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Grand Opening Ideas

There is no better time to get customers through your doors in the competitive retail world than on your opening day. You must promote your grand opening event to boost business. Many people start their businesses on this day, so it is essential to know what can be done to make the first day something worth remembering for your business.

But how do you make sure the opening event is successful? It's all about appealing to the customer base intended for the business. The customers are drawn to the business for the same reasons as you are, so targeting them makes sense. The following ideas will help you make the grand opening event a success.

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1. Have a Theme

A theme for your grand opening is a great way to get people excited about the business, thus making the event more memorable. If you want to be different, a great theme inspires confidence in the business. For example, the theme at a five-star restaurant could be based on fine dining, while you can use themes like beers and burgers at a dive bar. The theme should also be consistent with the business's overall brand since your goal is to promote your image.

grand opening budget

2. Set Your Budget

Advertising is the most crucial aspect of a grand opening, and budgeting is vital because it could be easy to overspend. You want to establish your budget based on the type of business you are operating. A restaurant business, for instance, is known for opening events that involve pricey entertainment and designer items, which illustrates how important it is to stick to your budget when planning the grand opening event.

Set your budget based on the estimated number of guests you expect at the grand opening. You can also adjust your spending plan based on the location and size of the business and the available resources. The key is to create a memorable, fun, and affordable event while promoting your business.

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3. Set a Date

The essential factor in the success of a grand opening is the date. Schedule your event for the best time to attract customers, regardless of whether it's on a holiday, weekend or during a slow time. If possible, come up with more than one date to choose from and make adjustments from there.

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4. Promote Your Event

For any business, you should put a lot of effort into promoting the grand opening since it is an opportunity to get people through the doors and make an impression. Print media is a great way to get the word out about the grand opening. That's why we recommend Printmoz. Our custom printing services are high quality and the best in the industry, as discussed below:

custom vinyl banner

1. Custom Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are eye-catching and create excitement when they're used at events. These are custom printed signs made of thick vinyl material, durable and strong. With vinyl banners, you can add slogans and messages, which helps promote an event or business.

Vinyl banners are easy to design and print and can be used for various indoor and outdoor applications. They range from large printed formats to minor indoor signs used as a table, window, and wall displays. At Printmoz, banners are made using high-quality banner materials, ensuring they stay vibrant over the years. Since these vinyl banners are customized, you need to upload your desired art and get fully personalized pieces.

mesh banner

2. Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made from perforated and flexible scrim material that is durable and light. The perforated material allows it to be used for weatherproof outdoor advertising, and the mesh makes it suitable for indoor advertising. Mesh banners are a vibrant way to welcome people to an opening event to direct guests to the entryway.

Using mesh banners at the grand opening of your business increases brand recognition, which boosts awareness and generates an exciting experience. With Printmoz's mesh banners, you can update your designs at any time to reflect changes in your company or store so that you are always able to promote your business effectively.

We recommend positioning the mesh banners on busy streets where traffic is expected, as this will increase people's attention to the opening of your business.

now open sign

3. Window Decals

Vinyl decals are a great way to get your business name and logo out there. These custom printed signs are highly durable vinyl material, perfect for outdoor use. They come in three types: static cling and low tack adhesives and regular adhesive.

Static cling vinyl decals are easy to apply and remove and can be used on mirrors, lockers, dashboards, or any smooth surface. They are affordable to brand your business since they are custom printed. Low-tack vinyl decals can be applied directly onto smooth surfaces such as tables, doors, or dry paper surfaces. They come off quickly without leaving any sticky residue on the surface and come in different colors according to your business preference.

floor decals

4. Floor Decals

These are printed signs made from a specialized floor vinyl material. Also known as floor clings, they are used for floor advertisement and can be custom designed to suit the needs of your business. They are a very effective way of grabbing attention. They have extra protection from oils, grease, abrasions, sunlight, and fading. These floor clings can stay in place for years, which makes a continuous form of promoting your business.

Floor decals are commonly used in:

• Retail locations

• Storefronts

• Corporate events

• Tradeshows

• Directional signage

• Showroom displays

round stickers

5. Round Stickers

Round stickers are best for making public appearances and promoting events. They are custom printed signs made from durable vinyl material. Having custom round stickers offers a quick and easy way to promote an event such as the grand opening of your business by letting customers know when and where to be. You can apply them on tables, cabinets, or other smooth surfaces.

Our custom circle stickers have a strong adhesive to ensure they stay in place for years. They come in different sizes and are designed with a variety of colors to suit the needs of your business.

poster printing

6. Poster Printing

We provide two of these products: canvas and cardstock poster printing. When you need to print high-resolution photos or pictures, you can't just take them to your neighborhood printing service. The photographs should be presented in a way that maximizes their visual impact, and that's where our canvas printing comes in. The canvas board enhances the customer's perception of your products, making them look and feel exclusive. It is both a cost-effective and beautiful way to display photos for promoting the start of your business.

Cardstock printing, on the other hand, is for invitations of all types or framing photo-quality prints. We can print your favorite photos or pictures and turn them into high-quality cards that you can send to friends and family. With our cardstock printing service, you are sure to have an incredible display of your business pictures and images. Card stock posters come in either 12-point or 24-point thickness. The 12-point thick cardstock is most suitable for high quality photographs, which can be hung and framed. It is perfect for sending out invitations for event signage.

pole banners

7. Pole Banners

Transform street lights and poles into pieces of advertisement with pole banners. It is an affordable way to build hype for your event or project. These banners are an effective way of grabbing attention and creating brand awareness. They are custom printed signs that come with as many as four grommets at the top and can be mounted on a railing to allow your business's name, logo, and address to be seen by many people. We use high-quality, water-resistant vinyl and vivid inks to customize these banners.

premium retractable banner

8. Premium Retractable Banners

A premium retractable banner by Printmoz is an affordable option for creating exciting, colorful, and versatile ways to make your message stand out. These banners allow you to market your business in a high-impact way with an attractive look. They are perfect for small spaces or when you need to make a presentation on the move. Since they are easy to pack, you can use them for mobile presentations, pop-up events with multiple venues, and any other times you might need to bring your sign from place to place.

Some features that make retractable banners genuinely stand out are:

• Durability

Printmoz uses only the highest quality materials and printing techniques when making custom retractable banners. These banners are made from premium materials, including aluminum and titanium for durability, anti-UV coated polyester for solar protection, and 100% reusable grommets for easy, hassle-free installation.

• Versatility

Retractable banners are used both indoors and outdoors under extreme weather conditions. With its simple mechanism, you can easily adjust the height and width of your banner with just a twist of the hand.

• Affordability

These banners are cost-effective without lacking quality, making them a popular choice for small businesses with a tight budget.

• Custom designs

You can have your beautiful message or image printed on these banners in various sizes. Our premium has the option for single or double-sided printing as well.

feather banner

9. Feather Banners

These banners command attention and are a perfect product to advertise your message outdoors. They are made of durable polyester mesh that allow indoor and outdoor use. These banners can be easily and safely mounted to structures, such as walls and poles, depending on your desired message. They flutter lightly in the wind, intending to make them noticeable. Our indoor and outdoor feather banners are unique because they are lightweight yet sturdy, allowing them to be hung in various locations.

Movement attracts the focus of the eyes, especially when driving. It is crucial for businesses on the city's outskirts that may not be primarily known by customers. Industrial areas, for example, don't stand out. All buildings are similar, so displaying flags that highlight your business from the rest is a smart move to promote your business.

flag banner

10. Flag Banners

At Printmoz, we provide two flag banners: teardrop and sail flag banners. A sail flag is a traditional flag with a unique shape that extends upwards. Our sail flags are 17 feet tall because larger sail banners are hard to find. The flags are made of high-quality polyester mesh material, so they are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to install.

Teardrop flag banners are an alternative to traditional flags. These banners are signs for both indoors and outdoors and have a significantly lower cost than other types of flags, even for bulk orders. These flags are made with wind-resistant polyester, sturdy against wind and rain. They can quickly be taken apart and are very portable. They also have a large surface area to allow for creative promotional messages.

We offer both single and double-sided custom flag printing to promote ease of viewing. All banners have vivid premium level inks and permanent colors that enforce their fade resistance and keep it looking polished to relay information for a long time.

roll up banner

11. Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners, also known as pop up banners, are a lightweight and portable way to advertise. They are ideal for outdoor events, festivals, and trade shows. As far as standing banners go, this custom banner conveys your message. This stand sign delivers the quality and appeal you need in a large sign that is easy to install and takedown.

The reinforcement guarantees their durability at the top and bottom of the sign. It protects from tearing and cracking, thus preserving the integrity of your message. The materials used to make the pop up banners are manufactured in the USA with outstanding quality control checks. Ordering a custom soft pop up banner is an affordable way to significantly impact your business upon arrival, no matter where you choose to use them.

a-frame signs

12. A-Frame Signs

These are sidewalk signs that act like barkers calling customers through your door. They are visible at eye level, making them particularly effective in places with a considerable increase in traffic, such as construction zones, airports, and small towns. A custom A-frame sign can communicate a special sale, menu updates, or event directions. These sidewalk signs are made of double-thick white PVC and laminated glossy prints to make your message stand out from the crowd. The frame can withstand harsh weather and resist UV effects making it perfect if you need signs on a busy street corner through rain or shine.

backlit film printing

13. Backlit Film Printing

With the fierce up-to-date culture, it's more and more difficult to catch your audience's attention. With backlit film printing that displays graphics, messages, and images, you can do this. They create a touch of enchantment that contrasts with the standard posters and signs. Backlit posters are one of Printmoz's specialty products that will assist you in promoting your launch. Perfect for photo printing or movie posters, they display vivid colors and prompt attention by their general outlook. These custom-size backlit prints use unique lightbox displays to illuminate advertising material. It is the best kind of advertisement when drawing attention to something new.


From paper to digital printing platforms, these products can convey your message to people effortlessly. There are now many different products for you to choose from, such as digital print banners and graphic prints. The best thing about these promotional products is we can customize them in any size, shape, or form. Printmoz can help you take your vision and make it a reality by customizing your desired signs to promote your products and services.

Frequently asked Questions

How do you organize a grand opening?

One of the most important tasks when planning on having a grand opening is deciding who is in charge of what. You'll want to keep track of all the details for your grand opening, so decide ahead of time if you want to keep a physical organizer like a notebook or if you want to collaborate online with team members. Start keeping notes of possible dates that will work, but keep the weather in mind. It's good to have a backup plan should it rain during an outdoor event. If you are going to have any give-aways, extra food or drink, or even entertainers, make sure you book them or order the items early on. 

Is a ribbon cutting the same as a grand opening?

A ribbon cutting is typical held when a new business opens for the first time. A grand opening is similar to a ribbon cutting in that the goal is to invite customers and clients to your new or newly relocated business. The planning stage is almost identical. You will want to send out invitations and have something fun for your customers or clients to do while they are at your grand opening. 

What are some fun things to do at my Grand Opening?

There are a lot of fun things to do at Grand Openings! You not only want to attract a lot of potential customers, but you want them to remember their day as well as your business. Freebies are always welcome! A free gift bag, free snacks, free coupons for the next time they stop in. Also free photos. You can set up a pop up photo booth so that customers can take selfies in front of a backdrop that includes your business logo or name somewhere on it. You can even print a red carpet 'step and repeat' backdrop!

How do I get customers to stay longer during a Grand Opening?

Now that your potential customers are showing up at your Grand Opening, how do you get them to stick around long enough to remember you? Just set up a 'How to' class! Depending on your business and the kinds of customers you are attracting, try and focus on what they might like to learn. If you have a business geared towards children, hire or assign a volunteer to guide a table full of children while they color or paint. Or you can use some popsickle sticks to make a tiny birdhouse. If your customers are adults, they may want to learn a quick 'do it yourself' type of product. 

How can I advertise my Grand Opening before the event?

Once you know the date, start promoting your Grand Opening. Send out invitations to family, friends and past clients. If your business is located in an area where there are other businesses, let them know of your plans for a Grand Opening and what the date and time is. They may want to help you attract attention by participating as well. Get on social media and create Countdown posts to get people excited. Promote your entertainment and food options if you have them. 

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