located near the bottom inside edge of the flag. Carefully feed the pole all the way through the pole pocket until the tip reaches the end of the flag(slowly push it through so that you don't puncture it).

feather flag assembly

Step 4: Once the flag is all put together, you are ready to put it up for display. We offer two different types of bases, a spike base and a cross base which you can also get a water bag for added weight.

Cross Base: Unfold legs so that all four legs are evenly spread out, then slide the bottom of the flag pole onto the peg located on top of the cross base.
*If you purchased the water bag you would fill the water bag with water and place it over the cross base prior to putting the flag pole on.

Spike Base: Find a good spot in the ground to hammer your spike base. Make sure you hammer the stake, and not the peg that is used to connect the flag. Once you're done hammering the stake in the ground, slide your flag onto the peg.

Once the flag is secured you can tie it off with the bungee cord that is attached to the pole. Look at the top of the flag and tighten the bungee until the flag is taut and upright.

feather flag instructions


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